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Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $67.15 ($57.15 with Newsletter Signup) Delivered @ digiDIRECT



Deal is ongoing but based on members feedback and my own experience, despite what the website says looks like they have no stock (White variant confirmed) so expect delays if you decide to go ahead anyway. Sorry guys!

Part of digiDIRECT'S July sale ($67.15) plus $10 off with their newsletter sign-up brings it down to $57.15.

Wait for the pop-up banner, sign up and they'll give you a unique one-time code to your inbox.

Free delivery on orders above $49 so this counts!

Not the cheapest it's ever been, but still a good price for this popular gaming mouse and I just picked one up in white.

Available in all 4 colours:





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  • +8

    Great mouse! I grabbed a blue one from JB when it was $39. Worth it even at this price tag.

    • The only main gripe I have is the lack of free spin toggle on the wheel. But yeah I paid $39 and at that price it's great.

      • +1

        I cannot begin to understand why people consider free spin a feature. The point of a ratcheted scroll wheel is controlled haptic feedback on how far you've scrolled.

        If you need to scroll a large amount quickly, hold down your middle mouse button and drag.

        I honestly can't stand the feeling of the freespinning wheel, or the janky half-freespin that all logitech mice have unless you install their Options software and disable it.

        • +5

          So much fun though

          • +13

            @stickymoo: hehe free spin scroll wheel goes brrrrrrrr

            • @Reviveme: lol my m720 must be broken cos i have to hold it up to my ear to hear it whssssssssssssh

            • @Reviveme: It is quite satisfying.

        • I have to review and navigate a lot of long documents for work; I frequently use the free spin for this. In the other hand, I never use it outside of work!

        • After getting used to it on my work mouse, it's now almost a must-have feature on any mouse I'll buy. IMO it's the most comfortable way to scroll a large amount very quickly.

          • -3

            @sobes: But… You can achieve the same by just holding MMB and dragging. It's less movement, it's faster, it's much easier to control the speed as you get closer to where you need to be, it works laterally, etc. I've been drag scrolling through spreadsheets for over a decade. I bought an MX Master for the shape, and immediately disabled the weird half-ratchet mode it comes with.

            At this point I understand the real answer is 'meme wheel feel good', and that's fine I guess.

            • @runean: For me using the free-scroll feels quicker and more comfortable than the scroll-wheel click and drag method. Funnily enough an MX Master was the mouse that first got me used to the feature at work.

              Perhaps a big factor is how frequently you find yourself needing scroll large amounts. Personally it happens often enough that the free-wheel is important, but I can understand why people wouldn't care if it was a rare/infrequent thing for them.

              Thinking about it now, another non-practical benefit is that it scratches the unexplainable itch which made fidget spinners so popular a while back. Even if I'm not needing to scroll, the 'click' as you toggle between scroll modes or the feeling of spinning the wheel just feels good. Weird hey!

            • -1

              @runean: Take my upvote, don't go down.

        • It’s subjective and personal preference. It find it useful for zooming around giant Excel spreadsheets, which is actually not very pleasant to do with a pan function. Plus it’s like having an employer-sanctioned fidget spinner, so it’s win-win.

        • I personally find it a fraction faster to use the free spin feature, especially for a task that requires scrolling quickly through large volumes (IMO the click and drag takes a moment to activate by clicking, whereas the free spin is instant). There's nothing wrong with people having different preferences though, that's what the option is there for!

    • +9

      Nah I'm gonna wait til it goes down to $39

    • ur comment will make many pp stop buying the mouse at this price, including me :)

    • my zip payment didn't go through for some reason, then i read your comment :D

      zip trying to save me some money?

    • I grabbed a blue one from JB for $49, nice mouse, will probably keep when I get a new mouse.

  • Been waiting from last 12 minutes, no pop up appeared :(

    • Try opening on private browsing

      • +3

        Clicking on the tiny homepage link at the bottom besides sign up for news letter textbox seemed to have worked!

    • I clicked around "Sign up for our newsletter ", it was pop up for me.

