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Foxtel Now All Channels Package $49/Month for 12 Months @ Foxtel


Foxtel has a sale on Foxtel Now. Get all channels for $49/month for 12 months.

Not too bad of a value, considering that includes all the drama channels, entertainment, kids and sport.

Get all of Foxtel Now for
$49/mth for 12 months*

All seasons of Wentworth
50+ sports live
Over 1000 movies
The latest entertainment and drama
No installation or lock in contract
Limited time offer for new customers only. Offer ends 31 August 2021

Get TV channels across Drama, Sports, Movies, News, Comedy, Kids, Documentaries, Lifestyle & Entertainment.

Essentials = Pop and Lifestyle: 25+ channels of Lifestyle, Drama, Comedy, Reality, News and Entertainment
Sport: Foxtel Originals, HBO and our most popular shows
Drama Extra: The world's most addictive drama series
Movies: Over 1000 titles available on demand
Kids: Family friendly entertainment that kids love
Docos: The best docos and true crime

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      • You can still watch exactly the same movies and shows.

        AFL ?

        • +1

          Subscribing to Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and Amazon Prime one-at-a-time (in sequence) allows you to watch the same movies/shows as subscribing all four at once (in parallel).

        • Replace one of the above with Kayo?

        • AFL is a crap movie. Would not recommend.

    • This 100%

  • Whats on Foxtel Now that isn't on Binge?
    Obviously apart from sports

    • +4

      News channels (Sky and Fox, for example for RWNJ news, and CNN for something more sensible), plenty of documentary channels, a much bigger on demand catalogue, and ads - lots of ads.

      • +9

        LOL, CNN "sensible" They have been caught out many times for telling lies. All of corporate media are as bad as each other. Don't be ignorant.

        • +4

          You seem like someone who uses the word "sheeple" a lot.

      • CNN *if you prefer your news anchor selectively crying for added dramatization. Or video clips which are not shown in full in an attempt to hide context for a naive audience who don't know how to fact check.

      • +1

        All those "news" channels are complete brain numbing garbage, and another negative to having foxtel.

      • -2

        CNN is left-wing trash. Its ratings have collapsed this year.

        • +1

          All of the Foxtel news channels are shit 😂

    • Whats on Foxtel Now that isn't on Binge?


  • +1

    Seems pretty steep for streaming.
    Satellite connection at that price then yep be good.
    Sports delay is about 30secs at times, have had satellite going in TV and now on another as test

    • +1

      Sport is the only thing probably making this offer anywhere near decent. Basically Kayo + Foxtel Now Channels for $49 isn't the worst value, but you're right I actually hate knowing live sport is 30+ seconds behind generally

    • What's wrong with a 30 second delay?
      That sounds about right for live TV.

  • +5

    Yeah, no thanks. Don't want anything to do with Foxtel after cancelling their service a few years back.

  • Ok for those wanting Wentworth (assuming still not on Binge?) and 50fps sports replays (instead of 25fps on Kayo).

  • Thanks for this bargain, just pulled the trigger

  • Anyone find the correct price isn’t being shown or packs added when checking out?

    Also can’t get past the verification code…

  • +2

    i shall be paid $49/month to watch those annoying ads

  • +11

    Seriously this "Bargain" works in complete reverse. It emphasises how out of touch these guys are - nearly 50$ per month for ad riddled content.

  • 4PM today the new series of The Walking Dead is beginning :)

    • I believe you can get the same content on Binge for much less.

  • +4

    Garbage content riddled with Ads, overpriced, awful company. That's a hard no from me dawg.

  • +5

    Wow $49 a month for ads as well. These guys are so out of touch…. why this over say Netflix for something like $15 a month and no ads?

    • -2

      It's about the sport content and very often it's close association with alcohol. Society is ok with a person drinking with watching sport, so with Foxtel you're binging the carton you just bought…..with Netflix it's Stranger Things.

  • current tv is too old to install foxtel app, any alternatives to get foxtel on that tv except ordering another top box?

    • Kodi?

    • Just buy a Chromecast

    • Casting?

    • current tv is too old to install foxtel app

      Google TV

      • +1

        Google TV

        Ok, i've googled "TV", now what do I do?

        • +1

          Ask Alexa.

      • +1

        Unless I'm missing something, there isn't a Foxtel Now app for the Chromecast with Google TV

        • -1

          that sucks…

          No point in getting it then…

          • @jv: There is a solution. Install Kodi on the Chromecast, and then use Matt's Foxtel Go plugin to watch the content.

