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PS5 Console Disc $20.83/M, Digital $16.67/M on 36 Month Contract (Eligible Internet & Mobile Plan Customers Only) @ Vodafone


Call 1300 728 637 or in-store (Covid-19 government restrictions permitting).

Vodafone customers can order the brand new PlayStation 5 console, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and PlayStation 5 accessories from Vodafone. You can get the cost added to your monthly Vodafone bill - so you can pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 months. T&C apply.

Disc Console Total Cost $749.88
Digital Console Total Cost $600.12

Available to approved new and existing Vodafone consumer postpaid customers with either 1 Vodafone nbn™ plan, or 1 Vodafone Home Wireless plan, and 1 or more eligible Vodafone Postpaid Voice plans who purchase a Sony PlayStation®5 on an Accessories Payment Plan (APP) over 12, 24 or 36 months (Period) from 12 November 2020 while stocks last. Price varies by console. Max 1 console per customer. Eligible Vodafone Postpaid Voice Plans are: All voice plans of $30 and above released on or after July 25 2018 (excluding Assured Plans);

Credit to @AustraliaPS5

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    I have a feeling that call centre won't be ready for the amount of calls they'll get.

    • +24

      12 Year old Jack- So can I buy this under my daddies name?

      Vodafone rep: oh ffs, for the 125th time today, YES.

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      Good on voda for compensating their customers with ps5s

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    This has been around for a long time, but the issue is Vodafone stock levels. I signed up first week of may and was told I would receive it in a week.

    Fast forward 3 months and the order hadn't been fulfilled and I'd spent around 5 hours on the phone trying to cancel the order. They also charged me for it from day 1 that I ordered.

    They work on a first come first served basis, so if there is 1000 orders ahead of you, you'll never get it.

    I got my PS5 through other channels before the end of May, so if you really want one, probably don't go through this method.

    • Did it get cancelled or have you paying for something you havn't received since May?

      Helluva deal Vodaphone..

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        It was finally cancelled and was refunded, but only after they issued me a final bill of $750 for cancelling the ps5 service. Really enjoyed getting that bill in my inbox.

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          Ahhh yes. You got the true Vodafone experience. Remember what you learned here.

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      You should probably neg I reckon

    • -1

      Wow, add a neg after you had 20+ votes

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        Wow, add a neg after you had 20+ votes

        I don't quite understand what your issue is? If anything, your amount of votes benefits from having no negs, as no one goes searching the comments to find the neg. So a late neg is to your benefit.

        The amount of votes on my comment more than doubled since adding the neg, so are you disappointed for me that I didn't neg earlier and get more votes? I couldn't care less about votes, it doesn't change my experience. I didn't add a neg originally and I didn't really think it was that big of a deal, but after Teacherer's comment I re-considered it, and I added it.

        In my opinion, its not a deal, so I negged. In fact its probably closer to an unobtainable deal. Vodafone has offered this since at least the start of the year, and it has been posted multiple times on this site too. Since they come on a first come first served basis, anyone who signs up through your post will be waiting for years. And if they want to cancel at some point, chances are they'll go through the same process I did.

        You don't have to agree with my neg, I don't really care. But damn, that comment makes you look like such a child.

  • Trying to compete against Telstra, eh?

    • Telstra sells xbox's only

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    I would say its harder for people to get this over getting it outright.

    I am just lucky enough to have a PS5 Disc edition from big w :D

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    Game Console as a service. Now THAT is a good business idea

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    "Play Has No Limits" my ass, I can't even buy the darn thing!

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      thats because your not quick enough. took me 6 months to get mine I just stuck with the same store Big W adding to cart waiting every day till it appeared and boom got it before anyone was notified.

      If you really want it you need to be more dedicated.

      • How did you add to cart when there is no add to cart button on the Big W site? It just says coming soon.

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          every time it goes live on big w you try, and if you managed to add to cart like I did but missed out on checking out because stock was all gone then it remains in your cart and never leaves. So when it goes live next time you just hit check out.

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            @kungfuman: Yeah I've been constantly checking. I even signed up to Amazon alerts and a Harvery Norman "waiting list" 8 months ago. I'm yet to recieve any sort of alert from either retailer.

