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[VIC] Gaggia Classic Pro Coffee Machine $599.98 (in-Store) @ Costco Ringwood (Membership Required)


Found this when I was in Costco ringwood yesterday. Very good deal. Not sure about other states.

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  • wow great price!

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    I think this was what I had as my first espresso machine. Worked well for years, makes good espresso. It’s just very compact.

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      It’s just very compact.

      What's wrong with that?

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        cannot handle a big cup

        • If you get a bottomless portafilter or slimline drip tray for it, it can fit most regular cups.

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    Last year I tried to purchase from Appliance Online but they weren't going to deliver until 3 months after.

  • I have older model Gaggia from 2011, is this worth the upgrade? I changed my steam wand to this model already

    • You can probably sell your old one for $300 and get this one. I heard the steaming is stronger on this new one

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      Personally I’d keep running the older model until it breaks. They actually cheapened out on the 2015 model and the new 2019 model is more akin to your model anyway.

      You’re not going to get a significant difference with a new model, especially if you’ve already upgraded the wand

    • Have you done the OPV mod on your machine yet? Instead of upgrading, id do that it would become 100xbetter.

      • Been thinking about doing this for a while. Did you diy? And if so, did you get a kit?

        Edit - I thought you meant the PID mod; my bad. I did the OPV via cutting the spring a couple of rungs. Worked a treat and marked improvement in consistency and quality.

        • Did you do the PID mod? I had a quick look on google and it looks well complicated and expensive :(

          • @imaDOOFUS: Nope just the OPV. I'm keen to try the PID but I've only had my Gaggia for a few months so I'll wait a bit. From a bit of research though, people seem to say it's easier than it looks.

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              @bananafish05: It's more fiddly than complex - and sometimes challenging solely because it's hard to reach into the space/s.

              As long as you are relatively handy with little DIY projects, and can follow instructions, it's very doable.

              If you're not technically-minded at all I think you might struggle.

              That said, if you purchase from Mr Shades he is very very helpful at assisting his customers if they get stuck, and will even get on live chat with you to help move forward.

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              @bananafish05: Yeah its not hard at all. I got the Mr Shades kit and I couldn't imagine having a machine without a PID now.

          • @imaDOOFUS: I got the PID kit for my Rancilio from here https://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cP...
            Stupid easy to install and is pre-tuned to the machine. Stupid fast shipping too - I think it was 2 days from order to delivery in Melb.

            I expect it will be a similar process for the Gaggia (which I have also had in the past)

      • There's quite a following for modding and tinkering with most coffee machines.
        Without knowing too much about PID and OPV I haven't bothered, doesn't seem that cheap anymore anyway.
        Definitely worth doing the Silvia steam wand mod, but you get used to the machine, the grind, different beans and technique anyway and it comes out great. Very nice crema with this machine.

    • If it's the older Gaggia Classic, the older model should have a larger Solenoid valve which is better than the smaller ones they fit the new models with.
      The newer models have better steam capacities but I think the larger valve is better as it means there will be less issues with clogging/maintenance.

    • Some prefer older Gaggia Classic over Gaggia Classic Pro.

      • The current model reinstated some of the features that were loved about older models, that were lost in the prior model. There's no reason to find an old one - current is the best.

    • I've still got mine from ~2008 and still going great. Had one service in 2019 (and leaking pump replaced).
      No real point upgrading as they'd still make the same coffee and similar enough.
      I also did the silvia wand upgrade soon after I got it, and did away with those disgusting black plastic attachments.

      I'd highly recommend getting a Slim drip tray complete with long vent tube for Gaggia Classic, I have one and they are fantasic. Can fit normal sized cups under the group head, gets annoying pulling the stock one out all the time.

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        People that actually have one already will appreciate this

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    This is same price in SA Costco

    • i was there last night and didn't see this machine there. where in the store is it?

      • I saw it on a pallet in the middle of the store opposite the clothes

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    I had one for many years. Amazing machine and super reliable. Changed steaming wand to make it steam better.

