This was posted 5 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB 12GB $2299 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


3080 ti prices coming down
i thnk the mrp is 2100 something. so not a bad deal.
especially when 3080.

On sale! (normally $2499) The PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB 12GB graphics card features a 1365MHz core clock, 1665MHz boost speed, 12GB GDDR6X 384-bit memory interface, 19GB/s memory speed, PCI-E 4.0, 1 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, HDCP 2.1 support, OpenGL 4.6 and DirectX 12 Ultimate support, and RGB lighting

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              • @JMxoxo: Too right. likewise if you bought property last year you can enjoy about 20% gains just in the last 8 months. or examples like Kogan shares could be had for 3-4$ early 2020 then sold for 5x+ late 2020. that said, often the gains are not actual gains but reflective of depreciation of our currency…..or significant portion of the gains can be explained by this. thus, as long as you invest in anything but holding cash you should have some gains i guess :) though digital currency definitely has significant risk attached to it as you don't really own anything but a promise (oh wait that's all currency is anyway :) )

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    Miners are killing this for gamers. I'm probably going to get hate, but HOLD please.

    Hold for the sake of future RRP. We don't want GPU prices to be inflated at launch in the future.

    • Is mining still worthwhile?

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        if you already have spare motherboard slots and a power supply and you can get a good deal like few that went through this site like the 3080 for $1800 I think it will have been worth it. worst case scenario ethereum slowly becomes worthless over the next 6 months and I pay the card off in 12 months instead of paying it off in 4 if it stays around the current price. of course if ethereum continues to go up…

        my father overbought on power supplies and motherboards a few years ago when we built all the computers for the house so i thought what the heck ill by 2 or 3 cards if get a good deal. also even if i never quite make it to paying off the card now everyone in the house has a great gaming pc at a low cost. except my mom. I don't think she needs a gaming pc.

        building a rig though…it is more of a risk. even with the recent spike in crypto. if you have to buy a motherboard, risers, ram, decent power supplies, cpu, frame, possibly even a cheap monitor mouse and keyboard. it goes from paying one card off in 6 months (that you got a good deal on). to paying 6 cards off in 10 months (you probably didn't find 6 good deals either). which clearly is much riskier.

        if you are certain crypto will hold its value though. you would just be buying every single card you can get your hands on. but nobody is that certain…i think. i guess some people are probably doing that.

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          I said that in a way that is misleading. I have 4 months left to pay off all my graphics card purchases I bought a 3080 (for myself) and two 1660s. a 3080 will only make you max 300 a month so if you buy one now at 1800 and crypto doesn't move will still take 6 months to pay it off.

          also i should point out that building a rig with a 10 month return is risky is because there is a good chance ethereum will be a lot less minable in the near future. but nobody really knows by how much and how the changes will affect other cryptocurrencies. personally i don't think it will go down by more than half over the next 12 months. so clearly that's why i bought a few cards that will take 5-6 months to pay off and that was 1-2 months ago. but yeah nobody really knows and im definitely no expert. so it is a risk like all investments, in my opinion low risk. or it was 1-2 months ago. in another 1-2 months I would want to see the prices go down if i were still looking to buy.

          • @Michael074: It's going to be a lot sooner than 12 months.

            ETA for Ethereum moving from PoW to PoS is the end of this year/start of next and that's the end of ETH GPU mining.

            I read a comment on /r/ethermining that had a guy calculating that if 5% of the miners on ETH moved to Raven, it would push the difficulty so high that it woudn't be profitable on any card we have today. Raven is only profitable to mine now because of how few people mine it.

            So unless there is a massive, like galaxy jumping level pump in a coin that can handle the influx of GPU miners once ETH is no longer able to be mined with GPUs - it will be the end of GPU mining entirely. There's a good chance that will happen at the end of this year/start of next.

            At least you'll have achieved ROI or close to it by then.

            • @studentl0an: last i read eth2 was optimistically happening at the start of next year so I think ill make it to ROI. then im just kind of hoping that mining isn't completely unprofitable in 2022 like you said it will. that would be disappointing. I have read a few people saying eth will be completely unprofitable, but there also seems to be lots of people that aren't too worried. so i don't know maybe im following the crowd of idiots. but at least i got 3 free graphics cards so i won't be mad.

              so yeah like i said if you already have the other computer parts and get a good deal worth buying but every month delay better see the graphics card prices drop an equivalent amount or not worth buying. right now i would not pay $1800 for a 3080. and yes building a mining rig is a definitely risky now.

              maybe for the gamers who just want to play halo infinite probably best move is to only buy the graphics card when you need it in december and hope that people will realize mining is about to become useless and graphics cards prices will drop a lot more than what you could have made in the last 4 months. but I'm not certain about that either.

