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Bose NC700 $337.45, Sony WH-1000XM4B $335.75, Bose QuietComfort 35 II $242.25 (Sold Out) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Coupon appears to work for these headphones too, not bad price!

QC35 Silver

Bose 700 $337.45 Silver and black

And Sony whx1000xm4b $335.75 Silver and Black

mods - please note these headphones are very different to the wf1000xm4b which are ear buds!

The best from Bose.
Now optimized for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.
QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II are engineered with world-class noise cancellation. And now they’re even better with direct access to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for simple voice control on the go. Your music. Your voice. You’re in control.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +1

    Outstanding piece of kit and price.

  • Still my go-to wireless, although not been used since we been locked in

  • Does it have Bluetooth 4.1 and a micro USB cable for charging?

    • +2

      Type: Noise Cancelling
      Family: QuietComfort 35
      Built-In Microphone: Yes
      Controls: Button controls
      Wireless: Yes
      Wireless Range: Up to 9 metres
      Bluetooth: Bluetooth Version 4.1
      Voice Assistant: Integrated
      Voice Assistant Type: Google assistant & Alexa built-in
      Battery Life: Up to 20 Hours per Charge
      Water Resistant: No
      Colour: Black
      Weight (g): 240
      Additional Features: Active Noise Cancelling, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Plastic Earbuds, Silicone Eartips, Aluminium Case
      What's In The Box: QC35 Wireless Headphones II, USB Charging Cable, 2.5-mm to 3.5-mm Audio Cable, Carrying Case
      Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year

  • Anyone use these for Teams calls? Any good?

    • +3

      Can confirm I use these with my work laptop and they're quite good, connects super quick to my work pc and battery life is awesome! Bought mine in 2014 and they're still going strong now. I've only had to replace the earpads once due to them wearing out, but its easy to order them from Bose direct and super simple to replace them yourself.

      • Thanks Mikay89

  • +4

    FYI Bose QC45 are rumoured to be announced and/or released soon.

    • +1

      Though it'll probably be at least $500, maybe $600 or higher.

      • Pricing for QC35 was US$300 at launch, these are supposed to be US$330 at launch.

    • Not sure about soon but sometime before Christmas. Doesn't look like much change besides BT 5.1

      • +8

        And USB-C surely.

        • Likely, to be competitive but I've seen many odd micro USB choices even in 2021

      • +3

        Smaller battery, but 4 hours longer battery life, as well as improved ANC.

    • Yup, the 700 line will be here to stay tho as the top of the line noise cancelling range.

      • I thought 700was better for calls but not necessarily ANC?

      • +1

        Absolutely not. The QC35II is generally agreed to be superior to the 700 series in nearly every regard, except arguably ANC tech. But frankly, if you're desperate for ANC, probably just go the Sonys.

        The 700s are less comfortable, heavier, more delicate, less battery, worse drivers, more expensive, etc, etc. They're fashion cans.

        • +1 to this, my QC35's broke and I had them replaced under JB warranty with NC700's and regret the decision every day, the QC35's feel like a cloud of silence hugging your head, the NC700s are just too tight

    • A new updated version doesn’t necessarily make older versions obsolete or worse off unless there are major infrastructure upgrades (eg a technology more advanced than Bluetooth).

  • Thank you OP - picked up a set. Been eyeing these off for years and with the money I've saved on no overseas trips could finally justify buying a set. Very few stores in South-East Qld with stock however.

    • +3

      You'll enjoy them, great pair of headphones with really good ANC. Ultra comfortable and sound awesome too.

  • Bose 700 or Sony wh1000xm4?

    • +3

      Sony: Better sound (subjective), better battery, better ANC

      • Added the Sony's in too

      • Thanks
        Im just a bit concerned that the Sony apparently doesn't work well with Samsung TVs

      • Very subjective.
        I'd say Sony for more emphasised bass, Bose for more DSP neutral.
        Personally I hate over emphasised anything.

    • Portability too

    • +4

      I tried both in store (JB Hifi) and I find the bose offers better comfort (which is more important for me as I used mine at work for extended period).

      really depends on what you're after. I'm also not listening to lossless stuff these days so whatever SQ advantages of 1 over the other wouldn't matter much I think. (I have a Denon D7000 + tube amp I built if I wanna go that path)

      • Thanks 👍

    • +2

      Bose for comfort and mic, sound wise they are close but sony is a bit better.

