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Sony DAB Portable Digital Radio White XDRS41DW for $63.60 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C/ Metro) @ Officeworks


Low price on a Sony DAB at $63.60 in Store/C&C

Best option may be delivery as few stores have in stock. Free Delivery to some locations

This Sony Digital Radio comes with 5 digital and 5 analogue pre-sets so you can listen to your favourite songs and stations. It features an LCD display with song information, a wake up and sleep timer as well as an AC adaptor so you won't run out of power.

  • You can power the radio with 4 AA batteries or choose to plug in the AC adaptor.
  • It has a compact and portable design so you can take it with you.
  • It has an output power of 650 mW for clear sounds.
  • You can connect your headphones and listen to your favourite songs privately.
  • The sleep and wake timers will help you to maintain a consistent sleep pattern.
  • You can tune into DAB, DAB+ and FM radio.
  • This radio has a modern white design.

Others discounted are,

Sony DAB Portable Digital Clock Radio Black XDRS61DB for $68.50

Sony DAB Portable Digital Radio Black XDRS41DB for $37.38

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    The XDR-S61DB is a far better buy IMO at $83.25.

    It's a thicc boi - about twice as thick as the XDR-S41DB, but it has 1.5W output power (versus the paltry 650mW on the XDR-S41DB). Runs on the same 4x AA batteries.

    For reference, the RRP of the XDR-S41DB/W is $179 and the XDR-S61DB is $209.

    • I bought both of these back in late 2019 from Officeworks.

      Using price match, I bought them for:

      Black XDRS61DB for $125
      Black XDRS41DB for $75 (gift for my parents to use in their kitchen)

      Been happy with the 61, listening to all sorts of DAB stations at home and in the yard.
      The 42 is fine for a small space like a bathroom/bedroom.


    • When plugged in can it charge rechargeable batteries?

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    Miss those Bush Internet Radio deals on Oz…I still have mine working perfectly.

    • Bush went bust in 2016 it seems, sadly…but they were deregistered in Feb 2020 so it seems they were kept on life support for a while.

  • Can you get Joe Rogan on this?

  • I have two of these. It’s a good unit, decent sound and very easy to navigate and operate.

  • +1

    I liked dab in the late 2000s when 3/4G data limits were low.

    But I don’t get why it still exists now? Fire up your phone and stream the stations or Spotify.

    • +4

      Because some things like live sport are only available on broadcast radio, mot internet radio.

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      Far and away the largest buyers of DAB radios are the elderly who want to listen to shock jocks and oldies music, but are sick of their radio sounding like it's coming down a landline phone.

      The funny thing is that AM radio can genuinely sound almost as good as FM with a quality receiver. But those are few and far between these days. Most radio manufacturers cheap out on the AM hardware by limiting frequency response to 4KHz (about the same as a landline phone) so they don't have to install expensive componentry to reject interference which may appear if they opened up the frequency response to the full 9KHz available (which is about the same as an HD voice call on a mobile).

  • Does this get low frequency channels too?

    • +1

      It's FM/DAB only, I'm afraid. You can pick up all Sydney metro AM stations on their corresponding DAB channel, but you won't be able to tune into the AM signal.

      It's quite difficult to find AM/FM/DAB radios because most DAB radios are designed for the European market.

      In the UK/Europe AM radio is pretty much dead - it's about as niche as shortwave here in Australia. All major radio stations in Europe broadcast on FM, even the talkback/news stations.

      Australia's such a small market that the local distributors can only really pick from what's been made available by the manufacturers.

      Hence only specialist receivers (e.g. the DPR-45 by Sangean) will have all three bands.

      • i bought this sony but at home i got a old sharp radio. it has more bands that pick up stations that i didn't heard of in AM/FM..

        like they read the newspaper to you… that's a channel…

        • +1

          2RPH and 3RPH (the newspaper reading services) are available on 1224KHz AM in Sydney and 1179KHz AM in Melbourne, but there'd also be shortwave and subcarrier FM stations that more fancy radios can pick up.

  • Made me nostalgic. Probably not worth using it over phone alarm to live radio though.

  • Price dropped; I picked up a XDRS61DB today for $68.50 with click and collect. Pretty good discount compared to elsewhere.

  • Thanks. I've updated prices to match how they now appear in store