            I know Amazon has had them come in stock a few times, but I never got the alert and by the time they go on sale they sell it within minutes.

            • @viospeed: I will tell you this once the alerts on those sites are useless you want to have half a chance you need to follow the PS5 stock twitter accounts, the second you see the tweet get online and try. Don't wait even for a few seconds. because even the tweet alert is usually 1 to 2 min late when they post it. The longer you wait now with the PS5 stock the harder it gets to have one after each stock refill its gone from 30 min till all gone to just a minute till all gone.

            • @viospeed: Is there a reason you didnt put yourself on the wait list for EB Games? They have had multiple waitlists, they had one last week for the disk version. If I were you I would be contacting them every so often to see if their waitlist has been opened again. Can always go on it pay the deposit and if you get one before cancel it and get your deposit. Also, if you're with Suncorp rewards or other rewards programs you can get 6% off EB gift cards to make it cheaper.

      • I got mine when I went to OzBargain and saw a BigW deal that was only 30 seconds old. No one else I know has even come close to getting one.

        • yep and its going to get worse.

          it will get to the point where its just the luck of the draw. I was lucky to get mine I know that.

          • +3

            @kungfuman: Sony should have sold them all direct. They could have limited sales to people who have had a PSN account since before a certain date and then have the console locked to that account for 12 months so it can't be resold.

            • @jonathonsunshine: they should have done just all preorders continuous then when you stock comes in they just allocated it to the preorders. Then there is no mad rushes, which also means its regulated you can check who the people are before you allocate the stock fine out if they are Scalpers or people hired to buy for the Scalpers .

            • +1

              @jonathonsunshine: That would imply Sony cares about scalping, Sony cares about sales like every other business. Until click and collect/instore is the only option there is always going to be an issue with scalpers but scalpers can only make something while there is supply issues. Sony could stop selling for a couple months to build stock then drip feed retailers weekly orders so there is a constant supply would probably work too but sales is their priority.

              • @Damannation: I agree.
                Which is why Valve did the best thing. The SteamDeck came out of nowhere, and it's pricing is super awesome. Yet, it's scalper resistant. To buy one, you needed to have an active Steam Account by a certain date.

                This locks out most scalpers, but not all of them. And they implemented one console per person policy. So it makes it hard for them. And lastly, it is all direct-sales, so they have full control.

                When things get (much) better, they will slowly open up their conditions. And when it's back to normal, you would find it from other sales channels. Overall, I'm happy with their choices with the hardware, software, and launch…. it's well thought out!

  • I have had enough waiting trying to get one of these consoles
    No I will not pay more to a scalper
    Each time they went out for sale they were exhausted of stock in no time
    Everytime I seen a sale here I was too late
    They were already all gone
    Scalpers makes me disgust
    How low can they get
    Sick of it and I give up
    I wanted to try playstation again after I had ps2 years ago but what a mess it has been
    It's been more then a year
    I know covid hasn't helped but Sony you have really messed this up bad
    I have much more luck getting a Xbox One X which I am happy to get over the S
    I'm done!

    • +10

      Just get a PS4 Pro, that's what I did. It's great

      • I sold mine last week when my PS5 arrived peopel are still paying decent prices for PS4 Pros for some reason.

        • +1

          Maybe it has to do with the fact you can’t get a ps5 🤔

    • +24

      Morpheus, you need to forget about the red pills and the blue pills and instead take a chill pill.

      • Cool man which one is better
        Blue or red?
        How about if I take both 🤣

    • Thank you for letting us know.

    • +1


    • +3

      I get your frustration but am unsure why Sony took the beating as well. Scalpers are the ones that should be targetted solely here. I think if anyone needs to do the grunt work here is retailers to ensure that customers who have previously bought from them don't buy again. They can easily register this to a mobile or address or credit card.

    • +2

      Beautiful poem!

    • I'm wondering if this is symptomatic of how behind ecommerce is in dealing with bot activity. Some of the scalpers would be manually sitting and refreshing on webpages, but some scalping is clearly done by bots.

