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[Afterpay] eufy Floodlight Camera 1080p (White) $169.15 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Supercheap Auto eBay


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Same price as previous deal but only in White (Black sold out)

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Nice been waiting for this to go on sale ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    • The last time I order this floodlight cam from SuperCheap, they delivered me, oil filter and tool the change car oil.

  • I was wondering how this compares to Ring Floodlight Cam….if anyone have had experiences using either or both. Thank you!

    • +1

      I am currently using both. I find they perform the same i.e. two-way talk, notification alerts, image quality, motion sensors. That being said, I prefer the eufy as there are no monthly fees and it has local storage. Maybe check out some comparison videos on YouTube if you have time.

  • There is a new version thats just come out, depending on what your needs are. Floodlight panels are much brighter. 360 degree tracking camera too so can cover a wider area, like on the corner of a house. Will be more expensive though no doubt, I haven't priced it up.

    • I'm also waiting for this.. but it's gonna be at least 500 I think

      • I may or may not be able to confirm that the new flood cameras are a very nice bit of hardware that will be worth hanging out for if you want the next step up in quality, and that I may or may not have already been using one for several weeks … coughStill technically under NDAcough ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will be interesting to see what they retail for as they definitely feel like they would cost a fair bit more to manufacture. It is a different league of hardware to the standard flood though, so they really are for a different market I think. Reviews from Youtubers and so on are starting to come out while they just perform some final tweaks.

        • At least tell me if we get an aussie plug attachment?

          • @hippyhippy: I wouldn't want to guess as some things have been tweaked and finalised in the mean time. I'm still not quite sure why we can't talk about fight club yet when there are reviews on Youtube already.

    • Do you need 360degree though, many homes will require some of the range to be limited (you can do so from within the app) to avoid peering into the neighbours yard.

      • Just because your camera can see into your niighbours yard does not necessarily violate any privacy concerns. Reasonable expectation of privacy does not apply if (for instance) your windows overlook the yard in question.

      • I don't foresee them getting rid of this flood, I think the 2 models are more aimed at different markets. Eg, this original version would be well suited to an area with limited access and sight lines, like down the side of a house, but the new version could well suit the front of a property or a large entertaining area at the rear …

  • Nice deal! I bought this from Amazon a couple of months ago. The floodlights are extremely bright - I actually had to turn them down so I don't blind people walking up to my front door. The Eufy app is pretty easy to use and I have found minimal lag. Am pretty happy my purchase (although I paid $199 for mine). Wouldn't hesitate to get it at this price.

  • +3

    The new one coming to Australia soon is insane. Iโ€™m holding out for that one. Will easily replace a few camera I have at the front with its 360 degree tracking camera

    • Itโ€™s nice and records in 2k but it is bloody ugly imo.

      • I was tempted to get one but it looks like wall mounting is an afterthought.

        • Mounting it to the eave works well if that's an option for you, apparently … ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‡

      • It looks like a high tech instrument surely to distract would be thief

        • The thief should just steal the security cam

    • They may or may not already be here in some people's hands … ๐Ÿคซ and your theory of using one to replace a number of cameras may or may not be spot on … not that I can confirm or deny that yet … ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Can you just plug this into a Power point in your garage or is it more complicated like only to replace an existing light fixture?

    • It has a temporary 240v plug for setup but realistically you should have it wired up to a 240v line.

      See install video here:

      • +1

        @Yowiefied are you sure it comes with a temporary plug in Australia?

        I bought two last year and they didnโ€™t come with plugs.

        Perhaps they have added plugs since then so they can be sold as DIY.

      • +2

        The one sold by SCA does not come with the temporary plug (at least the one I purchased a few mths ago didn't). A bit annoying for initial setup. 8-)

    • The Eufy floodlight is designed to be hardwired. You could wire in a power cord an plug it into a power point, although I have no idea whether thatโ€™s legal.

  • I bought two from SCA a while back. Both were installed in May this year. One recently just dropped offline. After all hassles contacting Eufy and uploading the logs, they told me that WiFi module is faulty on the floodlight cam and asked me go through SCA to lodge a warranty claim. YMMV

  • bought a black one about 2 months ago from SCA during special and it was the earlier revision with the old activity zone features

    • How can you tell which revision it is? Is it written on the box?

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