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[PS4, XB1] CyberPunk 2077: Collectors Edition $149.94 (Was $429.95) + $16.95 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ EB Games


Cheaper than the last EB deal and the JB deal too

PS4: https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/244384-cyberpunk-2077...
Xbone: out of stock https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/xbox-one/244330-cyberpunk-2077-collectors-edition
PC version seems to not be in stock and the listing has been hidden

Looks like a bunch of PS4 stock available in different stores. Xbone version available only in Booragoon. Xbone version out of stock now
I'm told the action figure and hardcover art book are worth it, but I will judge it myself once I get my hands on one.

First post. Hope I didn't mess anything up. Stay safe everyone, wear a mask for C&C.

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    The EB Games eBay store is selling for the same price but in small quantites. You can get it with free delivery + 5% or $5 off with eBay Plus coupon code.

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    Is this meant for garbage collectors?

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      That's offensive to garbage

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    wow to the people who buys this.

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      Some people just like figures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • wow to the people who bought this full price

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        Even worse, these were getting sold on eBay for $800+ before launch.

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    That doesn't look like my V

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    I'd buy it instantly if the figurine was T posing on the bike.. That would be worth money in the future lollll

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    Ov3r 20o AwaRd3s yeah righto 🤦‍♂️

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      😂😂😂 That pic made me chuckle too

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      Pre-release awards*

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        Kinda like getting a trophy before u start the race… Lol…

        • Or like the "Industry Awards!" that businesses can effectively buy/pay for by sponsoring industry magazines/websites etc

        • Participation awards

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      One of them being "Biggest Disappointment of The Year Award"

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      Over 200 expressions of interest for the class action lawsuit

    • I will give this game a go when it's free on Epic

      it will be most likely patched and playable by then

      on a second thought, would it really

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    I may bite under $100 but not atm

    Thanks for the post tho ;)

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      These big boxes often get reduced if overstocked as they take up a lot of room in storage (compared to a game). It really needs to be PS5 to be worth it. Like if you try to trade it back to EB, they will only buy back the game, not the collectors edition.

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    Does it come with CDPR shares? Is that why it’s reduced?

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    So glad I paid full price to preorder years ago. Bloody CDPR got me with their Witcher goodness. That’s all gone now.

    Wind’s howlin..

    • Yep same. What a vast difference.

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      They got me too mate. Anyway, how ‘bout a round of gwent?

      • I love the Witcher and have sunk a lot of hours into it but I played this from launch on my ps5 it’s by far a better game it’s a shame everyone just jumped on the band hate wagon.

        • A better game than the Witcher?


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    Only for female V figurine, not into male v at all.

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    $430 RRP hahahahahahahaha

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    According to the description it comes with "Cyberpunk 2077 full game".

    Does it really though?

  • I saw the PC version on sale at EB a few months ago, I sat on the page for a couple of weeks and it sold out. Though I love Cyberpunk I think I'd still have had buyers remorse ….. that said I did buy 5 of the Witcher 3 ones when they came out and have since only found the heart to sell 1.

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      I already have a boxed PC version, looks gorgeous on Ultra with RTX.
      Decided to grab the collectors' for the extras, and will keep the PS4 disc around for when CDP finally does their "next-but-actually-current-gen" PS5 update, hopefully they also enable cross-platform saves like they did with Witcher3 on Switch…
      Liked the game quite a bit, not feeling any remorse tbh lol.
      Gotta admit though the PS4 release was… an absolute trashfest (which is what I'm assuming most of the game-hate is coming from, alongside tons of bugs on release). Also keep in mind too that good quality figures and hardcover books aren't cheap on their own

      • I pre-ordered off GOG more than a year before release and then built a new PC with the latest AMD 3900X and 20** series GPU …… then the game release kept getting put off.

        Certainly I feel for anyone who played on console, CDPR should've never pushed the idea a game like CP2077 could play well on a 10yo console when they were suggesting PC's requirements be so high. The flip side to that is people should've known better, we can't lay all the blame on CDPR.

        Got me thinking I may hit FB and see if anyone wants to trade an unopened CP2077 CE for an unopened TW3 CE.

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      I somehow got through the PS4 Pro version, and recently picked up a copy for my recently acquired XBox Series X - they may as well be different games. It's gorgeous on XBX with much more stable frame rates, and very little of the pop-up issues that plagued the PS4 version.

      • Well you’re talking two different gens so of course.

        • The Xbox has over double the pedestrian density

  • I almost bought the standard version for $25 but that felt like too much. Hope they fix it up and next gen patch it soon. Just played Witcher 3 and that game is phenomenal.

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      It’s not even close and it’s not just about the bugs or performance

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    Rip off

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    If you get one with a dodgy action figure, i've heard they'll patch it up…eventually

  • CDPR: “These things are gonna sell like hot cakes”

  • do we even have a date on the next gen update yet?

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      • and stock will be available 2081

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    Lol! Still too much. I’d bite if it was like $80.

  • Is there a reason why xbox version sold out faster? It is enhanced for XSX but not PS5 or something?

    • Most likely is that EB would have a lot more PS4 copies than Xbox. The ps4 was a LOT more popular last gen.

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    To be honest I think that the biggest failing with Cyberpunk 2077 is they didn't realise just how effing big a city is and that everything is interactive. In ye old world of the witcher, you kind of accept that there isn't that much around because its the olden days. You can walk for miles in a forest and random monsters spawn.

    In a city, there are lots more things and people to interact with, but in this game you couldn't actually interact with them be ause they ran out of time to populate it properly and just launched it.

    In Hindsight, a sparse post apocalyptic World like that in Mad Max Fury Road would have made a far better world setting for the game, with more travel and more, smaller communities.

    The prequel driving around the desert was actually my favourite part of the game.

  • Just called into my local EB and thought I’d have a look at the statue in person while I was there but apparently they had 5 in stock, all PS4 version and they sold them all this morning / last night with click and collect

  • bargain or something

  • Have they fixed the bugs yet?

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    I'll only buy it if the main character collectable figurine is t-posing on the motorbike wearing no pants.

    Related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdjwMun2Srs

    Edit - beaten by another poster!