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LG K42 4G Mobile Phone (Vodafone Locked) with Bonus $40 Vodafone Pre-Paid SIM $99 C&C /+ $6 Delivery @ Bing Lee

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Looks like ok price for a phone with 3gig RAM.

Specs from Binglee

• Large 6.6" HD+ Punch Hole Display
• 13MP + 5MP + 2MP + 2MP rear cameras
• 64GB internal memory, expandable up to 2TB (micro SD card sold separately)
• Mediatek MT6762 processor
• Android 10
• 4,000mAh Battery

previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596326

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  • I have one of these. Not too bad. The biggest issue is no NFC

    • +3

      But in the specs it says yes to the Nfc!

      • +1

        Sorry, my bad. I have the K41

    • I couldn’t care less about nfc on a phone. Tap to pay is better with a watch and my watch has had it for years. If nfc is missing on a budget phone I can’t see that as an issue really. Budget phones always are going to come with trade offs. It’s when oems start removing features from their premium products is when I see an issue.

      • And if we dont have a watch? I would say NFC is essential in this day and age and shouldnt be a trade off. I like to not have to take my wallet around and a phone is all i need.

        • Well spend more and get a model with it if that’s what you want. Many people don’t care for that feature, so some oems will omit the feature to save on costs. Hence being a budget phone. I’ve used phone for tap to pay and it sucks compared to using a watch. Hence I chose to get a watch with it. I would say nfc isn’t an essential feature on a phone.

          • -1

            @Ronnnie: I disagree with 'Many people don’t care for that feature'. I would guess most people tap and pay compared to using cards.

            Care to elaborate how tapping with a phone sucks compared to tapping with a watch?

            I bought the K41 whilst i waited for my Xiaomi from China, but was surprised that it didnt have NFC.

  • How to unlock it, how much does it cost if anyone knows? thank you

  • I wonder if this is single or dual sim version?

    • +1

      Single SIM - as it is a Vodafone Prepaid Phone

      • I see thanks!

        • +1

          Try and see whether JB still have the LG K41s for $99 in store.

  • Looks alright for the specs

  • +1

    Was $25 to unlock for my K42 through the Vodafone website though I bought mine from Target.

    • How long after you bought it did you get yours unlocked?

      It should only be $25 to unlock all Vodafone Prepaid Phones after 6 months of purchase date.

      With Optus too, or after $80 recharge also with Optus.

  • Would it work on Felix?

    • That's what I came here to find out. Is unlock needed for Felix?

  • Is it stuck on Android 10 forever?

    • +2

      Having had Lgs for a while I would say yes - not even many security updates either

      • Now I remember why I stopped buying LG phones. And Motorola's…

    • LG's official website in Germany is listing K42's Android 11 update as scheduled for Q4 2021.

  • Is this a good cheap spare phone where I can frequently factory reset?

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