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Perifit Pelvic Floor Strengthening Video Game/Utility 20% off - $151.20 Delivered @ Perifit


Purely one for the pregnant ladies or brand new mums that want to strengthen the all important pelvic floor after carrying that huge heavy baby. Someone has gamified kegels by creating a video game around them. Consider it “Kegels for Millenials”.

This device and video game is supposed to be amazing for strengthening your core and pelvic floor.

20% OFF using this code I found on the web that actually works.

Apply at checkout.


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    • +43

      No. Read my description. It’s a core/pelvic floor trainer. Physio therapy stuff for women. Would be great if Ozbargain could be an inclusive place for men AND women.

      • +61

        Dont mean to offend, as a dude I honestly have no idea what this is. It looks phallic so my simple smooth brain goes straight to… lady toys

        • +39

          Agreed it could look that way but the description indicates more than that. Pregnant women carry heavy babies that affect their health in many ways. Losing the strength of your pelvic floor is only one of the ways women suffer to bring kids into this world.

          • +9

            @Lady Grey: Well.. Today I learn. Gotta admit though.. 100 day trial for this kind of product is somewhat amusing

          • @Lady Grey: But like, it says:

            Perifit usage is not advised during pregnancy, as it has not been tested on pregnant women for ethical reasons. If you are currently pregnant, we recommend you perform manual Kegels, and resume Perifit 6 weeks after delivery.

            • +8

              @AlanHB: Yeah but pregnant women can plan ahead and use discount to purchase now for post-partum period.

            • @AlanHB: I glanced at that and thought I read "If you are currently pregnant, we recommend you perform manual kettlebells". :/

      • +18

        Sigh. Don't bother, Lady Grey. I've commented on this aspect of OzB before and you just get downvoted into oblivion.

        • +25

          Right?! I mean, all it takes is reading the first line of my post to understand if this applies to you or not. I wasn’t hiding what it was. If you need an education on women’s health click on the link to learn more about the product and features and benefits, or Google it. Or politely ask. Don’t be a jerk about it and sexualise everything.

          • -36

            @Lady Grey: You cant find exercising video on YouTube and you need to buy a game from pervit to do exercise? Lol

          • -23

            @Lady Grey: Lol your previous comment "..inclusive place for men AND women."
            Next comment "reading the first line of my post to understand if this applies to you or not"

            "Hypocrisy is the compliment vice pays to virtue"
            - Some Dude

            • +20

              @obi1: Dude, stop trying to be smartarse and just use your brain and try understand the point @Lady Grey is making.

              Don’t be a jerk about it and sexualise everything.

              Seems reasonable to me.

            • -1

              @obi1: What is wanted is someone to write a script to find deals that relate to both/all genders, specifically women. Obviously cannot rely on contributors using this site to find deals that do not interest them in the slightest.

              Btw, I think the deal is good, but agree that comment made was ridiculous.

        • +8

          Nah. Ignore the negs. People will learn from these comments. As bucketthat has shown.

          But as always there are people who will troll (e.g. @HolyCr4p) and be rude.

      • +25

        "Would be great if Ozbargain could be an inclusive place for men AND women"

        You are in luck, it is.

        • You're either blind or haven't been here very long. There are lot of sexist comments about women on here, just read this comment section for f sake. I honestly feel sorry for females having to read some of this. Should just be about the bargains not dudebro crap.

          • -3

            @Ryballs: I guess you don't understand the meaning of inclusivity, this website has bargains for all genders and persuasions…if you haven't noticed that is down to your own ignorance.
            In general this site is pretty good, of course there are going to be some idiots and toxic comments but that is the nature of the internet…..or is the internet not inclusive also?

      • +3

        Actually it could potentially be used by a male to strengthen pelvic floor too. It could be a bit large, but that is how a guy with chronically weak pelvic floor would strengthen it. So this too is physiotherapy stuff for male as well. Not just women

      • -5

        inclusive place for men AND women

        @Lady Grey How about them?

        • how about who?

          • -3

            @dtc: Beyond the binary.

            • @gentlecrack: I know you are just trolling, but 'beyond the binary' is gender, not sex. This is an exercise/medical device that depends on your physical make up, which is not about gender.

              • @dtc: Yeah well, the comment about “making Ozbargain an inclusive place for men AND women” was not just in reference to this deal, but in general to any deals that gets posted here and the differential treatment. So it’s not just about sex.

                Even if it is (as you mentioned - physical make up), then consider intersex and DSD. Make it inclusive for all.

      • Who said they weren't?
        Just seems that $150 for a "device" with article links to Vice/Mashable hardly constitutes a qualified medical device.
        Your money though…

    • +42

      Because pelvic floor dysfunction is rife in women, particularly those who have been pregnant and given birth.

    • +45

      Because pregnant women carrying heavy babies lose the strength of their pelvic floor causing them to need physio therapy training so they don’t accidentally wet themselves after they have had the baby. Just recognise someone might need this.

  • +5

    Will this make me perifit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Haha oh no

  • Ozbargained

  • $151. LOL.

  • +5

    Can a man use this as well?

