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[Afterpay] Crucial P2 NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD 1TB $125.80, Samsung 980 Pro 1TB $237.15 Delivered @ gg.tech365 eBay


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    Note that Crucial has silently swapped out the flash chips in these for the much slower QLC chips.

    The new Crucial P2's are now actually slower than spinning rust:

    • is the p5 2tb a good buy?

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    Any good deals for SATA SSDs?

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    980 Pro 1TB is showing $10 less for me!

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    Grabbed the 1tb 980 Pro for $237 for the PS5.

    Let’s see how it goes without heat sink. I assume any EBay $6 cooler should do it if needed?

    Nice work op!

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    Which drive would be best for a Ryzen Gaming PC for my son?

  • need to replace my 500gb 960 evo in my work pc. Would i be OK going with the Crucial or should i go with the 980 pro? I do a lot of work in photoshop/illustrator and sometimes After Effects/Premiere not sure if there will be a severe drop off in performance from my current SSD.

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      Get this (with the Afterpay code) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184571461688 (especially if you only have PCIe 3.0)

      • Thanks a lot just had a look and it is indeed PCIe 3.0 as my computer is from 2017. Will grab one of these thanks again.

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          No problem. I also saw the 980 at a good price, but I'd still be recommending the 970 Evo Plus at just $20 more.

  • Can anybody confirm if the Crucial P2 2TB is TLC or QLC?

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