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Lexar MicroSDXC 512GB 1066x $95 + Delivery + (Free to Most Areas/ VIC C&C/ in-Store, PayPal / CC Surcharge $1.14) @ Centre Com


Great price for a MicroSDXC with these specs. 512GB, 1066x, 160MB/s read 120MB/s write, also A2 class, which is higher random IO performance than A1 cards (useful if you’re storing apps on it).

Free shipping to metro areas.

Edit: also includes micro to SD adapter

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  • is there a USB adaptor that turns this into a USB flash drive? while retaining the same read/write speeds

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    Bought 1. The speed spec get me. So I have to buy.

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    y so cheap for 512?
    fake af?

    • not fake AF

    • Lexar is a reputable brand, I also bought one of these last time it was on sale - works great.

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        Until it doesn’t. Lexar USED TO BE a reputable brand. Google will give more info. Some chinese company bought the name off Micron (US memory company) so they could flog garbage memory at a premium price that undercuts other actual premium competitors.

        • Good info, cheers

      • are you able to run a speed test to see if it can get 160/120 as advertised

        • In my limited testing I got 100MB/s write speed, I didn’t pay attention to read speed as I was copying files to the card. The write speed could well be due to my cheap card reader.

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          The 160MBps read speed is technically possible, but mostly marketing BS. This card has a UHS-I bus, which runs at 104MBps. Wikipedia has a good description of it:


          "There is a proprietary UHS-I extension primarily by SanDisk that increases transfer speed further to 170 MB/s, called DDR208 (or DDR200). Unlike UHS-II, it does not use additional pins. It achieves this by using the 208 MHz frequency of the standard SDR104 mode, but using DDR transfers.[94][95] This extension has since then been used by Lexar for their 1066x series (160 MB/s), Kingston Canvas Go Plus (170 MB/s) and the MyMemory PRO SD card (180 MB/s). "

          Basically, if you are using a particular card reader made by Sandisk, which doesn't follow the SD card standard, you can read at 160MBps into your PC. No other device is capable of those speeds. Any other card reader, and even most Sandisk card readers, cannot exceed 104MBps read or write speed over a UHS-I bus.

          Possibly each of the other companies makes a higher-speed card reader, but I haven't seen them.

      • Yeah not about the brand though.
        A mate bought 1TB for $25 on amazon, Samsung, turned out to be fake.
        I paid like $150 for 400GB not long ago so this seems too cheap to me.

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      Username checks out

  • Is this good for a retro iPod retrofit?

  • Remember, there is a surcharge of $1.14 if paying via Paypal or Credit card.

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    How’s the review, I’m scared by Lexar quality so far.

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      Lots of fake lexar cards, the real ones work fine

  • Anyone know what’s the warranty on this thing?

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    This Gigastone 512GB micro SD card is a bit cheaper at $90 but not sure of the quality and it's slower.. Read/Write up to 100/80 MB/s

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    Stock up for the Steam Deck!

    Whenever that arrives in Australia…

    • +3

      Not when but more like if it ever arrives in Australia

      • +1

        Sadly true, at least in an official capacity.

    • -2

      oh yes, i can't wait for steam deck…it's gonna be so cool!

  • These cards do not sustain their write speed. Gets warm quickly.

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    Good for dashcam or nah?

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      For dashcam check out the "Endurance" branded microsd cards. they are built for dashcams and other continuous long high write applications

  • would this be good for 4k 60fps video recording?

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    Tried a Lexar 512GB once against all the negative reviews, card died instantly. Refunded and paid a little more for the Samsung which has been solid. YMMV

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