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[Android] 5x, 10x or 15x Play Points Boost for 5 Days on Google Play


Not Sure if targeted.

If you got it, donot start it right now.

Best to start it on 28 Aug. So you can buy the new Battle Pass for Genshin Impact 2.1

Here is the deal you get 15* point for $1 you spend. So every $10 = 150 points and you can buy $3 coupon with 150 point for genshin impact. Which works out to be 30%.
You can get more off if you combine it with 10% off google play gift card.


For most non-f2p player is best to buy the Battle Pass and Blessing Of The Welkin Moon (Up to 180 days) I still have 130 days from last 5 * points ><.

For the whale Initial Top-Up Bonus Reset on 2.1. If you active the deal on 28 Aug, you can double dip.

Remeber to charge the most expensive one first so you use up the $3 off coupons after.

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  • +4

    It's your money, spend it as you wish but… don't support these microtransaction practises for digital in game purchases that are ruining the gaming industry… :(

    • +6

      The game is free to play, how else would they make their money?

      I don't agree with MTX in full priced games, but this is different.

      • +4

        By offering non-gambling monetization without a gacha system.

  • Mine is 10x points boost.

    This isn't really a Genshin deal, it's just on all Google Play purchases.

  • Just started playing on iOS.

    Locking the Settings menu behind ~10 minutes of gameplay is one of the worst UI disasters I've ever seen.

  • I got 5x

  • Where is the 10% off giftcard available from at moment?
    Must be targetted. I've got no offers

  • I've got 12x

  • At the end, I didn't buy any Crystal. But charged blessing to 210 days and bought battle pass。

    And I used all my 32000 primo saving for Baal. I got her to c2 and engulfing lightning. Thank you mihoyo!