      Console manufacturers should be motivated to force retailers to take the lead on this, as for them, it leads to disgruntled customers (like yourself) and the scalpers themselves aren't using the product, which would make far more for the manufacturer than the hardware.

      • The entire supply chain is motivated to do nothing about scalpers as they help by increasing demand. It's a broken system with 2 players that both win, while we lose.
        MS, but mostly Sony - no launch titles except Returnal, which is a 3 hour long game they added perma-death to, to fluff it out & take it from a $30 Indy to AAA $99. Still very few PS5 only titles, months later, if any. PS4 still selling new at retailers. PS5 plays like a PS4 Pro 2.0 with a fast load SSD, released to combat the equally prematurely released Series X.
        If everyone who wanted one got one, then everyone would be royally pissed.
        So Sony limits supply & re-invents "scalping" into a marketing term designed successfully to misdirect blame for thier inadequacy as supplier, onto our fellow consumers.

        • yeah there isn't very many PS5 games I recomend if you still have a PS4 Pro stick with it till next year till PS5 titles come out. But yeah even most of the games I play is pretty much all PS4 games.

    • Put yourself on the EB waiting list next it comes up. They seem to have the orders fulfilled within 2 months usually it seems.

      • Agreed. They move pretty quick. A few people I know have even got a call the day after ordering from EB, saying there's one out the back.

  • +5

    Say NO to scalpers. There's so many scalpers selling heaps of PS5's on eBay at twice the price that it is disgusting.

    • if people want to pay massive prices for something there is nothing stoping them from doing that. if they have the money and they don't care they will buy it. You can never stop that.

      • +3

        Hello Ozbozo. It's that these people are holding 5 or more PS5's or some other product. If a customer is only allowed to buy one yet some scalper gets 10 PS5's or something else then it's not fair.

        Anyone who works 9 to 5 or is able to get government payments from covid could easily afford it even jacked up. The point is that people(probably from ozbargain) are buying heaps and reselling it to make a profit defeating the purpose of 1 product per customer.

        • they hire people or get a bunch or people to buy the stock mate, so the one per person rule isn't broken, the Scalpers will fine ways round everything.

      • -2

        Correct - supply and demand!

    • Good luck selling a PS5 on eBay…………………someone do a reverse charge and its money lost for the seller.

      • you need to wait till the money comes through and its processed by ebay before you send the item when money is in your account they can't take it, buy pays ebay, then its transfered to you account by ebay the following day.

        • You don't understand. He is referring to charge back (so buyer did send the money initially and once the item is received, the buyer initiated a chargeback).

          You might think that doesn't happen a lot. However, when it comes to gaming related items, the chance of that happening increases by a large margin. When PayPal and/or feeBay received a charge back request from a bank or credit card issuer, they are not going to protect the seller. eBay/PayPal will request the seller to cough up the money.

          A dodgy buyer did this to me (for a game). He ceased all communication (he basically changed his mind), did not raise a case on eBay nor PayPal, just went to his bank and initiated a charge back. It left me with a case which is essentially me (seller) vs PayPal. And, PayPal being the judge on the case so you can guess what happened. PayPal did not even give a damn that the buyer had to return the item back to me (I have no issue providing a full refund, but return the item to me. Don't keep the item and initiate a chargeback and completely ignore all my messages - I just wanted the item back).

          • @netsurfer: Yes totally. I guess he missed the post i did not long ago……………….https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/634357

          • @netsurfer: well the new seller options don't use paypal at all now its just processed by ebay directly no matter how the buyer pays.

            • @kungfuman: Doesn't matter, I cannot remember whether as part of that setup, you authorised eBay direct debit on your bank account. Item not received or not as described, even if you transferred the money elsewhere, eBay can still ask you for the money back.

              Just because PayPal is out of the picture, it doesn't mean eBay sellers can just collect the money, transfer to a different account and run away with the money.

              If you have real, proper, first hand experience AND you managed to achieve an outcome where the dodgy buyer was held responsible, then I certainly would like to know the details. If you don't have the experience, then it is best not to assume that charge back will never happen.