    • disable adblock

  • Bought this from Officeworks yesterday for $65, Just my luck.

    • return and purchase this, its only $8 differences so I am not sure if its worth the petrol

  • +3

    Not a good buy above $50 !

  • +4

    Highly rate this mouse, however the international version (G304) does often pop up around $40.

  • +1

    waiting to pull out my blue G305 from the box which was $39.60 from JB!

    • Looking back I reckon I should have got Lilac. The blue is way brighter than expected lol

  • +1

    It's pretty solid with upgraded switches

  • +1

    worked thanks OP

  • +8

    FYI - I recently ordered a keyboard from digidirect and a few days later they sent me an email notifying me that the item is not in stock and will need to be ordered, which may take anywhere between 7 - 14 business days and possibly longer due to the lockdown.

    I went online to read up about digidirect and it seems like they have a history of advertising items that are not in stock and will hold your money for weeks and even months sometimes. I went ahead and cancelled my order immediately. They were pretty good about cancelling the order right away and issuing a refund though, which took about 2 days.

    Just thought I’d share my experience, although this was my first and only order with them, so YMMV.

    • Thanks for sharing, hope they got these in stock!

    • +1

      Similar experience with an item I ordered from them that was listed as in stock. Iirc it ended up taking about a month to arrive.

    • That's when you cancel your order and go get it price matched elsewhere. :)

  • +1

    Seems to be the upgraded sensor (Hero) and switches, so that's a decent deal.

  • I just ordered one, for some reasons it wont let me pick up, delivery only.

    • They don't actually stock them in store, at least at the two Digidirect stores I've been to

  • +2

    Friendly reminder that this mouse is an excellent candidate for transplanting into other shells.

    I want a lightweight wireless mouse, but for some reason the market is obsessed with tiny ambidextrous laptop mice, emblazoned with RGB and riddled with holes in the body for 'weightsaving' - they all look foul and are deeply uncomfortable.

    So I'm just gonna hollow out my Mionix Naos and 3d print a cradle that allows me to mount the 305's innards in my Naos.

  • G304 is the same mouse and can often be had around $40ish

    • Which mouse would be best for CS:GO and League of legends?

      • i personally prefer zowie mouses for csgo i just cant adapt to other brand mouses as much as i can on the zowie ones i tried logitech and razer but the zowie ec2a is most comfortable for me

        • Can you link a product? I play alot of CSGO

          • @Aerith-Waifu: if you have big hands people prefer fk versions but if your hands are small or medium size i would go for ec2a

        • I dont play any CSGO but for me, ec2a is the most comfy mouse i have ever used.

      • Mouse are very subjective. Depends on hand size, grip style, DPI settings, and personal preference.
        You can check up the subreddit Mouse Reviews (and also Youtube reviewers) and see what's trending in terms of preference.
        The high end big brand mouse can be pretty expensive like the Logitech G Pro Wireless, Razer Viper Ultimate, although there is a plethora of more budget tier options that you might find just as capable.
        I'm currently using a Razer Orochi v2 which is more middle tier but had wireless capabilities and is brand new, thus great sensor, weight balance, clickiness etc.
        If you get an older model of mouse, you should probably explore mods like switching mouse feet, paracording etc. But I would suggest looking at new models tbh as they've become a bit more fine-tuned to the FPS crowd

  • digidirect… sells…. gaming mice..

    • +2


      • +2

        It's often under $50 and even occasionally under $40

        • +1

          yes. for this very exact reason. Unless you urgently need a mouse I don't see a reason in getting it right now. Its often under $50 especially for the g304 variant which is exactly the same mouse.

  • Great mouse, comes down to around ~$50 now and then if you are not in a hurry.

  • if you don't need wireless, as I assume you get more mouse for your money if you go wired instead, what mice do people recommend?

  • +1

    Buy two for when your doubleclick starts.

    Naar but seriously good mouse, but my last 2 logi's both got doubleclick and now I think my G Pro is also getting it. Just something to be aware of / live with.

    • Is that not possible to fix?

