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Up to 50% off + Extra 30% off (Free Membership Required): Ultraboost from $91, Stan Smith from $34.30 + Delivery @ adidas Outlet


Adidas will be doing 30% off sitewide for their Members week. Creator club membership will be required to receive the 30% off (membership is free).

Ultraboost - from $91
Stan Smith shoes - from $34.30

Full T&Cs.

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  • "Might be an upsized cashback at the time to go with this sale."

    So you're speculating?

  • Fantastic deal! Will fill my cart in anticipation

  • Looking for some track pants, hopefully no price jack…

  • +12

    I have 4 pairs of ultraboosts, 2 pairs sitting in boxes for the last 6 months. Is it time to admit that 4 is enough or do I just buy another one?

    • +1

      I have Total 6, 2 unused, lets do it if its $91.
      We will just have to wear them off for a long long time :)

    • What are the best ultraboost to look for? Normally a Nike guy

      • Me too. I think the best Ultraboost is a Pegasus ;)
        I only have 1 pair of Adidas

      • +2

        Go for 4.0 DNA or UB20.
        (UB21 is not subject to extra sales anyway.)
        Dont forget the cash back 12% :)

        • +1

          I have to second that. I love my DNA 4.0s they are my daily drivers, I also have a pair of 20s that I haven't worn yet other than when they arrived to check the size. They are the only ones of the 19,20,21, summer ready ECT ECT that I like the look of. But the DNAs are nice classics. But I will say as a fairly regular runner Ultraboosts aren't for that they are for comfort/style not for running. Kayano's not only last longer but they deal with heal strike and stability issues way better. I can't speak for the 21s though and I've heard a few people say they are good for running but pretty few and far between.

      • +3

        I'm a Nike Structure/ Pegasus guy. Bought a few pairs of UB20s, Sense boost and a few others. Ended up returning them all. Guessing you either have a Adidas foot shape or you don't. I definitely don't. Found them narrower and tighter top/ bottom.

        • Ah. Are there any that suit wider feet? Air Force ones are a perfect fit for me in 12

          • @chris tarrant: Yeah, same. Didn't work out for me bud. Well actually, the Adidas Energy Falcons were the only wider shoe and only about $30 on sale. But it's basically a $40 shoe.

            Speaking of Air Force, I hadn't worn my pristine Air Force Lites for years. Bought them in the US in '99. Whacked em on the other day. So comfortable, but after 10 steps, the soles literally crumbled into pieces.

            Then looked it up and read that all old / vintage shoes with PU soles should NEVER be worn as the moisture in the air decays polyurethane. Lesson learnt.

            On a more positive note, Nike have started making wider mid foot shoes again. The new Pegasus (38) and Structure 23 and 24 have the older classic mid foot shape. Not sure about the modern Air Force.

        • -1

          Then up size. Go to a physical store and check them out.

          • +1

            @nikoris: With no extra holes to properly ankle lock feet slip and slide when upsized.

            All Adidas shoes suck for wider feet, especially their football boots

          • +3


            Go to a physical store and check them out.

            Clearly you're not from NSW…

        • For every ones Info, my physical size is 275cm, US 10 Ultraboost always been fit to me.
          For nike i used to buy 9.5w

          • -1

            @Just Invest: Can I just say… that's some small feet you have there for 276cm…. hmm that's pretty tall

      • 21’s. I run short distances in them (5kms) and for me they are like air max but better more stable.

        Oh yeah they look awesome too imo.

    • same situation with 13 pairs of adidas

    • Pull them out and wear each shoe at least a couple of days every few months or they break down.


    • 4 pairs is half the number of Jordan VIs that I own. Just buy more

  • Damn I have no choice but to stack up my ultraboost series…thanks OP

  • Will the extra 30% be automatic or a code that needs to be applied?

    • t&c says added at checkout when signed in

      • thanks :)

  • Hopefully I will finally get my bargain Stan Smith's after the JD Sports deal got cancelled.

    Does tomorrow mean after midnight tonight?

    • my JD Stan Smith's were shipped yesterday, 2 of my friends got the same size from the same deal and had their's cancelled. Very strange.

  • t&c says from 1 minute past midnight on Sunday

    • Filling my cart up now thanks.

      • +1

        You might want to check the t&c's, the exception list is considerably lengthily. Notable exceptions: ultraboost 21, ultraboost boston, those sorts of popular race shoes.

  • Damn, a lot of the ones I'm interested in are already sold out.

    I just want Lego Superstars tbh.

    • +1

      Lego series all sold out before member week.

  • Ah shit, here we go again

  • +1

    No additional discount on the UB21s according to t&cs which is a bit underwhelming.

    • yeah i was looking for the $91 UB21, but nowhere to be found…

  • +4

    Only 1 model of UB at $91 bit of a clickbait deal

  • Don't see the 30% at checkout, does anyone?

