Mini USB Microphone $0.25, USB-C to VGA Adaptor $1 (OOS) 6" Tabletop Selfie Ring Light $4 (OOS) @ Kmart


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  • +8

    great i can now connect my macbook to a 15 year old monitor

    • I wonder if i could connect my phone to my old projector with this and use it for movies outside in summer?

      • +1

        I’d be attempting it for one dollar!

    • I paid TWICE this to use my 1280x1024. Works perfectly.

  • 25 cents microphone?!

    • +40

      say that again - you're breaking up

  • -1

    Need one thunderbolt to VGA.

    • +2

      Sure, just wait till there's a storm coming and connect your monitor to a kite with a key tied to it.

    • +1

      You buy thunderbolt accessories and still use VGA?
      You have an 8K display that supports analogue output?

  • Is it still click and collect?

    • Yeah, and there is a click and collect admin fee.

  • Isn't 15cm too less for USB-C to VGA Adaptor ?

    • VGA female, you need a male to male cable to connect it to a device.

      • Oh yeah - damn !! thanks mate

  • Bluetooth speaker lamp wireless charging. Shame it's not toasting bread too.

    • +1

      It has RGB too!

      • +1

        No NFC, no B28, no deal

    • +1

      you could put two foil sheets together and use the wireless charger, but it will take a while, luckily you could listen to music on it while you wait

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