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ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3070 Ti AMP Holo 8GB GDDR6X GPU $1349 + Delivery @ PLE


Just found this for people who want it as it is in stock but still over MSRP
Pretty good model I think

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    3080 msrp for a card with 24% less power

  • Hmm still encouraged that prices are at least heading the right direction. Thanks OP.

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    Considering it's pretty much around the price of a 3070 it's not a bad deal for those that want a card right away.

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    Why this gen cards look so fugly? FE are some good looking cards out there but getting hold of them is like finding a bigfoot.

    • FE also has terrible cooling… the vision cards are pretty tho

    • Rush to market and then a confused design philosophy of the AIBs between (i) meeting the modern minimalist design of the FE, and (ii) catering for "neon lights" and cyberpunk-esque builds?

  • Anyone know if this build is decent? Reading that the fans can be a bit loud

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    This is a great deal. Ignore the Hodors.

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    Just got one, sold my 5700 xt for $1150 the other day

    • How on earth?! I only got a measly $900 for my RX 5700 on eBay. Is the 5700 XT just that much more popular?

      • comparing a 2060 to a 2070 super u mean

        • More like 2060 Super to 2070 Super, which isn't that big of a jump.

          • @Void: I'm astonished you even got 900 anyways, I honestly wouldn't pay more than 700.

      • I have both 5700 and 5700xt on the 2 household computers. if it comes to mining, the xt is maybe 30% better, i run both overnight. I couldnt justify paying $1k for one though even if you wanted it to mine 24/7, wouldnt pay for itself before the next Eth update which will probably kill mining anyway.
        For gaming, the xt is much better

        • Damn, why is the 5700 so bad at it? On paper it shouldn't be, and it should be fairly power efficient too.

          • @Void: its not terrible, and ive noticed hashrate seems to go up if my xt isnt running for whatever reason, even though it shouldnt impact it. its not a bad card at all, i just cant see why even a miner would spend $1k on it

  • I bought a zotac 3080 that died on me, would never buy a zotac product again.

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      Surely they replaced it under warranty?

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        I would like to know as well, I had two GPUs from Zotac, one which is still running without issue and the other which I only thought was faulty, but they replaced anyway

      • I had to send it back to PLE TWICE, before they realised it was actually busted, but because it was a launch model they refunded me what I paid, $1100. I asked for a replacement or a different card instead and they said they aren't stocking that specific model anymore so they can only refund. Was quite frustrating. Looking back I should of gone to consumer affairs but at the time I was just too frustrated I think.

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          how could consumers affairs help in this scenario?

        • I was in thr same boat with a XFX 6700xt that came damaged from XFX. Could only get a refund, then the prices went up whilst waiting for the refund.
          PLE can refund or exchange in both of our cases, sucks for us but they did nothing wrong.
          Onky gripe is that I lost nearly $30 on the initial shipping.

        • Man that is such a kick in the teeth. Lucky enough to get a great price 3080 and have that happen to you. Shit go, hope you managed to sort something else out for a reasonable price.

    • Because people who buy evga or asus cards etc. never receive a faulty unit. /s

  • HOLD. Arc will be way better

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      As always more competition is welcome for consumers plus our wallets and patience will pay off. Don't really need a new GPU yet anyway.

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        I am gaming with rx 570 @ 1080p on my 4k TV. I can wait.

        • I'm playing csgo in 4k with my rx480

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            @techie8055: I am playing minesweeper in 4k with my GT1030.. I can wait…

        • I'm playing pong on my super vga. I can wait….

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      It's a first / second generation dedicated GPU. I'm not sure it will.

      Great to have competition, but if you're not sensitive on price, not sure waiting for Intel's first foray is the best idea.

    • Arc is targeting the 3070 as it's top end model, will likely have limited supplies that'll be snapped up to start with and is completely unproven and unimplemented at this point whereas DLSS is popping up everywhere.

      Plus Intel will probably focus on pre-built machines, sell bundles of Intel motherboards, CPUs and GPUs to try make sure AMD doesn't eat away at them. They won't be too interested in consumer gamers off the bat.

      And it's 6 months away.

  • iv just read 2 reviews.. its a loud card

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    honestly i rather a colourful than zotac. Still a good price though for a 3070ti.

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    Saying $1749 for me

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    Steep, like Mt Fuji

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    ISTG if I see another comment complaining that it's not MSRP I am going to go insane.

    MSRP might as well be as mythical as a unicorn at this point.

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      The m in MSRP is for mythical

      • Browsing OzB comments had me thinking it stood for moron.

  • Damn i missed this one!

  • 1349 is a good price these days, the GPU price is going up again :(

    • this is already too cheap for a 3070 ti

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    Pretty happy I got one. Call me paper hands but I am glad i didn't listen to monkes here.

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      Yep, let them hold until we buy. Morons with no sense of reality

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        Yep, under normal circumstances I don't think 3070 ti is even worth it, but the reality is this is a damn good deal.

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      You'll be enjoying it while they are waiting for unicorns.. or the 5090 model

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        Yup, gonna build my first PC. (profanity) stoked!

  • Anyone know when the GPU prices are expected to drop ?

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          That message could have been worded differently. None the less, the message is still spot on. Who has a crystal ball? The best predictors are market indicators. There are no signs that prices will drop significantly in the short term, or the medium term. There are signs that prices may not significantly drop until at least the time when the next generation is expected to come out, at the end of 2022. Maybe there will be a crash of prices tomorrow, maybe they will start going up tomorrow.

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          Truth hurts, I understand. Live in your bubble and think everything will be fine soon

    • Probably when the chip shortage clears up.

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      I think its next thursday at 2.33pm

    • Now that LHR has been defeated again, I think prices will stay high until eth2 drops next year. https://youtu.be/Nxa9QcWrwsY

    • Around the end of this year/start of next when Ethereum moves to ETH 2.0. It will no longer be able to be mined on a GPU and there's more people mining ETH now than all other coins combined (a few times over). There's no alt coin that can handle even a tiny fraction of the ETH miners into their mining pools without seeing profitability be in the negative.

      I believe when that happens there will be a flood of GPUs on the 2nd hand market for very, very cheap as miners will all have to compete with eachother to get the best 2nd hand price on the cards which will be a quick race to the bottom.

      I believe smart miners will look to exit over the next 3-5 months if they haven't already, so they can sell their cards at a premium rather than potentially lose 1000's when ETH 2.0 launches.

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      Why on earth did you upvote the deal then?