      • Naar not economically anyway. You can sort of bang it around and blow in it etc to partially help but it will come back eventually.

        • I’ve changed switches on 3 of these already also g903 and g502 lightspeed (the day I bought it).
          Why not economically? The switches can be found cheap as.
          When I first started having the double click problem I found some D2F-01L’s locally quite cheap with cheap local shipping and just removed levers.
          The problem won’t come back if you use Japanese omron switches, it’s the Chinese switches that are the problem. The Japanese omron’s feel very crisp and direct with a much nicer feel/sound. Originals were very mushy and weird feeling from the get go, only thing to note is the Japanese switches are very slightly taller, so the buttons sit maybe half a mm higher on the g305 after swap.
          I now have 14 x 0.74N and 14 x 1.47N D2F-01’s on the way to do more and test with higher actuation switches.

      • If you've got a soldering iron on hand, you can get replacement switches and feet from aliexpress for under $15 all up.
        On the G305 specifically its a little bit tricky to get to the switches, but there's plenty of disassembly guides on youtube to help.

        • +1

          Ahh then that’s not too bad then for a fix, but I don’t have a soldering iron, nor would I have the patience so I’d probably have bought a new mouse already haha.

          • @toshjammi: I also don't have a soldering iron too so it's too much effort for me to DIY switch change.
            The double clicking issue reason is why I've bought a Razer mouse instead because I have lost 2 prior Logitech mouse due to double clicks. I can't support them knowing that despite nailing everything else with their mouse, there is this inherent vital flaw in many models that many people have told them for years that they refuse to address.

            • @jc123: I know i shouldn't support them either, but I have powerplay which is amazing, and the G Pro wireless is just so good :(

              hurts the OzB in me haha

  • +4

    I've said it before…

    "Digidirect are very dishonest when it comes to stock levels of products. If you want to see if it's in stock checking their eBay store seems to be the best way. They will oversell with no notification of backorder until you have already paid. When asked about why this was the case they said:
    "My understanding of why items are listed on the website is that we wish to provide these products for our customers, regardless of our stock. So we try our best to serve our customers, giving them great prices and providing goods, even if it is not immediately available"
    I waited a few weeks to get my rode product. Very unhappy overall that they just list things without stock. Dishonest practices to make them more money at the cost of the customer.
    I would buy from them again but only with this in mind. Know you are purchasing something that may be on backorder when purchasing from them. The never sent me an email either saying it was not in stock"

    • +3

      I also really don't like neg voting good deals, if they said backorder on their site I would have no issue. Call a spade a spade…

  • +1

    I believe these are BACKORDER now!

  • Anyone else finding that the pop-up banner never appears? I've tried multiple devices/browsers.

    • +1

      Try using private browsing, or turning off Adblock as someone has suggested. They also have a newsletter signup at the footer, though I'm not sure if that will give you the code as a welcome email. Let us know how you go.

    • +1

      i've found clicking around the website eventually gets the pop-up. i have adblock installed and got it twice.

  • +1

    Its always $50 on aliexpress for the identical g304 version. Great mouse for the price, but a bit heavy and shape might not suit larger hands. Currently using a chinese EC2 copy (CTBTBESE on amazon lol) with honeycomb shell as my main (honestly insane quality for price), but just waiting for glorious to release the model D wireless anytime now.

  • Ok here comes the out of stock awaiting stock BS. I will be cancelling

  • +2

    Got this email today.

    Thank you for your order.
    Unfortunately your ordered item is currently out of stock. We are expecting the stock to arrive from our supplier very soon, It can sometimes take 7-14 business days for stock to arrive into our warehouse.

    As soon as we get your product in we will get it dispatched to you immediately.

    Ordered white one yesterday pretty early on before this post got alot of upvotes.
    They must have had little to no stock imo. Could be wrong.

    • Unfortunately I also just got this same message for the white one, and since I did the original post, looks like they never had it in stock in the first place!

      Hope everyone else that went for the other colours have better luck, I'll update the post to reflect this.

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