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PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB 12GB $2299 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


3080 ti prices coming down
i thnk the mrp is 2100 something. so not a bad deal.
especially when 3080.

On sale! (normally $2499) The PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB 12GB graphics card features a 1365MHz core clock, 1665MHz boost speed, 12GB GDDR6X 384-bit memory interface, 19GB/s memory speed, PCI-E 4.0, 1 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, HDCP 2.1 support, OpenGL 4.6 and DirectX 12 Ultimate support, and RGB lighting

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    let's wait for a deal on 6800XT or 6900 XT

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      I regret not buying 6800 xt for $1399 a couple of months ago .

      • How does the 6800 xt fare against these? I am considering moving to the red side

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          They are good against these in anything but ray tracing. Then again, not all games have ray tracing but for the ones that do, DLSS is superior.

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            @Krad3r: Has anyone experienced much with ray tracing? I watched some videos and honestly couldn't even tell the difference with it on or off. In some areas, sure it was a little noticeable, but it's so minor, doesn't seem worth the hit to FPS.

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              @WallybR: In some circumstances, ray tracing does make things more beautiful to look at. From personal experience, I played Cyberpunk 2077 on 1440p with ray tracing on the 3060ti. My god that was beautiful.

              In the end, depends on the user.

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                @Krad3r: My god, Cyberpunk on 1440p with RT on with just a 3060ti GPU?
                Is the game running at 10FPS? XD

                • +1

                  @edfoo: Think I had an average 40+ FPS. The game was still enjoyable.

                  • @Krad3r: And what graphic setting do you have? Ultra/High or Medium/Low?
                    From all the benchmark video I can see on YouTube, I doubt a 3060ti can run that game at 1440p, RT on and High/Ultra setting at 40+FPS.

                    • @edfoo: That's the power of DLSS man. Had it on Ultra/high, RT on with DLSS on performance.

            • @WallybR: i have 6800 xt and cant tell a huge diff
              not enough for me to sacrifice game quality over - I prefer to max game to 200 FPS + and no RT

              for eg I played Metro ED and I prefer the older one with RT off as i get over 200 fps and its butter smooth

              • @botchie: I've got 6800xt $568 recent Amazon muckup.

                • @Angelscrap: Did those actually ship? And wasn't it a 6700xt?

                  • @MetaAF: I ended up ordering from UK and amazon fixed up the price for me

                  • @MetaAF: Opps yeah 6700xt

                    • @Angelscrap: Reading through the original post it sounds like everyone else who ordered through that deal got shipped a CPU… if you do end up with an actual 6700xt you'll be the envy of ozb haha, good luck :)

                    • @Angelscrap: Have you actually received that 6700XT card on hand?

            • @WallybR: yep, for now, it really doesn't make much sense except where the fps hit isn't as big.

              For some titles it's a pretty negligible difference, for others RT looks really nice. For fast paced games like first person shooters, its almost always better to have it off.

              • @sabaramo: yeah, I'll be really keen to see how BF 2042 looks with it.

                • @WallybR: Eek BF2042 have actually dropped ray tracing! No joke, they're basically only doing DLSS and Nvidia Reflex both completely useless - esp. Since dlss was literally invented to offset the performance drop due to ray tracing. Its pretty much final - they have "announced" all nvidia tech and have been totally radio silent on any "ray traced" features. Looks like they didn't bother actually. Look it up you'll see .

                  • @liger46: As if anyone's not going to just turn all the details to low for the competitive advantage anyway

            • @WallybR: I read this article at 3dnews.ru/1043645. It is in russian, but that doesn't matter. You can use a slider on images to compare the picture with ray tracing on and off for DOOM Eternal game. I can't say that I like ray traced images. Too much shine and glare in my opinion and a lot of textures are missed eventually.

            • @WallybR: Try Minecraft with ray tracing and you would not want to play without it. It is that good !

            • @WallybR: Got DLSS and RT on while playing WZ. Can't tell the bloody difference tbh. Not sure what the fuss is about.

