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Western Digital My Cloud 2TB $79 in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Spotted this in store and grabbed one. Had a number of others there, your store may have lots or none I assume. Ok price, nothing magical, but this old version seems to get better reviews than the new one.


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    The Seagate 4TB for $119 is better

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    Was it part of essential buying ? 🤣

    • for work

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      everyone lives in Sydney

      No they don't.

    • I was going to say I thought people had their cloud drives encrypted or wiped

    • Would touch this with a 40ft pole!

      Luckily mine was so slow I binned it years before the breach

    • Good info, will have a proper read and think about whether this will be an issue, cheers.

    • Best keep it isolated from the internet

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    Western Digital after sales support suck. I got caught by their My Book Live cloud breach and thought the trade in offer would be good. But big issues:

    1. Only a 40% off discount on RRP of new device. So probably really a 20% off real world saving
    2. Products on offer aren't competitively priced normally
    3. Need to return my old device to Singapore or somewhere overseas at my own expense. Expect this would cost me around $30 at a minimum
    4. All savings are eroded after factoring these costs. I'm still left with a hard drive with my data that I would need to back up somewhere else before I send it back
  • Hmm isnt a bucket the cheaper way to go?

  • I don't think I can get another drive since the $97 for 5TB deal

  • This one has one single disk? Is there anything similar but with two disks for RAID?

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      Not at this price. You need to go to an actual Nas, not this cheap thing.

  • I had a 4tb Cloud duo and it was pretty bad. Was only worth it for the 2x2tb WD reds

  • Inb4 "is it shuckable?", probably, but there's cheaper internals at this price point.

  • Anyway to check available stock around me? Brisbane West.

    • Phone them up for a stock check

  • Can I plug it into my tv

  • Wait werent some variant of the WD cloud type drives, had some flaw, Remote Command Execution bug, that deleted the users data while connected to the wd cloud lol