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Men's Superdry Pro Elite Jacket $79.20 (Was $249.95) Delivered @ Superdry


20% cheaper than this deal
Deep Navy/purple - sizes medium and up
Black - sizes large and up
Green - sizes large and up
As per previous comments, sizing runs small.

Mens jacket with zip front
Long sleeves with popper cuffs
Adjustable bungee hood
Two zip pockets
Single internal pocket
Adjustable button fastening at side
Bungee cord at hem
Superdry logo badge on sleeve

Extra 20% off at checkout on large range of items. Free shipping over $50.

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  • +15

    Superdry sizes are comically small. I'm normally an S or M but an L superdry jacket is barely big enough for me.

    • +6

      lucky most gyms are closed and you can't bulk up.

    • +2

      Eat 1 cheeseburger and you'll jump from a Small to a Large. Don't get me started on their jean sizes….how does a human fit in those things, do their legs get enough blood circulation?

        • +12

          Superdry plc (stylised as SUPERDRY®︎冒険魂) is a UK branded clothing company, and owner of the Superdry label. Superdry products combine vintage Americana styling with Japanese inspired graphics. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


      • +5

        Don't get me started on their jean sizes….how does a human fit in those things, do their legs get enough blood circulation?

        Health authorities need to investigate the clothing and its connection to blood clots instead of just blaming the vaccines.

        • So that’s why TTS tends to affect women more than men - their crazy fashions!

          • +1

            @spillmill: Mate, I might be onto something. I think I deserve a Nobel prize.

            • @RSmith: As long as the jeans are stretchy it's hardly an issue, unless you're getting cardboard jeans like Levi's with no give (and too small)

      • That's because they're Asian sizes.

    • they had measurements in the size guide, i hope they are accurate lol

    • It varies from product to product. I'm usually an S, but one of the jackets I received was like a dress on me. Conversely, I couldn't even put on a small Henley and had to trade it out for a large.

  • +2

    wait … 4.9% cashback @cashrewards

    • +2

      5.5% at shopback.
      Forgot to add these in the post.

  • +4

    thanks for posting! bought one…prefer green (inside orange), wearing black more like an old man IMO

  • +11

    Do I need it?


    Must resist.

    • Nah, go for it, you'll love it

  • Are the waist area adjustable?

    • Bungee cord hem, so kind like it. Looks a bit straight in the pic so luckily that's the go.

      Thought I'd try one anyway, pretty good for $75 and don't have a single water resistant jacket

  • +13

    Thank God my size is out of stock. Phew
    Too many jackets and nowhere to go in this lockdown.

  • +1

    Why does OzBargainers like SuperDry?

    • Coz they think its better to be super wet in a super-dry jacket than be super dry in cheaper more efficient jacket.

      Pro & Elite

      • -1

        Pro Elite Ultra super premium???

    • Good quality clothing that lasts for years.
      Same argument as for RM Williams boots, except Superdry on sale costs barely more than cheaper brands

      • +3

        superdry is dogshit quality. this jacket is worth maybe $40.

        for some reason people think random nonsense japanese letters must mean it also has mastercraft japanese hikers designing the clothes. superdry is NOT an outdoors brand, it is trended mallcore garbage. a random UK brand that hit big on the japanese letter fetish that has infested mall brands in the last 7 years that is beginning to wane only now.

        compare the rubbish superdry sells to patagonia - there is no contest. horrible QC, materials, sizing, everything. if you want a good jacket atleast goto kathmandu or macpac, or buy second hand from respected brand like patagonia, TNF, even columbia.

        the reason they can do such insane sales (for some reason no other respectable company can do) is because they have insane markup on their products. 250 for this jacket should literally be illegal, its comedy.

        sorry for the rant! :)

        • +2

          Seems like pretty good quality stuff to me, in general fairly thick and well made.
          I don't usually go for heavy logos and slogans, more of a basics look but got some of the polos and tees.
          Would never pay the asking RRP, but heavily discounted a lot of the time and then is kind of worthwhile.
          Most people won't wear it camping or in the outback, won't be drizzabone tough.
          Not disagreeing though, most brands you're just paying for the brand name.
          It's known to run a size small, the stuff i've seen is consistent. Try cycling clothing QC, then you'd know about fit variance, haha

        • a random UK brand that hit big on the japanese letter fetish that has infested mall brands in the last 7 years

          Bit like aussies that get a tattoo of an asian character or word in Bali, haha

        • You are wrong on almost all accounts. Their basics are excellent, lots of quality cotton clothing, and a good selection of synthetic jackets too. There are items with big letters, and those with none. Choice for all budgets. No point in arguing taste, but value is easily found during seasonal sales.

  • +3

    There's absolutely nothing pro or elite about Superdry.

  • +1

    250 ?? really !! damn .. looks like a decent quality camping jacket ..warm..maybe waterproof .. definitely not something you would wear outside of a camping trip .. well to be honest unlike good camping/outdoor wear there is no mention of stitching quality either so well .. to each their own

    • +1

      Meh, i wouldn't waste money on this for outdoor trip. Last time I brought a superdry jacket up Tasmanian mountain (the one with overly unnecessary amount of zip) and it didn't stay dry for long, my missus' $25 rain jacket from Cradle Mountain shop did a better job.

  • +3

    Winter is literally over next week and we are still in lockdown. Must resist!

  • Are they warm enough for middle of winter?

    • Depends on the winter and location. Good enough for Sydney this year.

  • +1

    I bought medium when this was on sale a couple of weeks ago for $20 more.

    I was a bit peeved but I see medium is OOS so that's ok.