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    I have this machine, paid closer to $750 from memory. It is a seriously good machine for what I call 'the brilliant basics'. Comes with a range of baskets/options, the double wall makes a great crema espresso. Steamer is capable and definitely fits the bill for a morning coffee 2-4 cups… The one thing that frustrates me is the low clearance from the basket to the well/drip tray limits the size of the cup. Feel free to AMA on the machine here on this thread… Great spotting OP

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      A lot of owners buy the aftermarket slimline driptray.
      Or bottomless portafilter.

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        Thanks! Now you've got me hunting… Found anything local? Most seem to be shipped from UK / US…

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    I got this machine last year and just a warning to everyone, had to take it back for repair a few times before it works properly. the inner black rubber ring kept falling out and they tried greasing it, and then eventually replaced it with another one. apparently it's a known manufacturing defect with this model. but now that it works i'm pretty happy with it.

  • How is this compare with Breville BES920 dual boiler?

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      Straight out of the box, the BES920 would be better. These machines require modding/warranty voiding to get to cafe level quality.

      • Thanks. Maybe I’ll wait.

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        There is also a lot of modding you can do with the BES920 which would put it well beyond what you can achieve with a Gaggia Classic

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      These are built to last given you take care of it, service it etc. Each component is built to be replaced. The Breville will probably pull similar shots and has a second boiler but due to so much tech involved not as easily repaired and more can go wrong.

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        Yes having used both, I would say the Breville is easier to get consistant shots. Almost foolproof. Plus the steaming is much better. The big thing is longevity and serviceabilty. The Brevilles seem to break down, and unless you can do it yourself (still difficult), become uneconomic to repair.

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      BES920 is way better.
      something like a tesla model X vs. a manual SUV without air conditioner.

      • what about the pressure?> I have the barista express and I've found the pressure isn't enough to pull a decent flavoured shot, that aromatic smell you get after a coffee gets extraacted.

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    If you want to learn how to make great espresso, this is a solid machine for you whether it's a stepping stone or the machine you hang onto for years. There is a learning curve, so if you're new to espresso it will take you a little while to get comf with the workflow.

    If you grab this for $600, and you want more out of it, there are some great mods to take it to the next level - PID temperature control, OPV mod (pressure), and grab a low-profile drip tray. You can also change the steam wand tip to single hole. All from Mr Shades of Coffee (UK).

    All up you'll be around $800 (machine plus mods) - you won't find a similar value proposition at that price unless you move more to appliance type machines (Breville).

  • Awesome work OP - have been on the market for this, Sucks that we are in lockdown and i cant go over to pick it up. I think segafredo do price matches. Have emailed them to find out if they can give the same deal.

  • Did they have the black model?

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      Grey only in store.
      Online has blue and red also but $640 delivered

  • Great machine, great price. I started on this also and it's solid.

  • Aah the one that got away. I always wanted this to be my first espresso machine :). This needs to be paired with a decent grinder and its a match made in heaven.

  • I had this machine for several years. Moved to a place I couldn't even have a coffee machine on the bench. It was a great small machine. Loved it. If I had a spare few hundred dollars I would be jumping at this deal.

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    This (or the Rancilio Silvia) should be the OzBargain "Best Bang for Your Buck" starter home espresso machine.

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      Rancilio is bit better but does cost almost twice as much. Both very good and but this would probably suffice most 90% of coffee drinkers

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      Ive had my Rancilio over 10 years. And I bought it second hand. These machines are gold. It is a bit of craft to perfect your method but satisfying/rewarding as you learn over the years.

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        Well-said mate. My V2 Silvia is still going with its second owner almost 14 years after I purchased it (10 years after I sold it!)

        • I am 90% sure my one is a V1 which could put it closer to 20 years than 15. It looks a little shabby compared to the new machines but I would like to get a refurb at some point. It still pulls a great espresso. Very little maintenance. Never had any problems.

          • @burns13: Amazing!