      I had the Sony and had to return them

      • thanks. what was the reason for returning?
        I read they do not agree very well with Samsung TV

        • Comfort and terrible mic for wfh. Not sure about the TV sorry

          • @dresh: Thanks. My purpose was WFH damn it. Anyway I think I'll get a cheaper model

    • +1

      I bought the QC 35ii and immediately returned them and bought the xm4's. Miles better in almost every category. I was very disappointed with the QC 35ii's to be honest.

      • Thanks! did you try them with a Samsung TV by any chances?

        • +1

          I'm using QC 35ii and had no issues connecting to Samsung tv

  • Are these still comfy for those with glasses?

    • +2

      I wear glasses and have no issues wearing the QC35II all day.

  • Good sound, but keep in mind that the pad cushions wear out quite easily. I’ve barely used them and the glue just gave up and now they are not usable. Replacement pads are $35 from bose.
    Check reviews on bose website. Everyone complaining about them. But otherwise very good headset

    • +1

      Get replacement generic pads from ebay for $10-15. I have changed mine once and I feel no difference from the original ones.

      • I will, cheers

    • My current pair are going on 3 years, pads still look like new. I am meticulous though.

      • So am I mate, always clean them.

    • +1

      If you're getting replacement pads from bose then that's on you. YOu can get them for $12 on Ebay or Amazon and they're fine.

      TBH it took several years, like 5, for the pads to wear out on mine so I think you just got a bad batch

      • That sucks. Might be also due to humidity. Mine are always stored in their box, last time I've used them they were just started to opening on the inside, then 2 weeks ago I pulled them out of their storage box and they were like all out. I'm on Sunshine Coast. But otherwise I'm very careful with them. I will try those from Amazon, but by reading comments they are not sealing the same way the originals do ? I haven't tried the Bose replacement yet nor I have tried Amazon either. They are just unused in their box.

  • Can any confirm that these can be delivered. For some reason it says its only available for pick up only.

  • Can't be delivered to my area :(

  • The update of Bose QuietComfort 35 II release soon


  • +1

    True they do, but ten buck non-genuine replacements dont seem much different to OEM

  • How do u get used to anc

    • +2

      Use it more and more

  • So many people said this one good and comfort, really want to try but I tried a few overhead earphone couldn't stand for it.

  • +1

    Were my go to before Airpods Pro, Airpods pro are heaps better in my experience with better NC + transparency mode + as usual great user experience in apple ecosystem and great form factor

    I bet something similar to transparency mode with improved NC is coming with QC 45

    • +1

      AirPods are way more portable and easier to use for me. Sound is also pretty good, but I still use QC’s in some situations. Both are good.

  • QC700, awesome price

  • i know tis is out of topic but can you return an item at TGG if the reason is it's now on sale after 2 days of purchasing 😒

  • -1

    So, the Bose 700 or the Sony WH-1000XM4B?

    Just found a few reviews and the Sonys won every time.

  • In Canberra, delivery is 'not available to your area' and the nearest local store is 300km away because all the Canberra stores are closed. So annoying, I've been waiting to buy this for ages and now I'm not able to!

  • Had the qc35ii for a few years, the headband is fraying a bit (just the coating). I have seen tonnes of zipper OTT tyre replacements though think it will change the fit type

    Anyone replaced theirs or have recommendations?

    BTW - replaced the pads a year ago no problems


  • Can we price match this in JB?

    • Just called JB, they can't do with PROMO code.

  • Good price, would have bought these if I am still not using a pair of $80 TaoTronics TT-BH046.

  • Delivery not available in my area. Sydney Metro I have tried multiple address and suburbs. No store within 500kms for click and collect. Anyone else having this issue? Why isn't delivery available.

    • I'm mid north coast, and no delivery or collect available :(. Hoping Amazon or officeworks will match price

  • Can you use these for gaming, movies and other low latency applications ?

    • of course

  • pretty annoying to have to go into store for pickup when everyone is locked down!!!!

  • sorry, noob question but does the B at the end just stand for the colour and there's no actual difference?

    • That appears so, I hasn't noticed that difference.

      • -2

        ok thanks!
        bought one and got it down to 318.96!
        pretty good price then


  • noob question - is there a difference btw WH1000XM4 vs WH1000XM4b?

  • Sounds like the QC45 will be coming out soon? Will this bring down the price of the QC35ii all that much?

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