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[Afterpay] Dell S2721DGF $399, S2722DGM $329, Laptops - XPS 13 9310 11th Gen i7 $1999, G15 5515 Gaming Ryzen 5 $1029 @ Dell eBay


Stock will drop at 12pm AEST! These deals are not out of stock.

After days of negotating, I am able to bring you the first batch of deals that were set up exclusively for the Afterpay promo. It's unlikely that these prices will remain the same in the next Dell ebay sale.

Stock is limited so best to get in quick!

Original Coupon Deal

As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • +38

    Just to write a positive on the s2721DGF.

    Currently my main display for WFH (Sydney Lockdown) and it is absolutely exceptional value for $399.

    Delivery took longer than estimated last Black Friday (by about a week) and knowing where or when I was getting it was a mystery.


    2 months ago I noticed a stuck green pixel on the display, tried to troubleshoot using guides online to no fix. Rang Dell and told them honestly it was only noticeable on some use-cases but it is definitely there. No questions asked they sent me a replacement before I sent the one I had back (so I could still work) and the whole process was very smooth (courier dropped off replacement, picked up the faulty panel).

    There are plenty of 144hz+ 1440p monitors in this price range since I bought, but I can see why this monitor is Ozbargains favourite.

    • +1

      On that note, does anybody who is monitor-savvy know much about calibrating it? Stock I absolutely love it but wonder if I can get more out of it from tweaking settings.

      • Picture Mode
        Custom Color
        101 cd/m²
        Luminance Settings
        Contrast Setting
        RGB Controls
        Gamma Setting
        No Gamma Setting
        Color Temperature
        6,510 K
        White Balance dE
        Color dE


        • +4

          RGB would slightly differ for each panel. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639236

        • +1

          You can download our ICC profile calibration here. This is provided for reference only and shouldn't be used, as the calibration values vary per individual unit even for the same model due to manufacturing tolerances.

          Definitely do not use someone else's calibration settings. Only way to do it is with a calibration tool on your specific monitor.

          Now onto why I like this monitor -
          QHD 1440p resolution - fair for this size, just not as sharp as 4K but won't suffer from 4K scaling issues in Windows
          400 nits is one of the brightest monitors around under $800
          98% DCI-P3 colour accuracy so should look pretty vibrant
          144hz doesn't make a difference to me but great for gamers

        • +1

          29 brightness is way too low unless you’re in complete darkness

      • +2

        It’s not really necessary to calibrate it. The colours are pretty good out of the box and you’d need your own calibrator (Id recommend the spyderx pro on amazon) since not all panels are made the same. Using someone else’s colour profiles will only mess up your monitor’s colours (unless your panel is exactly the same compared to another based on manufacturing tolerances)

    • +1

      I can vouch for Dell and the DGF monitors aswell. I had similar experience to you. Submitted an RA and Dell sent me a replacement within days.

    • I managed to get a refurb one of these from Dell Outlet for $399 delivered when they were about $700 brand new a few months ago. Great monitor! Refurb was basically brand new, no issues so far

    • +1

      You realise you got a refurb right? Had my first display run into issues at 62 days of use which meant Dell will not replace with new because it is outside of 60 days. Took a lot of negotiating for them to agree to refund and then more weeks before panel was even picked up. Let's say my experience is not the same as others here.

      • Yes they made it very clear it was a refurb. No issues if it works as intended.

  • +2

    does the G15 have space for additional ram stick and second HDD?

    • Keen to know this myself.

      • +1

        after more research it looks like it has two slots for ram, currently populated with 2x4gb, so both slots need to be swapped over if you want 16gb

        and it looks like it has extra spot for up to a 2gb nvme drive,

        • My G15 5155 came with 1x 8gb ram. Some of the Dell models specify 8gb (2x 4gb), and some just say 8gb. My G15 5155 was the latter.

    • +2
      • Can I check I'm reading correctly, there's two ram slots and a spare full sized M2 slot?

        • +1

          Note sure about the ram, or even it its 2x4 or 1 x 8:

          Page 25:
          1. Align the notch on the memory module with the tab on the memory-module slot.
          2. Slide the memory module firmly into the slot at an angle.
          3. Press the memory module down until it clicks into place.
          NOTE: If you do not hear the click, remove the memory module and reinstall it.
          NOTE: Repeat step 1 to step 3 to install the other memory module, *if available on your computer

          Looks as if its definitive for the 2 drive slots though:

          Page 15:
          Your computer has two solid-state drive slots. The solid-state drive 1 slot is located at the bottom left corner of the
          system board and the solid-state drive 2 slot is located at the bottom right corner of the system board. Both slots support
          M.2 2230 and M.2 2280 SSDs

    • 45% NTSC panel, meaning around 68% sRGB. Response time is also in the toilet. Avoid.