    Good jacket for the price. Plenty warm.

    I'm normally a medium and it fits right. Maybe slightly too big. The sleeves are on the longer side.

    • Good feedback, grabbed a medium in the early hours, navy will be something different (got enough black/green hoodies)
      Can always take it back if it's no good (got a few superdry shirts in the same size so no reason to get any different size)

  • +3

    First review on page:

    Great jacket
    Has an inner breast pocket which I find useful to store my spectacles when not in use.

    What about his top hat and pipe?

    • +1

      There are separate pockets for those. No pocket for slippers unfortunately.

  • looks to be most items in the outlet store,

    bought a polo and t shirt, hopefully this is the only time i am ever an extra large (in clothing that is)

  • anyone know where superdry source their cotton from?

    • China

    • +1


    • Most cotton items I bought are made in India.

  • -1

    Anyone else feel that words like Pro and Elite now indicate LOWER quality rather than better? You don't see brands like Arc'teryx selling Super Pro Elite Premium jackets.

  • will these keep you dry in the rain? or does it soak through?

    • +1

      It’s ok for 5 mins heavy or 30 mins showers but not heavy sustained rain

  • Moncler is better.

  • Bought two on the last deal for $99 ea. Got large one (I'm normally medium) 5'8 75kg - but fits quite baggy.
    Got mediums instead - fits well. For the price.. it's okay. Pretty warm for a not too thick jacket! Satisfied with it.

  • +1

    I'm almost the same size 180 cm 75kg. Got a medium from last deal and fits well. Room to layer a light jumper underneath. It's becoming a favourite for commuting to work. As for warmth it's good for a Sydney winter.

    I've worn in short bursts of moderate rain and was fine. Walking 300m to the car and similar limited exposure. I wouldn't trust it in prolonged heavy rain or treat it as a rain coat. It's light and comfy but I wouldn't wear it in rough environments as it wouldn't last long.

  • +1

    Bought one! XL. Thx OP!

    With jackets go one up from your regular size! Fits more clothes such as jumpers!

    • +1

      If you're in a state under protracted lockdown, go up two sizes.

    • Would be plenty by itself for Brisbane (although has been cold this year)
      if you look at the comments it's not a sports/slim fit and is true to size so hopefully alright

  • Only Sizes left:
    Green: 2XL
    Purple: 2XL & 3XL
    Black: 2XL

  • Purchased one last deal about a month ago. Not sure what all the hype is, they are not that warm. Cant comment on the waterproofness, but its as warm as a $35 K-Mart jacker i purchased about 3 months ago for winter.

  • +1

    Aldi jackets better quality, less Japanese letters as well, just Chinese letters on the tag.

    • ALDI sells really got jackets for the skiing season, but you can buy them only during that one week a year, generally. On the other hand, Superdry sells jackets year round, and there's usually something on sale. It's also true that they're always more expensive than ALDI.

  • +1

    Sick, purchased a purple (deep navy) one. Been looking for a new winter jacket.

    I know SuperDry tend to be SuperSmall. Sized at XXL for ~45 inch chest (and growing), hopefully it's a good fit.

    Successfully tracked with CashRewards for extra 4.9% off.

    Thank u OP senpai

    • Awesome Ozbargainer!!!

  • Got one last month, I honestly like it, I found it super warm and definitely would buy a size up,its a Lil snug but I'd recommend for $80

    • +1

      How does it go for a wind breaker? Does it soak in the rain from your experience? Is the inside pocket conveniently placed, what can you put in it? Thanks

      • As a windbreaker: good
        Experience with water: doesn't seem to soak, can put an arm underneath the shower and seems to roll off, doesn't go through
        Pocket:conveniently placed on left side for size is about big enough for a phone to fit comfortably. Hopefully helpful!

        • Thanks

  • Got my XXL delivered today, can't fault the speedy deliver. The sizing, however, is way off. This jacket is HUGE and absolutely bigger than the 44-46" chest recommended sizing. I could stuff a pillow underneath with room to spare, more like 54"+. Which is what I would expect from XXL, I'm usually a Large.

    Pending return and once again unhappy with SuperDry sizing standards.

    • That sucks, online clothes shopping is hit and miss. A lot of the site reviews said true to size, but everyone tends to tell you to order one size up in superdry.

      The delivery time is ages away here (Friday)

      • Yeah I find I never have any luck with clothes online, I always try in store first if possible. I've been holding out all year for a new jacket and now it's bloody Spring already and I've been cold AF lol.

        Fortunately I paid with PayPal to cover return shipping, I thought SuperDry covered it but just read otherwise on the returns page.

        Honestly I've never found a comfortable fit (at a reasonable price) out of all the SuperDry clothing I've tried, and I've pawed through the whole Melbourne CBD store multiple times. A brand to be avoided in my experience.

        • Didn't know that about Paypal, that's lucky. Think I did c/card but there's a store at Germside (QLD) so can hopefully return/exchange there if need be.
          This winter has been cold lol. Agree though, it's a pain in general, some people saying the fit is big/small.. kind of have to buy familiar fitting brands.

    • Wow you weren't wrong, i'm usually a M and the L I just received is gigantic. Stupid thing is that I have 2 other Superdry jackets and one fits true to size and the other runs small. Glad i paid via PayPal as well!

  • The sizing is confusing got a M its like a S

  • I got mine too, Medium is pretty generous, feel like I could have got a small.
    shoulder width fine, the torso length pretty long and bit loose in general.

  • Can you exchange it for a smaller size? Would this be an additional cost?

    I got the XL and is definitely roomy inside and blocks out the wind today perfectly.

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