              • @netsurfer: turn this off in the payment options
                Preferred for selling costs
                We'll charge this account first for any outstanding costs before trying other payment methods on file.

                they will not direct debit you. They will just invoice you to pay.

                • @kungfuman: Mate, in my case, I got the money initially, I "could" transfer it to another account. However, when the charge back hits, eBay will attempt to get the money back. Even if they invoice you to pay back, are you simply going to ignore and not pay? Running away after a sale where a buyer scammed you is not a feasible solution.

                  This is about charge back. Doesn't matter how the buyer does it, the seller is expected to pay back the money. Stop being fixated about seller did receive the money initially. If it is the money you are not able to keep long term, it means you end up not getting that money.

                  • -1

                    @netsurfer: I have a charge account just for ebay so when money is there is moved to another account. and the account is setup with my bank to never go into the negative so it will reject attempts from places like ebay from taking money.

                    When item is returned then user will get refund I have full control of the situation.

                    the other thing is I dont' accept buyers that have 100% feedback and don't have 10 feedback or less.

                    most scammers are 0 feedback or less than 10 feedback.

                    • @kungfuman: You keep thinking about best case scenario. If you don't pay back, it goes to your credit report. The main point is that eBay is generally powerless when it comes to charge back. When the charge back was performed and eBay had to return the money, you really think eBay will let you off the hook?

                      You don't have any experience when a buyer did a charge back directly so it is best you don't assume things.

                      • @netsurfer: you can also contest it, with the ACCC I have done this all before if ebay are in the wrong they ACCC will make them pay for damages.
                        the simple rules are if item is not received by seller then you don't refund that across all retail and onilne stores. refunds are only issued when item is returned.

                        • @kungfuman:

                          most scammers are 0 feedback or less than 10 feedback.

                          Incorrect. The buyer who did this to me had 100+ (and 0 negative). He clearly had a change of mind AND went the simplest route (or he really knows the nastiest method).

                          As for go to ACCC, please provide details. It is not as simple as you think. You don't go straight to ACCC. You are suppose to try to resolve the issue first. Stop keep on thinking it in a simple sense. Buyers completely ignored my messages.

                          Provide more details and/or show you have proper experience with charge back. With gaming items, there is definitely a higher risk for sellers. Go through some OZB forum posts, you can find quite a number of bad selling experience stories on eBay from OZBers, and quite often they involved an item that's related to gaming.

                          There are some gaming related items I simply don't dare to sell on feeBay because I know they will attract buyers who will simply buy them and then do the charge back to scam me, how about you sell them for me? I will sell them to you at a discount price. Are you willing to do that? As I mentioned, these items, while attractive, do attract a lot of scammers.

                          I really dislike selling games on eBay. The risk of being scammed (and the time wasted when that happens) just isn't worth it. This thinking of feeBay sellers have all the powers is simply not true.

                        • @kungfuman:

                          the simple rules are if item is not received by seller then you don't refund that across all retail and onilne stores. refunds are only issued when item is returned.

                          The buyer can just send you a brick instead of what you sent them to get their refund.

                          • @cute as ducks: then I wouldn't refund them if I received a brick.

                            • @kungfuman: But eBay would. In fact eBay would refund even before the item is received by the seller by calling them up after uploading the tracking number.

                              There are plenty of similar threads on OzBargain where this has occurred. In fact one the other day for someone with a buyer from Russia who was sent wooden blocks in place of a graphics card to mimic the weight and his appeals were refused.

                              Sure you can decide to transfer money out so eBay can't get the money, which will result in your eBay account being restricted/closed. The main issue is that debt being sold off to a debt collection agency and it appearing on your credit report for the next 5 years.

                              By the way, there is no way to block 0 feedback buyers, with exception to those that have not done phone verification.

              • @netsurfer: I had a dodgy buyer do a chargeback, PayPal held the funds and emailed with the details of their claims.

                I sent a photo of the package with buyer name and address on it, screenshot of Australia Post evidence of delivery.

                They immediately closed the case in my favour.

                • @cook99: yep I take photos of all my packages before they leave and send it to the buyers clearly showing the condition of the item before it ships. And all packages are insured. in case there is damage during transit.