  • +1

    Any deals on the S2721D @dealbot?

    • +8

      Negative on the D and DS.

      Larger monitors will be posted later today. Trying to get more stock from Dell for the deal.

      • +1

        looking forward on the deal, cheers

      • Hi dealbot, any chance AW3821DW will have a deal later today?

        • +5


      • Do you know if S3422DWG will be one of those monitors?

        • +1


          • @dealbot: any upcoming deals available on the U line monitors

            • @Bujji11: No. These monitors won't be available through ebay.

          • +1

            @dealbot: I actually thought you were a bot when I first noticed the name. Now your like a VIP/ demigod.

            If we build a shrine any preferences? Otherwise it'll just be the shrine of wally but with wally crossed out and dealbot there ;).

      • Can someone please give some feedback about the S3222DGM

        @dealbot does the S3220DFG still exist ?? I can’t find it on their website

      • Will be waiting patiently for a deal on the D and DS then

  • Dell XPS 13 9310, is it $1199 or $1999? Says $1199 in title but description is $1999.

    • It is already OOS

      • 'Stock will drop at 12pm! These deals are not out of stock.'

        • Yep,sorry my bad, early morning :(

    • I would highly doubt its $1199, if it is, that's a steal.

  • +1

    Would the G5 be able to be charged with the USB-C port?

    • We have 3 dell XPS machines at home (wife, daughter, me) - quality is very good, however 1 machine had a burst battery (it was out of warranty by 1 year) which I had to replace. This caused some issues on one of the keys on laptop keyboard as it expanded.

      • +1

        You literally didn't answer his question.

        • +19

          On second thought, it's probably your attitude.

        • +2

          Maybe brush up on your neg vote rules, as said above you were downvotes for an incorrect neg. Why so sour?

        • +1

          While I did laugh at your comments, I'll have to drop a spicy down vote for your attitude. Soz champ 👎

  • +6

    Any deal on S2721QS (the height adjustable base version)?

    • Negative. I've secured a deal for the S3221QS though. Trying to get more stock at the moment.

      • Sub $300 on S2721QS is what we all want ;)

        DGF for 399 is tempting though

  • +1

    Amazing price on the S2721DGF.

    Great monitor for wfh life, and gaming. Highly recommend it.

    My only gripe with it is the USB connectors at the bottom of the monitor (allows you to connect to your PC!!!) turn off when you turn off the monitor via the power button. So it forces me to just wait for the idle mode to trigger to turn off the screen and waste the OzBargain energy I could have saved when I walk away from the screen for some amount of time.

    • +1

      Hey mate I believe there’s a setting for USB to not switch off when the monitor powers down, I’ve not tested it yet truthfully so maybe it just means when it goes into idle instead of when it’s manually powered down.

      I’ll be honest I have three of these monitors and only last month discovered the USB ports on the bottom. I was amazed

      • I wasn't using them for the same reason but I'm gonna look for the setting now! EDIT it works during standby but I dunno if it works if you turn your monitor off manually.

    • Why do you wait?

    • I'm actually glad to hear that, I use the hub for my keyboard and mouse which have annoying LED's

    • wow thanks to your comment I just discovered those ports haha! Now to decide what to best use them for…

  • +3

    S2721Q please!

    • +1

      No stock unfortunately.

  • Very tempting price on the S2721DGF sheezus

    • +15

      Hello brother! Long time no see. Have you put on weight?

  • Dang, nice prices. I was hunting yesterday and decided I wanted a USB-C monitor though….will wait and see what pops up later!

  • +1

    Dell 27 Inch Gaming Monitor S2721DGF QHD QHD 2560 x 1440(ebay.com.au) - $399
    Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor – S2722DGM 165Hz 1ms QHD(ebay.com.au) - $329

    Sorry very bad at comparing monitor specs but whats is the advantage of S2721DGF over S2722DGM ? ($70 higher post discount, curve is cheaper)

    Resolution seem to be the same so I can only think of the brightness?

    • +7

      IPS panel (S2721DGF) vs VA panel (S2722DGM) - IPS is seen by most as preferable for gaming

      The IPS panel delivers wide viewing angles, but unfortunately, this comes at the expense of contrast. It has an excellent response time, with very little blur behind fast-moving objects, and it has outstanding low input lag for a responsive gaming experience.