  • +1

    Clicking "redeem now" take me to a screen saying $25/mth?

    • This is only for the essential package

  • +11

    Antiquated pricing and business model. Foxtel is well past its used by date. Much like Rupert himself.

    • It is very much a prey mentality on people who just want simplicity as streaming 3-4 Services and YouTube can be terrifying for those who aren’t as tech savvy. Sad, but all streaming services are corporate money grabbers anyway lol

    • -3

      Why does Murdoch live in your head rent free? Like where does this biz are obsession come from?

      • +4

        “WhY aRE yoU sO oBsesSeD wItH RuPert?”

        He doesn’t live rent free in my head. I did a 5 sec competitive analysis in my head about products in market that stream video based content and price/value comparison. Look at all the comments on this post - I’m not the only one who has done the same and the price versus value and position in market doesn’t add up. And as part of my analysis I look at the owners/leaders of such companies and corporations and their reputation for ethical behaviour to earn a buck and Rupert is up there as one of the most, if not THE most, unethical corporate leader there is in the free world. Look at “News of the world” scandal, SKY NEWS channel content and the cretins (Credlin) on panels and messages that they spew, his own obsession with interfering with Australian politics…

        That’s my opinion and I ain’t the only one that shares it.

        • -7

          Sorry I’m not reading all that, much too busy

          • +1

            @Daz91: Ha ha ha ha.

            Daz91:Baits commmunity with comments/replies in defence of Rupert Murdoch.

            Also Daz91: Won’t engage in debate because iTs ToO MuCH tEXT tO REaD

            • -3

              @Lady Grey: If you think calling out your radicalism is bait then you’ve gone off the deep end

            • -1

              @Lady Grey:

              in defence of Rupert Murdoch.

              where ?

              • +1

                @jv: Having Daz91 call out a single comment I made critiquing Rupert Murdoch as a “biz are obsession” is a thinly veiled defence of Rupert Murdoch.

                Language doesn’t have to be explicit in order to be recognised for what it is.

        • -2

          You prefer left-wing trash it seems.

          • +1

            @Cheap Rich Guy: Interesting interpretation and assumption - Where did I say that? Explicitly or otherwise? Plenty of other news sources in Australia that aren't Murdoch owned and are also not spouting hard-left views.

            FYI - There are even international news sources to read now with the world wide web at our fingertips. Just because I don't subscribe to Murdoch media, you assume I "prefer left-wing trash".
            The world must only be black or white in your view.

      • +1

        I see you're just trolling, but I still like to answer this one.

        It's no exaggeration to say he's probably the person on the planet most to blame for inaction on Climate Change, using his megalopoly to brainwash/sow doubt/false comfort/denial/uncertainty to make money under the thin guise of a 'culture war'. So, he's really f*%king up my kids' future. Can't say I'm really happy about it

        But that's just one issue he's responsible for.

        • -2

          Oh I’m not trolling. You’ve been radicalised by the way, just so you know.

          • +2

            @Daz91: I have seen you critiquing a lot of people as being radical and I was hoping you could help me find more centre sites and examples?

            What do you consider the centrist news outlet?

            also which Australian politicians do you think are centre?

            I really hope you can impart your wisdom onto us

  • +5

    Do people really still sign up to Foxtel? Wow!

    • I say make the ABC subscription based and see how many sign up!

      • +1

        Missing the point.
        The ABC is so good because it can focus on informing people of the news, rather than providing thinly veiled "entertainment" in an attempt to turn a profit

  • For those looking, also try YouTube TV. Can be shared with up to 3 individuals.

    • I got stuck on this not working without vpn, and even then Google kept seeing it was behind vpn. Unfortunately got slugged for ~$80, so will need to follow some of those steps to see if I can get it working without a vpn

  • +6

    We're expected to pay that much AND have to watch ads?

  • +2

    Trash, can have several subscriptions to better services and still be cheaper.

  • +3

    Foxhel, no thanks!

  • Maybe at $24 p/month you could call this a bargain. I'm already struggling to justify a shared binge subscription now I've pretty much watched all their exclusive stuff I was interested not a great deal of new stuff coming from what I can see. Sports is a plus but if you gotta supply your own internet and can't share with other household $10-15 per month is about the max for me. So because it has sport I'd stretch it to $24 but even then it wouldn't be a lock.

  • +4

    You can watch ads for free.

    • and even get paid a little in crypto if you use Brave browser.

  • If you need a Foxtel now box Logan have them for $39 (first members) or $45 (non first members) plus delivery.

    Not a bad box for streaming, can install other apps, but slow down when too many are running.