    • Mine says "HAPPY MEMBERS WEEK"…didn't come thru straight away but is there now.
      Check your items are eligible as there is a huge list of exclusions in the T&C's.

    • Either

  • +4

    Is there anything good at 50% off? Most stuff seems 30%

  • So, original price of UB21 is 270 which is now on sale for 189$ and after Happy members week it's coming to final price of 132.3$
    So it's working out 50% ..

  • +12

    crap sale

  • Is there any code?

    • +1

      Automatically deducted at checkout

  • +13

    Joke sale, the only one that is <$100 is a fguly yellowish white one, any half decent models are all full price.

  • closest colourway to triple black i could find in my size was a black/black/metallic pink pair for $127.40 delivered :\

    my wallet's happy anyway…picking up my $91 cc1dnas tomorrow

  • +1

    Terrible check out experience. Tried 3 times with Paypal but failed. Had to choose pay by card then at the payment screen change to paypal to go through.

    With their limited size and style offered, wouldn't they need to pay us to move their inventory? I'd imagine anyone would request handsome payment to wear this, lol https://www.adidas.com.au/adidas-love-unites-tiro-jersey/H50...

    • And with sales it takes up to 2 weeks to process then you find out if it goes through or you get a refund like I did last time only to find out two days later its back listed on their website as being in-stock

  • +1

    Is this on now?
    Because nothing is being reduced in cart.

    • I have tried it out and takes off the additional 30% for HAPPY MEMBERS WEEK

  • No Laceless Ultraboost?

  • -1

    There is no ultraboost for 90 bucks!

  • Thanks op….got the ub pb for 129

  • +2

    thx mate, another set of UB to leave in its box for a few years.

  • +1

    What's the difference between all the UB models (5.0, DNA, CC_1, Clima etc)?

    • was checking that myself, and comparing PB and DNA, appears the PB is quite light with similar cushioning…


      I reviewed the Ultraboost 20 in December, so I have a good handle on the similarities and differences between that shoe and the Ultraboost PB (hint: the differences are pretty much all in the upper).

      Simply put, the Ultraboost PB is a stripped-down version of the Ultraboost 20, without sacrificing any of the cush. For comparison, the Ultraboost 20 weighs 12.9 oz. (366 g) while the Ultraboost PB comes in at 11.3 oz. (321 g) for a US M10.5. Not lightweight by any means, but clearly the PB has been sticking to its New Year’s resolutions on cutting the carbs

  • +1

    Football shirts excluded…. Boooo.

  • Anyone getting errors with checkout?

    • +1

      Yeah it keeps saying PAYMENT FAILED
      Your payment was refused. Please try again using an alternative card or payment method.

      update: Tried again a few times, then in incognito and eventually went through

      • +1

        Yep same issue for me, eventually got through after my 4th attempt.

    • +1

      Yes I had payments issues too, so went via Paypal.
      Unfortunately, had 3 attempts at paying via Paypal and it did create 2 pending transactions for a while but it cleared after a few hours.
      This was around 830am ish.

  • Yeah I don't need more shoes. Stop tempting me fam.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Ordered, now sitting back waiting for the cancellation email.

  • +1

    Would’ve bought some stuff if we could’ve stacked another 15/20/25/30% codes on top. Adidas don’t allow that anymore 😤

  • +1

    I've had terrible experiences buying direct from Adidas.

    Last time I ordered, they waited for nearly a week and then cancelled half my order (apparently it took them nearly a week to work out they had run out of the size shoe I wanted, despite the website saying they had stock when I ordered)

    Even after they cancelled half the order, the pre-auth on my card for the full amount stayed there for another week! (even after the other uncancelled half arrived)

    When the remaining shoes did eventually arrive, I needed to return them because they were just too big (seems a lot of their shoes run big) so I sent them back, and after waiting the full 28 days for a refund (their website advises this is how long refunds can take! Which is a real piss take) I then had to chase them for the refund TWICE…which then took a further 10 days to appear back on my card.

    To summarise, they are VERY QUICK to take your money, but PAINFULLY SLOW to reimburse you.

    • not even quick to take my money. I had to try half a dozen times.

  • +1

    Damn you OzB'ers.
    No stock of the models I like in my size left! Damn seagulls!


    • +1

      you'll be pleased to know that even when I checked at wee:AM, lots of sanely priced items were already out of stock.

      • Is that bcos you bought loads of stock yourself and planning to list on eBay for a margin, then post a link on OzB?!?
        If so, listing you as one I'll boycott! lol…


        • +1

          ultraboosts got ozbargained by non-ozbargainers prepared to pay RRP or close to it.

  • Jumped in late and bought a pair of UB 21 Primeblue.

  • great discount! got the UB21 X Parley the other day

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