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200 Masks, 400 Gloves, 10 Boxes Disinfecting Wipes, 2x Disinfecting Wipes Refills $215 (Was $224.82) + Delivery @ Origin Dental


Individual Prices

Latex Gloves box of 100 — $15.49/box
Masks box of 50 — $7.99/box
Disinfecting wipes — $9.99/box

Our PPE bundle $215 includes:

Gloves x 10 boxes
Masks x 4 boxes
Disinfecting wipes x 2 boxes
Disinfecting wipes refills x 2 boxes

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    Hi Rep, I don't see any condoms in this? Can I cut the fingers off the gloves? Please advise.
    edit: when I commented this read as "Personal Protective Equipment Bundles"

  • $10 per sale into advertising on Ozb

    Decent try at a drop ship


  • +4

    Less than $10 "bargain." Not even 5%

  • Need to stock up on masks (not 100s but a few for 2 people)
    Any good bargains around?

    • Why would you need to stock up on masks?

      • Covid lockdown if you live in Sydney and Melbourne

        • -2

          ?? The question still remains

      • Sydney - locked down since June

  • +2

    Time to start my own hospital.

    Any discount codes for employing staff via airtasker?

    • Dime a dozen

      That said; how serious are you about staying alive?

      This is a pretty decent deal for a pretty decent mask set - again; pay more if you want to genuinely stay alive vs avoid a fine.

      • Fully vaxxed, wear a mask, practice social distancing.

        Unfortunately I am still working and in an indoor environment with recirculated air, it's going to be hard not to contract if someone is infected.

        • I actually meant to reply to the person asking were there any deals on masks out there. Sorry!

  • +2

    Member Since: 39 min ago

    Your deal aint OzB friendly.

  • +11

    Might as well be $1million, nobody is buying this nonsense, overpriced 'bargain'.

  • Insane prices for crap no brand product.

    Perhaps if they were proper branded Nitrile gloves and masks?

  • I'll give you 30 dollars for everything.

  • Best I can do is $21.5, chum.

  • seller must be overstock and tried to dump the overstocks items…
    but then price is not good enough !

  • Too expensive

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