              • @Michael074: I don't think those who think GPU mining will be profitable after ETH 2.0 launches have their ducks in a row. Their argument is based on "oh, yeah something will come along, I can mine Raven and make a profit now so that means I will be able to once ETH 2.0 launches".

                I think it's hopium to think that there will just be another coin that could handle the influx of GPU miners once ETH can no longer be mined. ETH won't just be 'completely unprofitable to mine' it will no longer be able to be mined on GPUs at all. That's the whole point of moving to Proof of Stake that uses 99.9%+ less electricity to mine and maintain the blockchain. If GPU miners think they can just all move to another coin that is profitable now, and it will be able to handle the influx of all those miners they are living in a fantasy world. There may be a tiny chance that it will happen, but the indications are very much not on their side.

                Are you selling all the ETH you mine to make ROI? I personally think you should hold onto a bit with the political climate in the world the way it is now with every indication showing very bad times ahead.

                I've sold a little to make back some of the investment, but I believe in crypto and I'm scared of the loose fiscal policies of Western nations and I don't think we're being told the real truth when it comes to actual inflation. Therefor I don't want to make ROI now, as I believe it will be worth a lot more later.

                • @studentl0an: I've been holding, but its gone pretty high now i kind of want to sell.

                  gotta agree with you there on bad times ahead. there's always been people saying collapse is imminent and while I don't agree with that, it certainly seems like it's not a question of if it's a question of when. It seems like there is no safe investment for your money, except putting it in a bank and earning no interest and watch it slowly waste away to nothing due to inflation.

                  if crypto wasn't so volatile I would be putting a lot more than a few thousand in because at least i can get decent interest on crypto.

                  • @Michael074: The collapse is already happening. Look at food + fuel shortages in the USA the last few months and China's rhetoric in regards to Western ineptitude/weaknesses week after week. Collapse isn't going to happen overnight - it's happening bit by bit and every week for more than a year. There's no sign that we even have the capacity to pull out of this, let alone stop it, and our leadership class appear more like authoritarian rulers everyday who are stealing the fine china and silverware to protect their own wealth before the entire system collapses through lose fiscal policy.

                    If you're in need for bills I can understand wanting to sell now. But if you're just thinking it's a good time to sell and you don't actually need the money then I can't understand why you wouldn't at least have a more prudent diversification.

    • Hold for what exactly? Miners to clean em out?

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    I am looking at performance difference with 3080 and it is around 15%. So basically 500$ to get 15% performance from 1700$ 3080 to 2300$ 3080ti. Good findings but I can't justify paying 2300$ for single video card.

    • The problem is there is hardly any stock of 3080 available recently.

    • Yep, NVidia is gouging with the 3080ti. Wouldn't have a chance in hell in any other market state with that RRP

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    If you consider yourself an 'OzBargainer' and you buy this, you are a moron.

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      Ozbargainers are generally moron when it comes to pc parts though

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    the RRP for 3080TI is rubbish, if you look at performance of TI vs 3080 its not worth paying double for 5% better performance
    wait for a 3080 at $1500 - that will be a bragin or get a 6800 xt for $1400 -anything over is a rip

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      Best to wait 10 years till 3080s are like $50 on the used market

  • to be fair though mrp is going up too.

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    Time for OZB to buy buy buy this.

    Good for cryptomining

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      Don't care a F*** about cryptomining.

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    rip off.

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      Face off! ;)

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    • Good brand 2080 Ti cards were $2000 reduced from $2200 mid last year. I'd assume the 3080 Ti is a lot better?
      Still wouldn't buy one personally (not really into games) but probably a better deal than a lot of other over priced cards lately.
      A 3070 for around $750 would be good once things settle down and stock is available.

      • Not really a lot better compared to the previous gen Ti models. Ti this time around is aka "Tiny Improvement".

      • Its the newer more demanding roles where the higher end NVIDIA cards really stretch their legs. If you want 4k60 top graphics you go for this or the 3090.

        • True, you wouldn't upgrade for a 5% increase if you had the 2080Ti. I bought his near new 2060 Super from a mate who bought the 2080Ti and thought paying 2k for that card wasn't the best idea with the new ones around the corner, but given the demand and supply issues it was probably a decent move still, and has got the use out of it. I'll just keep this card for a while yet, doing me well.