    Found that you can get Foxtel Go service on it if you pay the extra $15 for another room. Managed to get it for free for a relative when told them they had moved home to a rental with no ability to get cable or satellite. Works well over Optus 4g mobile internet, but sucks the bandwidth even on low quality. They put it back to high so that Foxtel sports HD looks good, and it seems to upscale to 4k.

    • Logan is a suburb south of Brisbane. Full of *ogans who buy stuff from Kogan.

      • +6

        There once was a Bogan from Logan
        Who bought a TV from Kogan
        He thought he’d saved a heap
        Cos he bought it so cheap
        But it went back a week later, broken

        • Is that your original works ?

          Except for the last line needing some matching it was going fine . :)

          • +1

            @popsiee: It turned out to be a bloody grogan?

            • @Mr Fusi0n: Ha ha, not heard that as a slang word before……sounds painful.
              Gives a whole new meaning to a footlong

          • @popsiee: It's a 96% match according to this :-)

        • as a logan born and bred who now lives in noosa i approve of this trash talk of my motherland

    • Found that you can get Foxtel Go service on it if you pay the extra $15 for another room

      Better yet, don't bother with their box, use literally any (very likely better) Android box, and the Kodi add on to not pay for multiroom.

      • True. The Foxtel now box works for them. If they have a problem they just call Foxtel and they will help them out. It has the TV tuner built on, so they get all the terristial cahhnels too, and is part of the Foxtel interface, no need to use another app to go from Foxtel now to TV.

        It's not for everyone, just waiting for Amazon prime video to arrive without side loading and they will be happy.

  • +2

    Is this good for catching up with Alan Jones? Asking for a friend.

    • +1

      Your friend can catchup with Alan, and watch the adverts for FREE on Sky News Regional on free-to-air TV

  • +1

    Cant i just give my money to Rupert and his kids directly and not have to watch Harvey Norman advertisements?

    oh wait…. $40 million dollar handout already went to Fox Sports.

  • +1

    With all the streaming services available and I think more coming out regularly it’s just not feasible to have them all.

    My approach is to sign up when there’s a few things I want to watch and then discontinue it. For example my wife wants to watch the next few seasons of Chicago Fire which I think are now only available on Foxtel. She’ll probably watch them over a few weeks - is it $49 worth it to let her watch it? Sure. Will we roll over into that second month? Hell no. I’ll let Rupert show me a good time, but no way I’m marrying him. Netflix however is another story…

    • exactly what i do

      binge to binge its a different service

      edit and no i dont use the shitty service that calls itself Binge. isnt that just foxtel now anyway ?

  • +1

    You can get 5 different streaming services for this price.
    Not a deal.

    • +1

      Which 5 that total $49 or less and includes sport?

      • +3

        I get Netflix, Kayo, Binge, Amazon Prime and Disney+. I share with my brother. He pays for Netflix and Kayo. I pay the other 3. I'm sure in the future this loophole will be fixed but for now I get 5 for about $30 a month 😁

    • -1

      no you can't

    • +2

      Assuming you don't want to go in with another household, don't have any promo codes/trials, don't have a VPN and you want at least HD, I figure that's $60 for the top 5 non-Foxtel streaming services. Change any of those things and it would be much cheaper.

      Service Plan Price p.m.
      Prime video Annual 5
      Netflix Standard 16
      Disney plus Annual 10
      Stan Standard 14
      Youtube premium NA 15
      TOTAL 60

      • +5

        A true Ozbargainer would never pay $15pm for Youtube Premium.

        • what do you recommend if you really cant risk your gsuite account being deleted due to a TOS violation ?

          • +2

            @ndftz: A true Ozbargainer would never use their primary gmail account to get cheap Youtube Premium.

  • +4

    Might be cheap for foxtel, but with the way the streaming market is at the moment this still feels really expensive.

  • +3

    Still overpriced

  • +5

    I read it as 49 dollars for 12 months and still thought it was too high.

  • +1

    Rubbish value

  • +13

    Credit to op for finding a price drop but we need to do everything we can to help Foxtel die and free up content licencing for viable, less exploitative services.

  • +3

    That is cheap for foxtel but still about $40 a month more than I’d be willing to pay for it

  • Pretty sure they would still charge you for the hd channels, always thought that was the biggest rip off

  • +9

    Lol, I was trying to justify it to myself at $49 for 12 months of Foxtel Now, then I read the comments and saw that it is in fact, $49 per month for a 12 month contract.

    No effing way.

    Not even in 4K res. Foxtel needs to die.

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