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Spend $X in 1 Transaction Every Week for 4 Weeks, Get 10,000 Flybuys Points or $50 @ Coles (in Store & Online)


Targets seem to have reduced - check if your weekly target is back to $50.

Starts Friday 13 Aug and ends Sunday 12 Sep.

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  • My 4 weeks just finished. Was $60 spend.

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      Same: My 4 weeks just finished. Was $60 spend. I didn't take up this offer.

      Sometimes, the second mouse gets the cheese.

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        Well… I got another offer now. $90 spend for another 10K+4K points. I don't think I am going to use them now.

  • Finally, after about 2 years I get a decent offer. I got the above deal for the first time ever!

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      I get this regularly. You may need more accounts.

  • Was getting spend $120 for a 4800 point bonus. Then it was cut to 2000 stingy points.
    Got worried about my 4 week minimum but that's back down down to $70 for my 10k points.

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    mine is $50, if i do online then 10,000 + 4000 so 14000 points up for grab.
    not bad $70 worth of points for $200 spend

    • I just finished one just like this. If you do not activate immediately, you may another emailed offer that you can do in the first week. And sometimes there could be a booster on the app as well.

  • Have to X four weeks to get 10,000 flybuys points.

    • Same, $190 each week for four weeks for $10,000. Yikes

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        boom, $10000!

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          I swear I make a grammatical error on every OzBargain comment I make! Haha 😂

  • 110 each week for mine. Used to be 60 each week. Those mastercard prepaid card really push my limit higher…

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    $160 because Flybuys are too stupid to realise that my $1250 spend in one week once was gift cards.

  • they were sending me rediculous ones like $270 a week but stopped offering me after i stopped using them. havnt seen any since

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    $200 for 10000 for me, sticking to Woolworths until offers improve

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    $100 each week for me. Not really worth it.

  • The 4 weeks things are annoying as easy to forget a week. I remember sometimes if you do week 1 and forget week 2 then they send an automated email letting you still complete week 3 and 4 (but not guaranteed to happen).

    • I just shop the same day each week.

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    I won't scan my flybuys card anymore unless it's under $50 or for a bonus. That way when these bonuses come the qualifying is low, for me it's $50 a week. I mean without a bonus, what's 100 points or 80 points. It's pretty worthless.

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      If you pay using the same credit card, they track you with that as well. Use discount gift cards to avoid.

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      I do the same.
      Plus my credit card gives me flybuys points too.
      I too was offered the $50x 4 weeks.
      The trick is to make certain you get as close to the $50 mark each week for these four weeks, usually aim for under $51.
      Usually accumulate around $500+ in points each year for around 15-20 Coles shops a year(only purchasing the half price non perishable items plus milk and bread).

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        I think we are related hahahaha

    • Or you can scan, just have several accounts. Otherwise totally agree its all about the bonus points.

  • Got this offer on 180 weekly spend. Coles is disaster in terms of offers, have never spent this much money in single shop. Also have not shopped with them for last 2 months. Not sure on what basis they are putting such offers.

  • they offered me x4 $120 for $50/10K flybuys or double up with x4 $170

  • Haha. I am at $280 because I bought some of those gift mastercards.
    I suppose I gotta have no spend at all

    • We are using it as an excuse to get some more accounts.

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        You do not need an excuse.

  • $60 for me, and that's after i stop scanning my flybuy for more than 2 months.

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    finally got spend $50 x 4 weeks offer… got offered $60 in the last round

  • Just finished a $70 x 4 weeks for 10,000 points last week. Today got $50 x 4 weeks for 10,000 points or $50 credit. They really want to keep me from going to Woolies!!

  • $270 a week for mine. We do a weekly shop through Coles which I'm guessing is the reason for the higher spend amount.

    Also have another offer for 10,000 points for a one of $300 spend expiring tomorrow. So hopefully it recognises that spend as the first week of the 4 week spend.

  • Finally back to $50 from $200+ after getting screwed counting giftcards last year as normal spend.

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    Finally back down to $50 after avoiding them for a while / using gift cards to pay and not scanning flybuys.

  • I just activated mine and did a shop on Friday, $60 for 4 weeks etc but I am a little confused, it says week one is from 13th to the 22nd of August so If I shopped on Friday 13th do I need to wait until Monday the 23rd? or does it have to be weekly from the first day I shopped? meaning I can do my next shop on the 20th?

    Sorry if this is a silly question.

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      Of course, you can shop anytime you want but yes to qualify for the deal you will need to shop during the dates they tell you. Usually, they give you longer in the first week. Just do exactly what they tell you. It's very clear.

      WEEK 1
      Fri 13 Aug to Sun
      22 Aug 2021

      WEEK 2
      Mon 23 Aug to Sun
      29 Aug 2021

      WEEK 3
      Mon 30 Aug to Sun
      5 Sep 2021

      WEEK 4
      Mon 6 Sep to Sun
      12 Sep 2021

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        Thank you, this is what I thought.
        appreciate the reply.

  • On my flybuy app, I have a deal for 4,000 bonus points plus free delivery for $100 spend. However, when I try to order $110 for delivery, it is charging me $4?

    Anyone know if they'll take off this amount at a later time?

    • When I have had deals like this there is no delivery charge at the checkout. Maybe just look for a $2 delivery spot or go ahead and then talk to them about it if it is charged. Be warned the wait time is often 30 min.

      • I ordered for pick up since it was the only date available within my flybuy offer period. Still kinda annoyed that I'll have to go in store when I was supposed to get free delivery but it is what it is.

        • I have a Coles nearby where I can pick it up from their car park and they put it in the boot. Better than going in store.

  • how do track weekly spend achieved?

    • Check transaction activity.

  • I did the first shop last week but now the offer has disappeared from my Flybuys app, is this normal? I have my receipt that says I've completed week 1 of 4 to get the bonus 10,000 points but am confused as to why the offer disappeared, as it makes it harder to keep track of.

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      Yes normal. Just keep track each week and make sure you receive the points.

  • What happens if you make an online order that is enough to get over the target, but then Coles cancels an item and thus you fall below the target?

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      Call flybuys up and explain.

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        Yes happens all the time, they will fix it. If large amount you may need to email a copy of the order. Bit of a hassle but at least you got a bigger discount.

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