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Digital Alarm Clock, LED Clock for Bedroom $14.39 Delivered @ AMIR&ORIA Direct via Amazon AU


[AMIR Digital Alarm Clock 20% OFF Promotion]

Large Display & Multi-function: Digital alarm clock with large LED display (6.3"x0.7~1"x2.36"), which lets you check the time clearly at a glance even it is far from you. Our smart clock with 5 mode: clock mode, date mode, temperature mode, night mode (ON/OFF), alarm mode. The buttons on the rear are very self explanatory, so it is very easy to set up

Adjustable Brightness: Just press UP/DOWN to adjust the three levels of brightness (Bright/ Medium /Low). Besides, the bedside alarm clock will auto dim during 18:00-6:00 when in the night mode, or you can set another periods of time for your need. Just press and hold the snooze button for more than 3 seconds to turn off the display to prevent the screen from lighting up at night to interfere with sleep

Working Day Mode and Snooze: There are 3 alarm modes to choose when you want it to wake you up at fixed time: Monday to Friday/Monday to Saturday/Monday to Sunday. Just long press "ALARM", and then use the "UP" and "DOWN" buttons to adjust the hour/minute/snooze time/working day mode. In addition, you can get 1~60 minutes of extra sleep by pressing the "SNOOZE" button when the alarm goes off, or press any other key to cancel the alarm

Voice Control: When Powered by battery, you can get a extra function - voice control, which means you can activate the display by make some noise like clapping your hands, rapping on the table or touching the clock. In addition, the LED alarm clock will automatically turns off after 16 seconds of inactivity

USB/Battery Powered: With a USB cable (included) and 3 AAA batteries (excluded), this LED alarm clock has two power source which is convenient and useful. Besides, you need to be aware that it will lose time memory when the power is off

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  • Any reviews?

  • -1

    I meant has anybody used them

  • +1

    Doesn't everyone just use their phone now?

    • For people who don't have phones. I.e. Minors

      • +14

        Ok so just buy one from Kmart for $7.00.

        This isn't a bargain, it's yet another Spamazon post.

        • +3

          kmart one even displays room temperature.

        • That one from kmart is pretty cool. The only appeal the one above has is it is probably thin enough to wall mount.

        • yeah, buy the kmart one. getting a cheap and accurate clock is like winning a lottery. most of them would be 1 minute off every month. easier to return in kmart.

        • I bought this after reading good reviews but battery keep draining in a few weeks. I am using eneloop AAA and also tried normal duracells
          Maybe i got a bad batch
          Good clock though otherwise. reccomend. shows some degree of temperature too

    • +2

      Same as a watch right?

      • I was about to same the same thing :) although I wear a watch everyday because I like them hehe

      • +2

        Yes. Also jeans are like suit pants, leggings, lycra, PJ bottoms, track pants. If you have one why would you possibly need any other?

    • yeah and google nest mini/hub is good
      probably enough. got some smart bulbs, have just been coming on at 6am now so will just go with it.
      some of the automation routines and crap is still impossilbe to get right as far as a fade in light
      the phone screen actually does the best job.

      DAB radio on this alarm clock ?

  • So it won't alone run on batteries but require power so not my choice.

    • It says it can either run off USB or 3 AAA batteries

  • +5

    I've got one from Kmart (not the one above, but "wood" looking). Even low setting is way too bright at night. so annoying

    • +1

      I deal with overly bright charging lights by covering them with tape, you might be able to use tinted plastic/cellophane/contact to do the same.

      • +1

        I use LightDims in my house.

        Bought a pack a few years ago. They do a great job at cutting down the brightness of LED's.

    • +1

      I've got one of those and it is too bright. I've put a piece of paper in front of it to diffuse and darken it. Works, but also makes the numbers a bit fuzzy. The other issue was the buzzer making a faint noise that drove me crazy. I opened it up and desoldered the piezo buzzer and now its quiet.

    • Did some tweaking as well, sliding a coloured piece of paper between the LEDs and the front panel on the inside. Better at night but now I can't see by daytime lol
      ..need a clock with ambient light sensor

    • The one OP posted, the light can be turned off by pressing and holding the snooze button for three seconds. This is a great feature to minimise the light interference when you go to sleep.

    • +1

      This iTOMA CKS708 have Auto brightness setting, it has light sensor inside, works really nice! You turn off the room lights and it dims in few seconds by itself. Got it for $34

  • Same clock branded a different name in the US Amazon site with more reviews here

    • 4.3 out of 5 for 46 reviews. Good enough for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • I can imagine how annoying it will be with it constantly falling over since it is so thin.

  • Lenovo smart display express was only double this price and provides so much more functionality. It isn't thin though…

  • why is the number off centred

    • OCD, would annoy me too,.
      I like the general style of these mirrored ones with big figures, maybe for a living room instead.
      Can get sony cube clock DAB radios that actually have a usb charging port

    • +1

      Takes into account the width of the digital numbers. You can better see an example of why in the K-Mart link that Watchnerd posted above.

  • rapping on the table

    First time I've seen a clock you can activate by rapping on a table, might have to get it just to test this feature 🤔

  • Only white led or can I change it to red ?

    • Red cellophane, DIY styles.

  • Bought one. Thanks OP!

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