            My main machine (La Marzocco GS3 MP) needs to go in for a major service as they are not doing in-home servicing at the moment. I'm thinking about picking-up a Silvia as a stand-in while it's out of action.

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      Bang for back starter - i would say breville bambino plus for $361 at TGG Commercial.

      • Cheap doesn't make it good bang for buck. Just cheap.

        • Well many would disagree with you. Im saying bang for buck the bambino is a better starter choice and not the better coffee machine. The bambino plus has many features you won't find under $500 - PID, pre-infusion, automatic steaming, 3 sec heat up, small foot print. Add the breville smart grinder and for under $600 it's a perfect starter.

          Yes the Gaggia is a better coffee machine and definitely good price but when you add cost of mods you are getting closer to $900 so not sure about bang for buck, better off getting the dual boiler. And also add the cost of a decent grinder like a Eureka Mignon to pair you're getting more into enthusiast territory than starter.

          Here's a good comparison of a few coffee machines around $500. The bambino gets a good wrap.


          • @tman2020: Do you think the bambino plus a separate grinder would be better than an all-in-one like the breville barista express?
            Functions seem similar, but I have no clue with coffee machines except how to reach the brochure

            • @cpho: Unless space is a huge concern, having a separate grinder would generally be better for a few reasons:
              - if either machine breaks, just replace/fix the machine in question;
              - can upgrade either the espresso machine or the grinder separately in the future, instead of having to buy both.
              In particular, if you measure the bambino plus and a standalone grinder such as Eureka Mignon side-by-side, they have the same dimensions as the Breville Barista Express so the space issue isn't as relevant.

            • @cpho: @cpho Yes, for the same reasons above. When I last checked the bambino plus and smart grinder came in around $580 from TGG Commercial so similar price to the barrister espresso. The smart grinder and Espress one are OKish but going separates allows you to get a better grinder like the Eureka Mignon. Spend more on the grinder, makes more difference than the coffee machine.

              • @tman2020: @grackfight420 @tman2020 thanks both for your advice. i'll try get separate machines then.

        • Don't think any of those automatic Brevilles would make as good coffee as a Gaggia classic

          • @G-rig: Agree 100% mate.

          • @G-rig: The gaggia is not even 9 bars out of the box.

            • @raven2000: Lol it's 15 Bar

              • @G-rig: Yeah so? Espresso is best with 9 bar not 15. Many buyers of Gaggia fork out for this mod: https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/ive-installed-the-opv-mod-a...

                • @raven2000: Huh? You said

                  The gaggia is not even 9 bars out of the box.

                  What do you want.

                  Those mods aren't exactly necessary but good if you enjoy tinkering. It's not the machine if you are pumping out cup after cup, but an excellent entry level price (~$600) for a manual coffee machine. Otherwise just get an automatic Breville for a bit less, which doesn't make as good coffee. Like anything, you could spend a fortune on these things.

            • @raven2000: Agreed - there are plenty of examples of machines that aren't calibrated for 9-bar out-of-the-box - including some that are three times the price (or more) of the Gaggia. It's quite ridiculous that manufacturers do this, but a lot of prosumers either won't know or realise, or won't care.

              For budding Gaggia owners - the OPV mod to achieve 9-bar pressure through the puck is a 10-minute job and requires replacing one sprint inside the unit with a slightly more 'spongy' spring (Mr Shades UK sells the spring kit).

              There's a YouTube vid to guide and it doesn't require a love of modding to stomach it. It's probably the biggest bang for buck improvement you'll get and one of the easiest changes to make.

              • @fookos: I was under the impression the more expensive machines have greater pressure - i certainly wouldn't want less for frothing milk (and usually have to wait a few minutes after doing the shot. Doesn't worry me if the shot takes 10s or 30s for home use (one or two a day).

                If you recommend this I may look into it, just wasn't going to drop $100-300 on various mods when the machine is only worth so much.
                Sounds worthwhile though if it's a cheap spring. The rancilio silvia wand mod and lowered drip tray (from Mr Shades) have been well worth it (as well as an extra spacer in my trusty EM0480 grinder to go finer.