        • +1

          There is no proper alternative for DLSS. Even if FSR becomes a better alternative it would still work with both Radeon and Nvidia. So there is nothing much you would loose by sticking with team green at this point.

          • @BargainBuddy: Intel's XeSS sounds pretty interesting and works on any gpu so that might be a nice quality bump for AMD cards in Q4.

      • I ordered a 6800xt from scorptec about 9 months ago $1299. Originally ordered the reference card but they had limited stock so they gave me priority access to a partner card. Still 40th in queue for the card I ordered. Not sure they will be in stock at a good price for a long time.

        • +1

          i had an order for a reference 6800 xt with Harvey Norman and they cancelled the order 6 months in

      • I regret not buying or for $1100 on launch loll supplier kept one aside if I wanted it…. Sigh

    • This 6900XT is the same price. Is it better than the 3080ti?


      • +1

        It looks cooler that's for sure.

      • +2

        Yeah, 6900XT is a bit better on average:


      • You will miss out on DLSS

      • -4

        DLSS is a sham, it's totally worthless. It was literally invented to offset the performance drop due to ray tracing being on. It is also literally just dropping the resolution of the game and pretending to fill in the lost pixels with "guessed" "made up" another way of saying AI shite —— I meddled with ray tracing and dlss a LOT in CP 2077 and other titles when I had a 3060TI at the beginning of the year and just hated the image quality degradation dlss causes. Might as well just drop the screen resolution because that's exactly what it's doing. Nvidia a well known for literally lying and conflating their proprietary tech until it suits them to drop it like Hairworks is missing in games? Where is that in anything other than witcher 3? Dlss is serving a "short term" purpose until cards can brute force ray tracing - mark my words dlss dies come MCM gpus like hopper and radeon 7000. Late 2022. Sooo in a nutshell. Get amd they are more generous with VRAM something that actually matters - they spank nvidia in brute raster at much lower TDP watts - cooler and more energy efficient - also nvidia got cucked by TSMC and AMD and had to go with the seriously inferior Samsung 8nm Fab - so hope you're happy paying nvidia prices for what essentially comes off the mobile phone chip production line -Radeon Navi 7nm still made at a Real GPU fab - u can dabble with ray tracing on a per case basis - u can also get a "good enough" ray traced brute forced method using Marty McFlys RTGI ray tracing shader - I've used that a lot and it really works wonders. Lots of fun seeing global bounce colored lighting etc in GTA and Shadow of the Womb Raider. It can also be implemented on Fs 2020 and look much better than their shite baked lighting .

        • Interesting take, thanks for sharing. Not sure why you got negged. I've got a 3080 and wondering if I should turn DLSS off just to see the difference.

          • @ShinK0: Why the heck would you want to notice the difference? You’ve currently got the best of both worlds. If nothing is jumping out at you, don’t go looking for issues

            • @MaxDong69: You are correct, I do have the best of both worlds and since I own it, I will do with it as I please.

              The reason I am considering it was since I made the jump from a 1060 on a 1080p to a 3080 on a 1440p, Warzone has become blurrier at a certain distance. It's like a constant world blur has been added. I'm not entirely sure why that is yet and after changing different settings, nothing has helped. The only thing I've been resistant to trying was turning off DLSS entirely, going back to native resolution and seeing if that changes things.

              • -1

                @ShinK0: Yeh Dude definitely turn off DLSS always, it's guaranteed to degrade image quality at the least - at most it causes horrible ghosting when looking around. Once you see it you cannot unsee. However, for the sake of equity DLSS 2.0 may be useful in some small cases, as it is known to do a lot better with ghosting - but it hasn't been implemented in all games universally its up to thew game maker to release a patch including it - tho apparently the dlss .dll file can be moved from a dlss 2 game to an older one and u get the benefits. Look I'm a purist and hate the bullshit that dlss created. I'd rather have suffered lower res / 1440p 1080p with ray tracing on than use a crappy technology that is literally a marketing wet dream for nvidia they know it's just a downscaled image with a few pixels guessed to make up the difference - and don't get me started on the ai thing. Ai is not what they make it out to be - all nvidia do is go through a games texture files and create an upsampled version then generate an algorithm that works with the textures "on the fly" in game to spit out a guessed upscaled version of textures. So yep it's just a massive wank and everybody in nvidia camp just lap up that wank like gooey champagne…

        • your tech knowledge is a bigger sham

    • Prob not going to happen due to the lack of 'LHR' on these cards.. 6800 / 6800 XT being one of the best ETH cards now outside of 3090..

