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Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm $529, 44mm $579 ($70 Off) + Shipping ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was browsing around for Apple Watch and notice a decent $70 off (more than 10% off) sale on the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS model. Possibly the cheapest its been. Price match at Officeworks for further 5% (unless they update their price over night - website was down at time of posting).

Either gearing up for Father's day or clearing out stock in anticipation of new model expected in the next month or two. May see a bigger sale in the coming weeks, but you do have 30 days to refund if you change your mind (just don't unwrap it).

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Hmm too buy or not to buy…

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    series 7 will be release next month

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      Yeah, based on history you may see this at $100 cheaper mid September

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    Good deal but waiting to see the specs of the Apple Watch Pro when it’s announced next month.

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    Harvey Norman is now selling these two models $1 cheaper than JB.


    • Amazon is also matching the price

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          Thank you

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      Doesn’t meet your use case, so therefore useless for everyone. Right. 🙄

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      You only need cellular if you intend to use it without your phone nearby and willing to dish out $10 a month. My phone is always around me so non cellular will suffice

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          Because not everyone is you?

      • With Optus, it is $5/month

  • I've bought two apple watches from the jb website on sale. Both were cancelled days later. Online support took 2 weeks to get back to me on it all. I suggest go into a physical store if you can.

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      That rules everyone in NSW out.

  • Telstra Day deal seems more interesting. Especially the price. If you can snag one before its OOS.

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      I think it was SE, and this is Series 6

      • Yes you are correct about that. my bad. Hopefully the next Telstra Day deals includes the Series 6 AW

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    Am I crazy to think the SE is good value ($399, $130 cheaper) if you don't care about ECG and always on?

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      nope, SE is definitely bang for buck

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      the always on is thr only factor you should consider when deciding which one to get honestly, the ECG on my series 6 was cool when I first got it…for like 2 days, then I forgot about it completely afterwards

    • It is definitely good value, but I love the Always On feature on my Series 6, not sure how I would go without it.

    • Like others said, SE is definitely good value.

      But you also should consider S6 chip vs S5 chip, which should give you another year of upgrade. Other factors incl always on display, 3rd gen heart sensor vs 2nd gen, blood oxygen app, etc…

    • any luck with grey space stock with OW? Don't seem to find one but blue.

      • Try Hornsby.

  • I am a skinny guy with small wrists. Prefer the 44mm version but not sure if it’ll be too big / uncomfortable. Any suggestions?

    • I think a caloric surplus and a basic hypertrophy program will help get you to those 44mm goals

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    Just some advice guys, Apple watch 7 coming this year is a big step up in upgrade and also a first whole new design in 6 years. Worth the extra $70 just for the battery upgrade alone if the rumours are true.

    • Problem is there is a lot of rumours with Apple watches and when a feature hits is likely over the next few releases. Blood glucose, blood pressure, stress levels, full redesign, battery in band, mini led, double sided s7 chip… there’s a lot. We won’t get all of it, I suspect (if we do I’m rushing out to buy one)

      Plus remember the past 12 months have been hell on manufacturing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another minor update.

  • Thank you! submitted price protection claim, and planning to sell it once Series 7 is out.

    • May I know how this works? How long the price protection valid for?

      • a feature of some credit cards, if it goes on sale cheaper within X days of purchase they refund the difference

      • Thanks

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