Which Brands Do You Boycott and Why?

Hey everyone,

I recently thought today of companies that I actively avoid and the reasons why.

Harvey Norman is one for keeping JobKeeper payments and Nestlé due to multiple reasons.

Please explain in the comments which companies you boycott. An explanation and link to relevant documentation/articles would be good!


      • Thanks!

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        I noticed that their motto has appeared to have silently switched back to "The best a man can get" instead of "The best a man can be". (at least on packaging anyway)

        I couldn't see it mentioned at all on their website.

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          I wonder how much market share Gilette lost due to this campaign. Probably one of the biggest marketing disasters, even though they are not willing to admit it.

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      Itll be a cold day in hell when I buy Cheer cheese

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        I'll die before I buy cheese without a racist slur as the name!

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          Wasn't it named after Edward Coon?

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          I suppose eating crackers is not ethical either?

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        110% agree. PC gone mad.

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        Last time I was at Woolies they seemed to have both packaging for sale both Coon and Cheer right next to each other..

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        I heard the new cheese doesn't taste the same anyway

    • Can you define or give examples. I am not so good with young people's lingo.

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          You can say its woke but why would it bother me that they have given 5 other people jobs.

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          Wait.. you're offended by the wiggles adding on some new people?

          Won't be able to sing along to big red car now that they aren't all white?(I'm surprised you didn't lose it when they added a girl previously)

          Having kids performers more likely to represent a larger possible audience of children isn't woke, it's just making the wiggles guys richer

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            @SBOB: I don't think he's offended. It's plain as day wokeness.

            The Wiggles say it's to reach a more "diverse audience". How can anyone buy that?

            These guys have made millions of kids happy here, and all around the world for decades now. That's a pretty diverse audience.
            And in all that time no one cared what gender or race they were, until 2021. And honestly, young kids don't care who or what you are.

            One last thing, Jeff, the purple wiggle wasn't white. You lost some woke points there.

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              One last thing, Jeff, the purple wiggle wasn't white. You lost some woke points there.

              Yep, handing back in my "woke" (dumbest word in the current English vocabulary) membership card there for that one.

              But you're kidding if you think kids don't better relate if the performer is similar to them. The fact that Emma is the most popular just shows that, as all the girls watching have her as their favourite. Same trend would also follow for ethnicity.

              I know kids with red hair whose favourite Pokemon is Charmander purely because his colour is like their hair.
              Don't underestimate how much kids want to feel like they are like the characters or people they watch and admire/like.

            • @pufffdragon: A morre diverse audience equals more sales of products and thus more money so being "woke" is good business sense. Frankly if I could make more money by being woke then "woke me up jeff!"

        • Who cares? The original wiggles are getting on and will probably retire soon. Everybody loves the Wiggles. Why does every article have to state that they now have a black chick?

  • Samsung, Sony, Apple, Dyson, Kogan (except for their sims) and any online site that wants you to pay an annual subscription.

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      So you use a Mi phone I guess? :p

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    Anything owned by Rupert Murdoch (Foxtel, News Corp, REA Group etc.). Do I need to explain why?

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      90% of the people on here won't understand why. They're super right wing.

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        Yep, super right wing, understand why, he is just wrong.

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          Oh, Ironbaby.

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        If you think they’re ‘super right wing’ you’re obviously a left wing radical. No reasonable person would think that.

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          Lol. Love how he's now a radical

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        Actually you'd be surprised.
        Ozbargain is fairly central, to slightly progressive looking at the comments and votes on various issues in the forums.
        So i'd say most people on here would understand why.

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      Yeah I only listen to left-wing media now as well. Hearing my own thoughts and opinions relayed back to me by another person makes me feel intelligent and secure in my beliefs.

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        I manage to read and watch a wide variety of media without contributing to the Murdoch empire. You should expand your exposure to the right-wing a bit (not too much or you may start thinking that Alan Jones is making sense) so you know what they are up to.

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          ‘Know what they’re up to’

          You’re so radicalised.

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          I manage to read and watch a wide variety of media

          lol no you don't

    • Please explain.

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        The Murdoch media empire published this today. This sort of thing is why I don't contribute to them. This is quite a mild example.

        "Fox News host Tucker Carlson has unleashed an epic spray over what he’s dubbed Australia’s Covid-19 “totalitarianism”.

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      I'm still bummed they killed all the local papers. Local papers keep local councils honest. Barely two years later and the local council seems to get away with anything.

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        Totally agree. A strong non partisan media keeps all governments honest. The more they get away with, the more corrupt they become.

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    Oh wait, not allowed to say that these days 😂

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      How dare you not get onto the nearest soapbox.

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        How is making a personal choice about not buying from certain companies a 'soapbox'?

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    I don't "boycott", but I do avoid PCCaseGear if I can. I hate their ridiculously expensive shipping.
    I think their shipping is more than what AusPost actually charges?

    So if I could I go for someone else, I go for other vendors.

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      So basically whoever is cheaper..?

      • If I don't have to buy from them, I prefer to go for an alternative.
        Though that's not always possible and sometimes the alternatives available aren't what I want.

    • I avoid paying them as well, after being burned by them years ago.

      Still go to the site because they have a large array of cases on offer, but always buy elsewhere, even if a bit more expensive.

    • Seems silly to boycott a company because of shipping rates. The overall price inclusive of shipping is all you should be concerned about.
      Don't forget the company needs to pay for packaging, warehouse, staff etc so it's not unreasonable for them to charge more than just passing on AusPost rates. Whether this is baked into the item price or into the shipping charge you pay for it either way.