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    Aww shitt… I aped!
    Thanks OP, lets hope I don't regret this purchase! :P

  • Rrp is wrong. Currently sitting a 1815, was 1920 at launch. Not a top flight card, wouldn't be more then 5-10% over rrp for it.

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    GPU names are getting ridiculous…

    PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB 12GB

    Really now

    • yeah it needs Prime HD Plus to sound more compelling

  • I dunno why anyone here puts stock in RRP. It's meaningless whether the price is lower or higher than RRP. The actually useful metric is price history, in, yknow - the real market. Not a made up RRP. It usually only exists so that things look 'discounted'. It just so happens that in this case it's the opposite.

    • The term you are looking for is price anchoring. Can work both ways.

      • Ah ok thank you - but its pure marketing is my point. It exists to influence decision making but should not be used much by sensible people.

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    OPs been posting GPU deals fairly regularly but many of these truly draw out mixed reactions.

    Some of these rtx deals feel like PSAs and adverts more so than bargains with some of the new price floors we've seen recently.

    Thanks for trying though OP.

  • Never thought the Day would come that PC gaming is now a luxury.

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      You never thought that a premium above and beyond spec PC would ever be a luxury?

      • You would pay $2.5K for a premium GPU for luxury PC gaming?

  • Are there any sites etc that have a graph of the price history of 30 series cards? It'd be interesting to see where we're at now.

  • This or a 3080 aorus extreme (with that cool LCD display ) for the same price ?

    • share the link

  • What about content creation? Adobe premiere Pro and after effects?
    Which card would be best.. and is AMD an option? Remember years ago some features were nvidia only

    Ps: I can google and looking at Puget systems site but interested in opinions…
    Maybe I should put a forum post for discussion

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      Depends on what you want to do. I've just built a new system and am using my previous RX 570, but I want to do Blender animation and there is so much functionality in that program that is only supported by nvidia. I'm waiting to see a good deal on 3xxx or maybe wait for 4xxx, but that could be 16 months away..

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      Content creators would tend to lean more to the 3090 with the extra 12GB VRAM.This is aimed more toward cashed up gamers.

      • What's a good price (no deal but acceptable in 2021) for a 3090?
        Is $3000 for Gigabyte RTX3090 24GB Vision OC acceptable?
        Not in my budget but wondering.

        • +1

          Its at the lower end of the spectrum but yep. They retailed $2500ish on release so ~500 over RRP isnt as absurd relatively speaking (still a ridiculous amount of cash for a video card tho)

          • @BargainKen: Thanks.

          • @BargainKen: Was trying to find online any article or blog that helps me understand diff brand and their offerings in cards. Anything you can share?

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              @archieduh: Having purchased the lowest end 3080 (Zotac) maybe a little :)
              Its mostly to do with the quality of components on the board and quality of cooling - cheaper card dont really overclock that well - higher end ones do but have better quality power management components on the card to be able to deliver and subsequent cooling required to manage the heat produced. If you only ever intend on running it bone-stock then dont spend anymore than you need to.

              If you wanna get into the nitty-gritty check out a channel on YT called "Actually Hardcore Overclocking" where the guy spend a good hour or so rambling about the ins-and-outs of various graphics cards -

              Here's a breakdown of my crappy card for example -

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      Would definitely recommend NVIDIA cards for Premiere Pro, you get GPU hardware acceleration with CUDA and it's generally a better implementation than OpenCL (which is what you would use on AMD cards).

    • Thanks all for replying.

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    All I need is a GPU to finish my build…what a time to decide to build a new system lol

    • +1

      Ditto. Happy to pay extra at this moment as no other choice really, but not insane ammounts (e.g. $2.5k+ for a 3080).

      • +2

        i sincerely hope prices even out soon, i'm torn between just buying a 6700xt and being done with it or hold on a little longer for some miracle :/

  • I think I will wait 5 years and buy it for $1800 on Gumtree.

  • Lol, imagine paying top dollar for some random company sells gpu under many names, lol… Eat $2 noodle for a week and buy this one instead, lol

    • +1

      PNY, Palit, gainward….. meh

    • I have the 3080 version of that one and my only complaint is the use of three 8pin cables for power and that's really pushing it for being a complaint. Such a flawless card for me.

      • Standard 3080 has 2x8pin for power. 3x8 would just give it a little more headroom for power and overclock (150w per cable)

        • Yeah like I said I'm really pushing it by having that as a complaint since it adds more cables and thus more cable management required.

  • costs more than a 3090 with half the ram and "almost" same speed as a 3090?
    people buying this are high af or rich af and dont give a f which only makes it worse for the rest of us.
    next gen entry level will be this gens 3080 price just watch.

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