    • That's what I'm waiting for :( worried plenty of people worked out ray tracing isn't worth anything to them (me included).

  • +3

    Bargain !

    • +16

      No way. Hold

      • +13

        I am , I was being sarcastic

      • +13

        Nothing says Bargain! better than a 2300$ gpu

  • How can the RRP be $2100 when the RRP of the 3080 is $1200?

    • +13

      Because Nvidia realized people are willing to pay a lot more

      • Yes but RRP is an indicator of what cards should cost without the massive inflation due to temporary demand causing shortages. All the other cards apart from the latest from Nvidia have been that way - for instance Nvidia relatively recently released the 3060 at a decent RRP in this market and let the markup just be markup.

        Are NVIDIA saying that $2100AUD is the new RRP for all XX80ti cards going forwards? If so that's nuts.

        I find the amount of hate my original comment got to be hilarious, like how angry in your own life must you be to downvote a genuine question? I wish those all the best with dealing with that anger, life is better without it :)

        • Like it or not, the manufacturer gets to specify the RRP - not you

          • @Tiigger: Like it or not - I'm allowed to have an opinion about it :)

    • It's a 3080 Ti and also GPU vendors set their own RRP for each product

  • +3

    Googled 3080ti rrp, and it says $1920.

  • Here we go again. (mod: edited) gonna bring up RRP of a founders edition.

    Most of them would not even be willing to pay over $100 more than RRP to secure a SCARCE product let alone pay for a premium card for a premium price of cos. That was what the 3080ti and 3090 was marketed for.

    • +1

      Is PNY a good brand though? You are right, the target audience isnt for something like me, who is looking more in the 3070/ti/3080 range. But if Im paying 2.3 grand for a card, it better be from a reputable brand with good build quality and good service?

      A quick search on google showed that apparently this card have reference PCB and loud fans. I dont think this is a deal even if Im in the target audience, because I will look for better cards? Esp. with the price coming down day after day?

      • +2

        it will be good enough. they do the ones for dell.

        Not as good cooling etc as the big names but a 3080ti is still a 3080ti

      • I booted up my pny 3070ti for the first time yesterday. Solid performance, quiet and cool. No complaints here

      • PNY stands for Paris, New York - it's a company based in the US that simply designs and then outsources manufacturing to somewhere in Chinaland. I'm opposed to their current GAUDY CHEAP designs but otherwise they're not going anywhere in case you're wondering.

    • +9

      I bought an EVGA 3080ti FTW3 Ultra from PLE, wasn't cheap but I don't regret it. Some people aren't interested in waiting months and months from prices to hopefully drop a few hundred dollars. I've been waiting since the 3080 came out last year for prices to drop and just gave up. While people are waiting ages to save a little coin I'll be gaming away that whole time.

      • +3

        Same boat as you, I've given up. Been looking for a card for about a month…now I have a 6600XT and a 3060Ti both ordered rofl…Keeping whichever arrives first. Not worth saving 100-200 and missing out on games for 2+ months

      • Do you have any issues so far with EVGA 3080ti FTW3 Ultra? Especially for League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V?


        • +1

          The card has been rock solid for me so far, I don't play GTA or LoL so I can't comment on those. It has been fine with RDR2, Squad, HLL, Doom Eternal, Pubg. If something does go wrong with it I know EVGA will sort it, they're one of the best in the business when it comes to support.

