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Up to 40% off Past-Season Styles (Nano Puff Hoody $244.97 Delivered) + $10 Delivery ($0 with $75 Order) @ Patagonia


Grab some patagucci. Pretty much the cheapest you'll get most of these items so act quickly as it sells out quick. It's pretty much similar to the 40% sales they have 2 or 3 times a year but this time round the selection seems a bit more limited, though I only check out jackets and sweaters.

Nano Puff Hoody $244 (previously $349)
Down Sweater $244 (previously $349)
Some good deals on the pullovers

Shame theres no full zip better sweaters

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    Shame they only discount on selected colour shirts

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    Last time I got one of their vests, my LinkedIn was flooded with job offers from investment banks. Proceed with caution.

    In all seriousness, they make good quality stuff. Not sure what it’s like here, but in Canada if you take any Patagonia item to any Patagonia store (even say, like a 10 year old vest), they’ll fix it for you.

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      So a Patagonia is a solid investment like a BMW or a Mercedes then?
      What are the interview questions? What is the the yield on a Patagonia puffer?

    • They do free repairs in their Sydney store downstairs that I know of. No receipt required.

    • As miserable as this sounds, can confirm. Been refreshing the Patagonia page everyday since I became an investment banker. Loaded up last night

      Too ethnic to buy at full price

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    People on Ozbargain actually buy $250 hoodies?

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    Highly recommended the Nano puff hoodie. Super light and super warm. Far superior to my Macpac Mercury down jacket.

  • Nano-air is what you want!

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    The Middle Fork Packable Waders are available in M-L sizes for $350, reg $450-500. Waders are usually only on sale when a store is trying to clear xxs or 4XL.
    I've not worn Patagonia waders, I know people that do and they're reasonably happy with them. Fly fishermen whinge pretty loudly if they're unhappy with gear….and poor fishing, weather, crowded waters, bait anglers, rubbish at camp sites, certain state removing 'access for all' to WHA lakes……. I'm complaining at the lack of any deals on euro nymph rods.

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    I have a couple of PataGucci items I wear skiing, the blue shell jacket I'm wearing in my profile pic is a Patagonia Gore Tex shell. Good quality and they backup what they sell but $40 for a cotton T-Shirt isn't a bargain. You're paying a premium for the eco, ethical feelgood vibe if that's important to you. Fair play to them though, they normally make quality gear and they'll stand by it if there's a problem.

  • Between Patagonia, RM Williams and a Skinny Chino, you are well on your way to earning an invite to a young liberals meeting at the Tahs game.

    • Isnt patagonia more of a lefty thing?

      • It is, the irony is, Finance bros love it as well. Every IB guy in the US rocks a Patagonia vest on casual fridays.

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          I know you were just joking haha but if i saw someone in sydney with patagonia, rms and a chino id think lefty hipster just as much as young liberal. We've stumbled upon some paradox. Nature is healing?

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