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Esatto 172L Upright Freezer $369 (Was $564) + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas) @ Residentia via Bunnings Marketplace


A decent discount on this highly rated upright fridge.
Price check : $529 plus delivery at Appliances Online.

Free shipping for Metro areas only
172L Capacity
Reversible door
2 Flip down compartments
3 Transparent drawers
The Esaato upright freezer has a large 172L capacity, manual defrost, reversible door and adjustable feet which makes installation a breeze. It features 3 transparent drawers, 2 flip down compartments and installation is easy with the adjustable feet.

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    I thought this was a pc case on a quick glance

    • It'll certainly keep your CPU cool :-)

  • Anyone used the brand before?

    • I've heard about it being budget but still good value for money, more reviews here


    • I have this freezer. It does the job very nicely. It doesn't have an anti frost function so after a year of use it's now starting to get a build up at the top. But I can't complain given the price.

    • +1

      Wouldn't matter if they had. Its a lowest bidder brand, so its different manufacturer from model to model, year to year.

      I have a Essato minibar sized freezer that lasted 3 years before it failed. HOWEVER, the failed part was remarkably cheap to repair. Just need one of these

      The rest of it is substantial enough that it should last a fair bit longer. They aren't complicated machines.

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    Loving my $185 269L Euromaid fridge

    • +1

      Which one? Link pls

      • -1

        Ahh all sold out mate. Was an event worth of mention in the OzB annals.

        • +3

          Awesome thanks for commenting on this deal with relevant information

  • Anyone bought from Bunnings marketplace before? Haven't heard about it before and wondering if there is anything I should be aware of if we bought this unit

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      Bought a gaming chair, no issues

    • +1

      Not frost free..

    • +1

      Companies sign a contract with Bunnings to host items via their website.

      You'll still receive warranty etc., but from the third party you purchased it from.

      Not saying you should buy or not, but that's what it is.

      • So this is the new Kogan / eBay

        • More like the new Catch.

          Catch has had a marketplace for a while.
          Catch is owned by Wesfarmers who own Bunnings. They are just expanding Catch Marketplace to other Wesfarmers websites like Bunnings. I think Target also has a Marketplace too.

        • Not really, Bunnings implemented marketplace not too well.

          All prices from the third parties are determined by third parties, so majority of products are at retail prices.

          There's also no routine promo deals/codes like Kogan and eBay.

          A lot of third parties listed on marketplace are not unique, and sell them on other websites, so most likely cheaper elsewhere (for example Kitchen Warehouse list stuff on marketplace, but sell on the their own website and other websites)

    • Market place is a backdoor for flooding our market with more trashy Chinese goods. Artiss trashy furnitures is using Bunnings market place to flood our market with more poorly built goods. These kind of trash should stay in eBay and Alibaba!

  • -1

    IcE cREAm!!! Here I come!

  • +2

    Manual defrost? not for me

  • Looks the same as the kogan one. Same compartment set up. Kogan is a little bit cheaper for first members. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-172l-upright-freezer-silv...

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    Get the Hisense one from The Good Guys Commercial.

    • +1

      How much is that one? Link please.

      • +1

        HRVF155 155 litres - $571 (this looks like it's the same one I got, but now they're calling it 155 litres instead of 170). Frost free, electronic thermostat. 3 star.

        HRVF254 254 litres - $797

        You need to be a member of TGGC to see prices and order. Occasionally you can find things there at normal stores for their prices, but generally its better. If you sign up for SunSuper you get access to TGGC.

        I think some cheat by stating complete internal volume (disregarding drawers), others only use the actual usable volume. If they have drawers (like a vertical freezer) there's a difference. This might explain why the one I got has changed size.

        • Yes apparently all older model freezers and fridges have been discontinued and new ones brought out to comply with new regulations. So most of the “new freezers” and exactly the same as the older model they just have a different measurement of space eg usable volume.

  • All these OEM brands with bullshit markup prices lol

    Kogan, Euromaid, Esatto, Midea… ALL using the same OEM white goods with their own logos.

    China's new tactic to lure people into rebadging OEM goods to sell overseas.

  • https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/esatto-euf172w

    3.8 out of 5. Some people love it, some people say the shelves break easily.