      • Now only if I could actually buy eVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 ULTRA 12GB GDDR6X that is listed on PLE for $2169, now that's a deal and a card that I actually want. Hopefully, it's buyable before BF2042 drops. Gaming at close to 4K is no no for my ageing 1080 even on lowest settings

      • +1

        Yeah I bought a 3080ti early last month from skycomp which was mid 2.5k for the master aorus. Good enough price for me to bite the bullet. Went with the AW3821DW I bought a couple weeks prior haha

        • +1

          lol same boat as me, I jumped on the AW3821DW sale that was posted here around the same time.

          • +1

            @greencomet: I’m absolutely loving the monitor. Everything just looks so good and I already loved wide FOV

      • Yep got a Powercolor 6800 for $1600. Thought prices had peaked but the damn thing costs even more now. I can afford it even though it stings of course, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot.

    • +43

      I don't see much point buying the rtx 4070, in 2 to 2.5 years the rtx 5060 will be close performance to this at half the price

      • -10

        That's true. I guess it all comes down on how long are you willing to hold on and wait.

        • +12

          which is why holding and waiting is pointless.

          • +1

            @pharkurnell: Which is why you never buy the highest tier GPU, its literally burning money.

            Buy one or two tiers down and upgrade more often

            • +8

              @Pacify: 1080Ti owners say hi.

              • +4

                @crfnx: Haha, yep. 3.5 yrs later and still rocking my 1080ti. Beast of a card.

                • @cooleagles: And im still rocking my 1060 (not like i have a choice though hüüüü)

            • @Pacify: 1080ti owner gonna slap your theory in the face.,

            • +2

              @Pacify: Incorrect use of “literally”, my friend

      • I don't see much point buying the rtx 5060, in 2 to 2.5 years the rtx 6050 will be close performance to this at half the price

      • +2

        Already have penciled in my wishlist for RTX 6666 with 66GB VRAM for $66 in 2026. Everything else is not a bargain

        • what about the RTX 6666 Ti ?

        • +1

          How can it be a bargain when you jack D price?

  • +2

    3080's are still higher than $2.5k, so if we keep waiting surely tthe 4080's will be out by the time we can afford these?

  • +6

    Man am I regretting not getting a 2080ti when they were going out the door for half the price when the 3080s got announced. By the time the 3080s are easily available and at an acceptable price point the things will be obsolete and the same shit will be happening with the 4080s. Might be time to give up on PC gaming and just stick with my PS5.

    • I don't think it will happen with next gen ie 4080s. But yes, 3080 will be last gen before price is accessible

    • I regret it too but the 2080ti only fell to around $1200 unless you were super lucky

      3060ti's can be had for $1000 and 3070's can be had for $1200 and they offer similar performance to a 2080ti especially if the 3070 is overclocked

      The 3080 is a better card but it's also faster than a 2080ti so you can't expect it to be the same price given the current situation

      Expecting to pay mid range prices for enthusiast performance is unrealistic

      • +2

        2080 ti were going for less than $800 for lower end model, $850-$900 for HOF and strix when the new gpus were announced

        • That was run out not mainstream prices eg. sold out within the day

          You should compare that to run out 3060ti / 3070 prices which were even less

          • +1

            @s3n: not really, talking about the used market, was like that for weeks

            and 3060ti might have sold out quickly, but 3070 barely moved, they were under $1k for months directly from retailers

            • -1

              @ln28909: Right so my point is there's no point complaining about the 2080ti's run out price if 3070 is a viable alternative

              And 3080 is a different topic no point to whinge about 2080ti and 3080 in the same sentence

  • +1

    ouch 2299 standard pricing for a graphics card? rather put that towards a deposit on a house…

    • Don't worry it's a deposit towards some coinz :)

      • +2

        I rather rare earth dirt than rare digital coinz hahah

        • +2

          Or how about both?

          • +1

            @JMxoxo: Very true, a healthy portfolio should include not only both but multiple strategies. i mean, i've made just as much in the stock market in recent years some with up to 10x returns as i have done in the digital coinz market. likewise in property etc. depending on the individual's goals and strategy they should adjust the percentage of each

            • +2

              @Doomedgrind: Amen and same mate. I’m spread across multiple assets snd made solid returns between them the past few years. Especially some of the BNPL runs and lithium and some rare earth stuff of late. It’s all great.