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Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 256GB with Adapter $43.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best price on the 256GB Samsung EVO MicroSD + adaptor, down to $43.95 delivered which is the lowest yet on CamelCamel.

Some specs

  • Read speed up to 100 MB/s
  • Write speed up to 90 MB/s
  • Excellent performance for 4K UHD video and broad
  • Backed by 4-proof protection
  • Includes full-size SD adapter
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks. Just in time for my new Blackvue 750x

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      You should be using something like this instead. https://www.amazon.com.au/Sandisk-Endurance-microSDXCTM-Adap...

      • oops. Am I missing out lots of things for going with the Samsung? I already paid for it and it will come tomorrow

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          The Samsung EVO cards aren't really designed for constantly being written over and over. High endurance cards like the Sandisk one linked are designed primarily for the entire card to be written over 100's of times before they fail. The typical workload of a dashcam involves writing to the card non-stop, so usually one would go with a high endurance card in a dashcam.

          • @joshau: but the Samsung won't die easily right? I hope it'll last at least a year? Am i being too optimistic?
            Just spent $44 on this card so not feeling like spending another $50 for another one :P

            • +5

              @trantonz: You should be fine, the card won't just drop dead after a couple of months of use, but the High Endurance cards are designed to last longer under these workloads. The card comes with a 10 year warranty anyway, so if it dies within the first year just get a new one under warranty 🤷‍♂️

              • @joshau: oh that 10 year warranty is sweet. Couldn't find that information anywhere on Amazon (maybe I'm blind), but I guess it will be at least a year.

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              @trantonz: I can confirm that my 64Gb Samsung EVO+ has lasted for nearly 2yrs in my dash-cam and is still being used without issues. In the same time period I've lost two SanDisk extreme cards!

              Keep in mind that uptime has not be as long as before COVID-19 driving style (yes, I'm in Melbourne and haven't driven my car much due to frequent lockdowns)

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                @vrsac: Highly likely we will have even less reasons to leave home from tomorrow. (I'm in Melbourne too)

          • -1

            @joshau: where did you get this bullcrap from? Dashcam has been around for over 10 years and it's only recently that Sandisk has been throwing out this endurance bullshit to cover up their lag behind Samsung and other and justify their price. I've used all sort of micro sd on my dashcam for years and none has failed me once. In fact I can tell you the micro sd in my home assistant server will endure much much higher write read cycles and yes I have card that failed on me.

            • +2

              @lgacb08: Samsung have the exact same line of high endurance cards, so if it's just "bullshit" to cover up Samsung's dominance, I wonder why Samsung make them too 🤷‍♂️

              To be fair, I never said the Samsung card wouldn't be able to do the job, just that they aren't designed for it, unlike their High Endurance cards. I'm sure if you were to test it, you'd find the High Endurance cards would last longer than normal cards, whether you hit that limit in practical use is another question.

          • @joshau: Not true. Endurance is for the heat or bumpy ride while writing. 10y warranty is proof that it will last at least few years, unless handled in extreme conditions. The card writing is cycling (256MB over longer hours) & not in the same spot constantly. ~100,000 times is very long.

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          Ive had a samsung 256gb in my dual dashcam for 3 years and it runs in parking mode for 8hrs a day and still going strong.

    • -1

      Best to look for the Samsung Pro Endurance cards.

  • Good for the adapter alone

  • Made in Korea? Vietnam? China? Taiwan?

    • Philippines. Recently bought. The 512gb is Japan

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    Nice just cancelled my order from yesterday and saved $3

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      You animal!

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        Beast mode activated

  • I still don’t understand, why they said the RRP is $81.77?? I know the most expensive one on ebay with same spec is around $55. Not even close to $81.77

  • Just ordered a better one evo plus for $24.50 after using $30 referral credit from Afterpay, thanks OzBargain.👍

  • bought it

  • Datah

  • is this good for switch?

  • I have using the this SDCard that with Note 7 release as promotion. Still going on, no issues…

  • I'm about to get the viofo 4k dash cam. Is it better to get the 256gb or the 128gb? The 128gb is $22 atm. I use my car 6 days/w.

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      Best to use the Samsung Pro Endurance cards. They are designed for longer recording. This card wont fall over, but it wont last as long.

      • Can you send me a link of which one is good? Thanks

  • good price, time to get one extra for my switch

  • I’m thinking to get this for BlackVue DR750X plus which I just bought from Autobarn under a deal. I’m wondering do I need one or two memory cards for 2 channel dash cam?

    • one

      • Thanks for your answer