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        I didn't say I boycott though. I just dislike using them to the point where I prefer to go for other vendors if I can.
        I hate the fact that on top of what is considered to be RRP, I have to pay extra that's unreasonable.
        I am happy to pay for shipping, but when it is 50%~100% above what I would pay if I send things via Auspost? I start raising my eyebrows.

        Plus they don't even send the stuff fast enough. I am currently paying extra for express whenever I can, because I find that express is at least less likely to take longer than a week. The postie is likely to knock on the door instead of leaving the card as well (I hate going to Post Office for my parcels). I ordered parts from 3 different vendors. PCCG one came last even though I ordered it a day before other vendors. To add salt to the injury, I paid PCCG most for the postage.

        I will pay for a good service. I don't like paying for a service that leaves me go, this is overpriced and underwhelming.

    • I like PCCG but I hate ordering something and it doesn't get packed for shipping for 3 days.

      • Yeah, that happened with me too.

        All pumped up for a project and the parts from PCCG comes last :(

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      Why IS PCCG so popular? … Their prices are significantly dearer than the competition, and I haven't heard any redeeming features tbh. It's not like their site is fantastic or their range is really superior. I don't get it.

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        Historically speaking - PCCG have had great customer service.

        Previously PCCG and Scorptech were more premium computer shops that sold parts others didn't like custom water cooling etc. They would also provide advice on parts and charge a reasonable restocking fee for all the customers who would mess up their orders and order incompatible parts etc..

        Then you had MSY - the cheapest. So cheap others would complain it was cheaper than the "wholesale" price they could get in Australia, historically wholesale prices in Australia were more like US retail + a hefty margin and somehow MSY would supply parts cheaper.

        MSY sold CPUs meant only for OEMs that would come in plastic tray and were super cheap. However MSY use to have no service, it was like a super market you would print the price sheet mark the items you wanted on it, and hand it over. I swear I spent thousands of dollars at MSY with the original crew before I even said hello to them. It was like the Seinfeld episode "soup kitchen".

        Unfortunately MSY ran afoul of the ACCC government regulations saying they have to provide services like refunds for change of mind etc.. So their prices are no longer cutt throat cheap. They are very competitive but its no where near as big of a difference as it use to be. They also provide more customer service now - as they cant afford to have noobs mess up their orders and try and return stuff calling the ACCC because they ordered the wrong stuff and messed up the packaging to the point nobody else would ever buy the box.

        So now all the computer shops are pretty much the same thanks to the ACCC.

      • There are a few things that I can't get from other vendors.

        That's my main reason.

    • Maybe they charge a flat rate? But here in far north QLD, PCCG is competitive. BUT, I put in an order Wednesday night, and it took till Tuesday next week to ship. I wasn't happy, and I thought I was doing the right thing by avoiding Amazon. 4 working days to put 4 items in a box and ship it out the door. Next time im going with Umart.

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    Hmmmm good question.

    Max Brenner
    The Melbourne Devils

    I dunno actually, not sure I boycott anything really.

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      What are the Melbourne Devils?

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        ahhhh Demons. Spot the NSW guy.

        I actually couldn't really think of businesses that fitted the bill.

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          oh, I get it now ! woops

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      why Max Brenner?

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        From memory they supported Israeli soldiers throughout a number of conflicts with the Palestinians.

      • They also under paid their staff from memory

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                          Oh, wait, we haven't actually used it before.

                          Yep, mRNA vaccine trials have been used before, for at least four infectious diseases: rabies, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and Zika.

                          But if you're hesitant of mRNA based vaccines…good news everybody, there are non mRNA alternatives. Roll that sleeve up buddy

                          • @SBOB:

                            But if you're hesitant of mRNA based vaccines…good news everybody, there are non mRNA alternatives. Roll that sleeve up buddy

                            If I were worried about covid, I would wait for novavax. However, I'm not.

                            I do like how you complete ignored the entire part about obesity being more dangerous than covid. Then processing to tell me to get vaxxed, while enabling others to put themselves at risk of many serious diseases, and a much greater likelihood of death.

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                            @SBOB: Don’t bother argue with Brendamn. He got his head so deep in the sand there’s no point of engaging.

                            In the other thread he said police will never text people, I said they do because they texted one of my family member. Then he proceeded to call me a name and said no they don’t. 😂

                            • -1

                              @tomleonhart: I'm very sorry I'm not familiar with the laziness of vicpol. I doubt I called you a name.

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                  "my body my choice"

                  I absolutely agree with this sentiment.

                  I also agree that when you make a choice, there are consequences of those choices.

                  You can make the choice to stab your annoying co-worker in the eye, but the consequence of that is spending time in gaol.

                  If a business makes the choice to make employees get vaxxed, they have consequences as well. They may lose employees, have a bit of bad publicity, etc.

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    ESPN, Apple, all phone nfc based payment solutions, Kogan, Harvey Norman, Channel 7, The Olympics… I could go on.

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      What's the issue with phone based payment systems?

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        Apple at least is garbage cos they don't let anyone else use their nfc for payments, and then they get to pocket cents on each transaction through Apple pay. They're profiting off each country's consumption without really providing anything beyond a monopoly on their phones. They and Google own Australia's transactions now. If they further increase the price per transaction, what can anyone do about it. At least on Android there are alternatives as any app can use the nfc chip for their own tap and go payment system. https://www.afr.com/companies/financial-services/cba-s-comyn...

        "Apple Pay had become an essential service in payments, and its sheer size meant Parliament must pay close attention to the rules the tech giant placed around access to its smartphone infrastructure."

        "Mr Comyn said the ACCC had an important role to play to ensure Australia’s banks could negotiate with Apple given its immense scale; its market capitalisation of $US2.5 trillion ($3.4 trillion) is twice the size of Australia’s GDP."

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