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[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 128GB + Samsung Galaxy Buds Live + Samsung Care+ $1199.20 @ Samsung EPP (Membership Required)


Well as title says for EPP
128GB - $1199.20; 256GB - $1279.20
Plus galaxy buds live

Also Z fold 3 @256GB - $1,999.20; 512GB - $2119.20 + galaxy buds pro

  • free samsung care+. Note - you first need to add samsung care to your cart and then enter the code to make it work. Credit to @spirrowhack

  • add the $50 voucher if you are lucky

Also available for custom options

An account from the following corporate partners is required (Prices may vary between corporate partners)

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          • @53459: In my shopping notification email, it only shows the buds…

  • Got it an hour ago. Now busy setting it up.

    • Did you get the fold or flip?

  • Folds & flips are getting delivered today in VIC seen few ads in market place .

    • seen few ads in market place .


  • Just started using my Fold 3 coming from the S21 Ultra. It's an amazing experience. Feels quite different. Screen is very roomy.
    Spen case is good that it allows you to remove the pen holder else the phone won't sit flat when open.

    • Any regrets? Waiting for mine to arrive so I can move from my s21 ultra too

      • Case design is crap. The phone doesn't sit flat. Not sure I'll even use the S-Pen enough to warrant the awkwardness. Haven't used enough properly to get a good sense. Let's see. No turning back now!

        • Yep I got the case and pen and charger..but bought the aramid as well. Will only use the aramid and flip case seems to be badly designed and can't close properly

  • Two thumb typing is hard to get used to with the split keyboard. I can touch type on computer but harder on the phone. Probably need to train myself. Keyboard is split though by default and not sure that it is faster. Actually I swapped back to normal keyboard and I can type much faster.

  • Got my phone yesterday ironically the buds didn't arrive and I only received that shipment email.

  • I want to return mine got it on the samsung deal anyone know how to go about that? been using it for 3 days and the battery is shocking

    • flip or fold?

      • Fold 3

        • hmm. looks like these will be on sale for <$1500 soon with most customers not being happy with their phones.

          • @hopper: Yeah I just put mine up for sale on marketplace

    • The battery gets better once it learns your pattern.
      My battery today was far better than what it was yesterday.
      Maybe use it again and see how it goes.
      Battery is superior to my note 20 ultra. So for me I'm enjoying the extra stamina,
      I've had 3 hours and 45 minutes of screen on time and I'm still 47%. Mainly using big main screen as well.

    • Fold 3 here and the battery is much better than S21U. Not sure what your expectations are.

  • samsung US has try now pay later for 21 days, wish AU also has same deal

  • Is Samsung's shipping date conservative or fairly accurate? Mine says shipping after 15th September.

    • Same….

      • Though it still says shipping is on the 15th for the phone, I just received my flip3 and pre-order gifts today

  • my mates who ordered from Optus already received their fold3 and watch4 last week

    seems like Samsung education has delayed delivery…

  • is there any trade in bonus?

  • Is Samsung EPP only for 15 years and older? So I can not create an account for my kid who is in 8th grade? Is there any other way to access these discounts?

    • You can use any name to register or even use a different email to sign up to it. The edu email is just used to verify your address to that inbox.

      • Thanks for reply. So I need a valid edu email but I can put any date of birth?

        • That sounds correct to me but I might be wrong. See if anyone else replies

    • You are getting confused between the Education store and EPP store. EPP is only available for people who work for certain companies/organisations and through membership to CAANZ.

  • Is this offer ending today? and which free gift is worth you think? for those who already have received the phones, your first impression after using? I am gonna order one through EPP portal, however the wireless charger free gift is out of stock.

    • +1

      Not sure when the offer is ending buy I very much love the phone. The big screen is a treat to work on.
      I would suggest to stay away from the leather flip cover with S-pen as it is very bad design.
      Have a look around to see what free gifts are available as some were out of stock.

    • are you asking the pre-order bonus gift?

      Promotional Period
      Start Time and Date 01:00 AM AEST 10th September 2021
      End Time and Date 11:59 PM AEST 26th September 2021


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