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Bosch Dishwasher SMS88TI01A $1559 + Bonus $100 Digital Prepaid MasterCard + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bing Lee


Series 8, German made and has the cutlery tray

Bonus Digital Prepaid Mastercard Terms

The Good Guys have the SMS8EDI01A dishwasher at $1590 + $60 Bonus store credit

Called The Good guys store (Melbourne) and they said they are running a promotion till Wednesday (18/8/21) of free delivery upto 30 kms due to the Melbourne lockdown on selected products and the Bosch DW qualifies for free delivery

Bosch SMS88TI01A (Bing Lee)
- Stainless Steel
- Energy Rating: 4 Stars
- Water Rating: 5 Star
- Place Settings: 15
- Wash Programs: 8

Bosch SMS8EDI01A (TGG)
- Stainless Steel
- Energy Rating: 4 Stars
- Water Rating: 5 Star
- Place Settings: 14
- Wash Programs: 8

Update: Entering code "ENTER20" at checkout with Bing Lee gives additional $20 discount
The Bosch DW from Bing Lee turns out to be $31 cheaper the TGG after taking into account the shop credits and delivery fees
TGG Bonus store credit deal expires 15/8/21 (tomorrow)


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  • Good price for a great dishwasher

  • Is this an update model or some thing?

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    If you're after an underbench dishwasher, the Siemens IQ500 is $1,397 at Winning Appliances.

    Made in Germany, and 5 year factory warranty.

  • In General would you prefer Miele or Bosch/Siemens?

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      As Bosch/Siemens = same company … we've had both. Currently on a Siemens IQ300 and it performs like a trooper.
      Very, very quiet (quieter than previous Bosh unit). We decided on the Siemens unit due to great price and 5 yr warranty.

      Have only ever had made in Germany models. Would have no hesitation in either Bosch/Siemens subject to which is best bang for buck at the time.

      Service calls have always been very well handled by the company.


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      I’ve got a Bosch Dishwasher German made and Siemens washing equipment (not that they use the brand in Australia anymore)

      It’s exceptional. Quiet, does a good job washing, easy to use

      I see no need to pay extra for the Miele brand as can’t see what can be improved. My personal opinion is that it’s overpriced however understand others may feel differently

      • Thank you for your input.

        The main reason I was asking a friend of mine got the cheapest Miele 16 years ago. It is still working.
        That simplest model got drying, cutlery tray and 3rd spraying arm on the top.

        I like the idea of cutlery tray but I don't believe it can work well without 3rd spraying arm on the top.
        I've checked the manual for both Bosch machines mentioned here and none of the manual mentions 3rd top spraying arm. So I am under impression it's not there.

        I like Siemens/Bosch as a brand in general. :)

  • I am looking for a dishwasher under a budget of under one grand. Any recommendations? Thanks.

  • Looks like prices for dishwashers went up over the last couple of years? This was around 400 cheaper according to ozb. Hard to stomach :(

    • Yeah, saw that post but it was when stacked with TGG + ebay 20% discount promos
      Was bumbed when I saw that price

      But true, it was still around $200 less then what this deal is, that too 2 years ago

      • Oops even lower (yes, don't have a Delorean, but bummer)

  • Update: Entering code "ENTER20" at checkout with Bing Lee gives additional $20 discount

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    SMS88TI01A is on the appliances online ebay store, combined with the afterpay deal which expires.. whenever
    $1571.00 + delivery ($1.40 to Sydney waaaat?)
    less $235.65 (15% off)
    Pay via afterpay for the coupon to work.. after using your ebay giftcards which currently have 3% cashback on shopback i.e. roughly another $40 off if they track and pay correctly (ymmv)

    • Good find

      Afterpay Day finishes on Sunday 22 August, just an fyi

      cheers :)