                • @G-rig: @G-rig - in response to your post above:

                  1) No, greater pressure is not a feature of a better or more expensive machine. You don't want the water to tear through the coffee puck at such high force that it has the opposite effect on extraction. You can end up with terrible shots, and dialing in can be very tricky. Sour shots are often an outcome.

                  2) Shot pressure has no correlation with steam pressure, as the OPV isn't in the equation there.

                  3) You should be worried if you're pulling 10 second shots - that's too fast and you won't be getting a suitable extraction. You should consistently be aiming for a yield of 1:2 in around the 30 sec, though that will change a little depending on your beans and preferred flavour profile.

                  There are lots of great sources of information online for coffee enthusiasts so do a bit of searching and enjoy the ride.

                  • @fookos: Ah got it, just found have to wait a bit after doing the shot before steaming the milk (for it to get up to pressure?)

                    Yeah the shots take around 30s so all good there.

  • Can anyone recommend a good compact grinder to go with?

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      I have a sette 270, It makes amazing coffee. Perfect for learning how to make better coffee.

      • +2

        Excellent grinder for money. Also consider Eureka Mignon, which is a step up but also in price.

        • I was very surprised with the build quality of my Eureka Mignon, they're fantastic unbeatable for the money!

    • +3

      Niche Zero if you get lucky and find stock. If you're into single-dosing, you'll happily hold onto it for years.

      Note, it's cheaper to buy direct from Niche UK when they release more Aus stock. Local retailers mark it up substantially.

      • +3

        Niche Zero FTW. That's my current grinder of choice, too.

        BTW - the reason it's so expensive, now, if you do find a retailer selling it? There's a good explainer here. Spoiler: After letting the original distributer and retailers build brand awareness and demand, Niche screwed them over and went with a direct distribution model. :-(

        • +1

          Wow interesting read - I never knew that!

          The single dose Eureka Mignon looks to be a good alternative as mentioned though. But I’ve already got the Silenzio :(

    • Eureka Mignon Manuale: $480 locally or ~$350 imported.

  • -3

    and we are trying to work out why we have mystery cases.

  • +1

    Great machine for the price, best value for shots. Paired with decent grinder it'll perform excellent!

    If you like milk you'll want Silvia, but this is excellent value.

    • what do you mean if you like milk? the silvia frothes betteR?

      • Silvia has substantially more thermal mass and offers more consistency in brew head temperature as well as faster recovery time between extraction and steaming activities.

      • +1

        For sure, Silvia has more steam power, as OzDJ said below. I only drink lattes and flatties.

        Heats up faster too. If your budget extends another 400 I'd consider Silvia. I have one, no regrets.

        • I thought Silvia boiler was slow to heat up for steam ready?

          The above comments do apply, with Silva v Gaggia Pro, but if you have a PID installed on the Gaggia you can achieve better steam capability (increased steam temp and therefore pressure) and recovery is solid.

          • @fookos: Takes about 30s to come up, and 10s of water purge after.

            By the time I go to fridge, get milk, pour milk, return milk to fridge, purge water from wand, it is about ready so.

            • @mrsinistah: Don't let the ready light come on before you start steaming. After you turn the steam heater on start steaming your milk about 15sec in. The heater element stays on longer and you don't run out of steam.

          • @fookos: I'll time it for you this arvo if you'd like :) If I remember to!

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    My Gaggia classic been going strong for 14 years now. I love mine.

    • I bought my Gaggia Classic in 2011 in the UK for GBP185. Bought the Gaggia 2 Cup Filter Basket (Not Pressurised) NF08/005 for GBP12. Been working great ever since.

      I use a German hand coffee grinder from a German flea market - works well and morning workout as a bonus :-)

    • Same, see comments above and recommend a lowered drip tray

  • Does anyone know if it is available in Epping shop?