      Source: RTINGS S2721DGF review

      The VA panel has some downsides, though, as there's noticeable black smearing in dark scenes, and the image degrades when viewed at an angle. Overall, though, it's a good monitor that should please most people.

      Source: RTINGS S2722DGM review

      • Im in a dark environment (reasons) so would love nice contrast and black uniformity. from what ive seen though I think you need to spend big money for the samsung g9 to get that or g9 neo if you want hdr with the package. I might go for one of the oled options (150 nits) since its a fair bit cheaper and 120 hz is fine. the 4 hour auto panel refresh (5 minutes) is an issue but a cheaper ocmpainion monitor would probably solve that.

        Of the two you dicuss what would you suggest given no ambient light beside the screen? would the 3k contrast make much difference or should I just go with the better colour dgf? CUrrently using a trash latop monitor because my xps doesnt do internet on windows…yes on bootable linux no on windows =/.

        appreciate anything.

        • I don't have any monitors with VA panels, so I can't provide any further comparison than the reviews I linked. It really depends on your use case. If you want cinematic quality you can't beat an OLED, but they're circa $4k USD..

          As for my 3x Dell IPS monitors (including 1x S2721DGF) they don't have the blackest blacks and there is some backlight glow in a dark room, but for my use case that's fine and I don't notice it too much when gaming. The next monitor I buy will be a 34-40", 4k, 120Hz, with HDMI 2.1, but nothing affordable yet with those specs.

  • S2722DGM vs S2721DGF?

    I don't mind curved screens, it looks like the DGM has higher contrast and more colours - is it worth getting over the DGF?

    • +2

      If you don't care the curve, go DGF.

      You'll never regret going IPS, you might regret going VA.

      • +3

        If you watch a lot of dark content in a dark room you might regret going with IPS as the contrast and blacks are awful. That said I also have an OLED TV so my idea of blacks is complete black

        • If you are open to some questions later via pm (I'm in a dark room blackout blinds for much of my time since some health related bs out of nowhere (light->migraines->vertigo) Screens havent been an issue - anyway important things - do you know of a good mid range va or iked monitor? youtube reviews ive watched only really covered the samsung and maybe lg with micro leds or something - the rest was ips or bust so your opinions and experience would me a lot.

      • +1

        Certainly not bad advice in general, but i sure dont miss IPS with my VA xiaomi monitor.
        That backlight glow killed me on IPS, don't think ill ever consider IPS again.
        Not a bother for general internetting and work stuff. But playing any games with any dark scenes or movies (with even just the black bars on side of content) was horrid.

  • Anyone know the monitors have HDMI 2.1? Thinking of using them for my Xbox Series X instead of a $1000 TV, but can't find info on the HDMI port

    • +1

      They both state "HDMI 2.0 (x2)" on the Ports and Slots section

      • ah thanks, went straight to the tech specs tab thinking I'll find it there haha

    • You can get 120hz at 1440p on HDMI 2.0.

      You'll need HDMI 2.1 for 4k 120hz.

    • Wondering if people reckon go the Dell here or wait for stock of the Gigabyte M82U?

  • Hi op. Any deals on Dell desktops?

  • It would have been great to have little more choices with laptops, specially non-gaming versions. Is the sale going to be specifically just for these models or throughout Dell eBay store?

    • It'll be throughout the eBay store but these are specifically negotiated deals at even better prices.

  • Any deal on the S3221QS ?

    • Positive

  • Got a couple of mates keen on the S3221QS after they seen mine from last deal, any chance of another special on it?
    EDIT: Just read above larger monitors might added later, fingers crossed!

  • Anyone know if I can use my ebay gift cards ($100) first and then use Afterpay for the outstanding amount for this promotion?

  • S3221QS or S2721DGF ?

    Hard decisions

    • Just got the S3221QS, and am enjoying it very much. Movies look great. Only been playing one game on it so far, and still looks great compared to my IPS monitor. I'm primarily a console gamer, so I am fine with 60fps 4k.

  • damn thats a great price for the DGF but i got one already… i just want another 27" QHD monitor for sub 300, dont even care if its not >60Hz

    • Maybe try a factory seconds place like FactoryPlus? There are several places like it in each state.

    • I would recommend getting two of the same, for a uniform look on the desk!

  • Any USB-C monitors that would be part of this sale?

  • Hi Dealbot,

    Would the S2721DGF monitor work well as a general work/photoshop/entertainment monitor as well? I can't quite work out the difference between regular and gaming monitors


    • That's exactly what I use it for. Have had no dramas and recommended it to my friends.

      • +1

        Thank you! Is late september expected delivery date (to Melbourne) — or are these in stock and will ship asap?

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