    • Can use it for trigger point therapy

    • Yeah try it lol

    • Men technically have pelvic floors as well, but I'm not sure where you'd insert this for the intended benefits ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • -5

        Your thoughts are correct according to Dr Google. However as usual with the current time, men seem to be left out with pelvic floor treatment devices too.

        • +2

          Usually products are invented or created because a widespread or commonly known problem is identified and there is a market failure or gap to solve that problem yet it could be lucrative for an individual or company. I am unsure of how large or widespread the issue of male pelvic floor weakness is, but I do know the issue of female incontinence because of weak pelvic floors as a result of pregnancy is extremely common and almost expected by every woman who falls pregnant. Market size is therefore huge therefore profit potential is also huge. Perhaps this is why this particular product exists and a solution for men either doesn’t exist yet or has not been put out to market or advertised well because it could be a “hidden problem” in that it is swept under the rug or not as prevalent in our society.

          • +5

            @Lady Grey: These products do exist for men (anybody who had taken 30 seconds to put into a search engine 'pelvic floor device men' would get hits such as this: https://elletens.com.au/products/sensatone-for-men), I'm concerned this is one of those 'whataboutery' devices employed to derail what is a critical health issue, and belittle a legitimate discount on a pricey product. Good find.

    • +3

      I suspect there are more than a few physiotherapists who would be very tempted to assist insensitive males in using this device even at the risk of professional misconduct.

      • +2

        There's actually not enough physiotherapists treating male incontinence due to the invasive nature of the treatment. Big problem in the industry actually. And yes, poor general public awareness of the issue.

  • +15

    Playing flappy bird with your vaginal walls. I'm into it.

    • +1

      is there a male version of perifit?

  • +1

    Genuine question, is there a site that is like ozbargain, but for adult toys?

    • +1

      No but you can make one

      • +3

        Meh, someone will get offended.

    • +2

      I don’t think so. Why don’t you make one?
      Build it and they will cum ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • +14

    Legit thought they were called pelvic floor exercises because you did them on the floor. Wasn't until our second child that me and the misses had 'the talk'.

  • +3

    Womb Raider

  • +6


  • +1

    Is the controller switch compatible?

  • And it's a pelvic thruuust. It really drives you in-say-yay-yay-yay-yay-yaaaaane.

  • +20

    Yikes at some of the comments

  • Digital interface for your lady bits

  • +26

    All the creeps who come in to these type of deals to flex their ignorance and predictable humour. Gets old

  • +1

    Who needs this thing?
    Just play drop ball!
    My high score is 6

  • +4

    Perifit uses proprietary algorithms to assess your personal pelvic floor performance against five key metrics: strength, endurance, frequency, release and accuracy.

    Strength… copy
    Endurance… copy
    Frequency… copy
    Release and accuracy… does this require the optional dartboard?

  • +10

    That's actually a really good idea- gamifying anything can completely change how people approach/keep with things. Great to see that it's crossed over to women's health. I appreciate the post OP, same as all the other bargains here, it will be useful for some people, and those it isn't useful for can scroll through other deals

  • +2

    It's a heck of a lot cheaper than paying an obstetrician to access and sit on a wave chair that's for sure.

  • +2

    are you related to Huawei or NSW government?


    • +21

      No, I’m a woman that recently had a baby but am under lockdown so I can’t see a physiotherapist or obstetrician about my pelvic floor and thought this might help me and I posted it on here because I thought it could help others.

      • Medical appointments count as care I thought? I'm definitely still seeing my physio in lockdown! (17 weeks post emergency c section)

        • +13

          Yep, technically can still see them but I’m in LGA of concern in Sydney so anxiety about contracting is high. I’m iffy about being in a room one on one with anyone not in my immediate family. Trying to self isolate until everyone in my household is fully vaccinated.

  • +14

    Clicked into what I thought was going to be an innocent deal with harmless jokes.. got reminded about the society we live in.

    • +2

      Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

      Edit: to be clear, some of the comments here, not the product.

    • +9

      Yup, it's terrible reading some of the comments on here isn't it. You can see why people are turned away from the place. Good on you @Lady Grey for not shying away from this.

  • I wonder if you can play doodle jump with it too 🤣

  • +3

    Keep up the good work Lady Grey - Spectra deal was much needed at the time!

  • +15

    Easy to spot those in the OzB community who don't have any interactions with women (except maybe their mums).

  • As a similar topic for those new parents out there, designer bums reusable nappies are 30% off ATM with coupon expo (shows on banner at top of site)

    Im on phone and can't be bothered making the post.


  • +5

    Thought about it. But over $150!?! I’m too tight for that

    • +5

      I see what you did there. And, even as the OP, I respect it.

      • +1

        PS I did actually order one thanks OP :)

        • Ha ha. Amazing. Glad to be of service.

    • Are you sure about that big jezza?

      • Pmsl
        Glad I could change the mood and help everyone loosen up a bit

  • +1

    Referral links are now working. 20% off using that too and you help a fellow ozbargainer!

    • How'd you get yours? I purchased and don't see any messages anywhere…

      • It was a popup that appears on the order complete screen. I can't figure out how to get it back sorry.

        • No worries, thanks!

  • +2

    So many distasteful comments on here. A little joking around is fine but there always seems to be people who take things too far. OzB should be about the bargains not this sexist immature crap. Anyways thanks for posting.