                  • @kungfuman: Yup, when you have a phone with camera in your pocket no reason not to take a quick photo. Also sending them to the buyer can be a good preemption on them trying to be dodgy, as well as good communication/ peace of mind for them.

  • They will do a credit check and if you aren’t covered for the full amount of the PS5 you’ll need to pay the difference or cancel. Vodafone probably won’t tell you this when sign up though. So you may end up stuck with a phone and/or nbn service for a month until you can port out.

    • +2

      And don’t believe them when you call up before signing up to check stock levels. They will say yes in stock but after you sign the contract they will say oh it’s out of stock and will take a week. They are absolute snakes.

    • And I ended up getting an Xbox X through Telstra. Received it next day. Easy done.

  • +1

    I would also stay away, my brother did also ordered one 1 month ago and didnt even get the shipping notice.

  • +1

    As someone with a ps5 since launch I only played demon souls the games too expensive right now. I say by the time most people received their ps5 most of the games would drop in price.

    • Sounds like you're not really enjoying it. You should sell it at scalper prices and just buy it again when the dust settles. Probably get a game or two free from the sale

    • Sony need to make their money back on hardware somewhere (especially as a % is scalped and sitting idle)

    • Surely you played AstroBot, can’t complain about that price.

    • This is why I can’t go past the Xbox series X and games pass. With a couple of young kids it’s great value. I hardly ever buy games anymore. Each time I was leaning towards a PS5, games pass would say oi what you thinking man! :)

  • Whoa a literal deal with the devil

  • They just hope people will move to Telstra, and sadly some will do that.

  • I saw this the other day in GC shopping centre - I asked about the stock levels. The first guy said that they have no way of knowing, but it "should be a week, maybe a bit more" - the second guy I ask about it said that it's not a good idea if i'm only doing it for the ps5 as he had been there 3 months and no one had received one that ordered at the store, and it was really shit having to deal with the, rightfully, annoyed customers they had signed up.

    Seems like sales have no idea if there is stock or not and just sell sell sell as they are told to. They probably have someone, somewhere, sitting on OZB waiting for stock to drop so they can buy some and ship to their customers.

  • I shall not pull the trigger

  • +2

    Honestly, but this is obscene. Telcos scalping consoles to lock customers into expensive plans.

    Console availability will eventually improve. I’d rather wait than to buy any such bundled plan.

  • Tried to figure out if it was worth buying a cheap mobile & internet plan just to get access to this deal.

    Cheapest I could find was $40 for mobile (cancel after 1 month), and $50 for 4g wireless modem (also cancel after 1 month, but you end up needing to pay off the $180 cost of the modem it comes with).

    So in total, if you're not a Vodafone customer, you can access this deal if you're willing to fork out an extra $270 on top of the ps5 price - definitely not worth it unless you're thinking of fully switching.

  • +1

    I got this ages ago lol, ordered in april and got mine 3 days later I've been telling people about this for ages

  • Does anyone know how B2B transactions work? Specifically, how Voda can secure a bulk order of PS5's, when there's a waiting list of deposits as long as my arm?
    Does this indicate there is actually no scarcity, just clever under-supply to artificially inflate demand? Or are Sony just queue jumping those who laid down a retail deposit?

    • Well, BigW and Target have been dropping their stock and it sells straight away to bots. Vodafone has stock but they sell to their customers.

    • Read the terms and conditions… it mentions while stocks last. So, it doesn't mean Voda has load of these.

    • Based on the comments above - it seems the real issue is Vodafone dont have a secret supply of PS5's.

      I suspect Sony will let any man, business or seller order as many PS5's as they want - presuming they're happy to actually take delivery on them at an undisclosed later date. After all they have no incentive not to lock in that order now.

      • Sounds correct, however one reply mentioned reciept of PS5 from Voda, within 3 days, at the beginning of this offer. I understand that Voda could have just purchased a handful of units, the rest being on backorder…but where did they even get the initial handful from?

        • for what it's worth, he said this occurred in april. when I spoke to some sales boys in grand central shopping centre, from the sounds of it, there hadn't been any delivered since may/june. this would I guess check out with them potentially running out in/around april-may.