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Keysmart Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer $26.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


A deal for some and maybe not for some.
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Accessory pack $8.99 + 20%
Keysmart Urban 21 $19.99 +40% - Expired
Keysmart Nano Scissor $17.99 +20%

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      no ones falling for your traps mate

  • is this the same or better than orbit keys?

    • I reckon orbit key look nicer, but just bought these as well to try out.

    • Aesthetically, worse than Orbitkey. This just looks like a Swiss Army Knife for your keys.

      (I have both an Orbitkey and a Swiss Army Knife)

    • I don't own the orbitkey, but I would say keysmart is more durable being metal as opposed to canvas/leather; however, could scratch your phone (not that ive noticed)

    • this looks more compact and you keys are better squeezed together.

      • Plus they don't flood my facebook with ads unlike Orbitkeys!

    • +1

      I think it depends on what your preference is. I have both Orbitkey and the Keysmart compact and i use the Keysmart for my day to day keys because its sleeker and I find it's easier for me to access my keys. Orbitkey is bulkier mainly because all 4-5 keys sit on top of each other plus the leather strap. Whereas the Keysmart splits it 2-2 with a thin frame. I use it with an extension and I can fit about 4 regular keys each side so 8 keys total (but if you have FOBs, non regular keys etc, then obviously less keys). It is quite short though, so if you want to fit longer keys, go for the Orbit key or the regular keysmart (not compact)

      Aesthetically, the Orbitkey looks nicer because of the leather and feels premium. I currently use it for my spare keys.

    • +1

      As someone who has owned both for extended periods I no longer use my Keysmart.

      I had so many issues with it coming undone over time and keys scratching the frame that I no longer use it.

      The orbitkey isn't as premium but I do not worry about it scratching anything and it doesn't come undone.

      Those are my basic requirements.

  • +1

    Better than orbit. Thanks OP. Bought a new one for the missus!

    • +2

      there is a few reviews on amazon saying it comes loose after use. have you noticed this?

      • Just crank it up no prob

        • cool thanks, purchased one

      • Yes the early versions (including Kickstarter) absolutely did.

        • Which are the earlier ones? I purchased mine in August last year so would that be classified as the earlier one.

      • I have purchased one before and it has definitely come loose - in fact nearly lost all my keys that time. Maybe I got a bad batch.

      • I tighten mine like, once in 6 months, maybe.
        You'll notice the keys will be easier to swivel out a year before it becomes anywhere near loose enough to fall apart, so you don't need to worry about that.

        I've had mine for about two years. The light on it is handy, double press and it stays on for like 20 seconds. The location tag thing can also be handy, but unfortunately the battery only lasts a few months (2-3) with minimal to no use.

        I'd recommend it though. Pretty neat and my preference over a leather alternative. Mine has 4 keys (including 2 large ones) as well as the bottle-opener/keychain accessory that comes with it.

  • +3

    These are great for masses of keys. I went from having a "jail wardens" set to one of these with a couple of expanders holding 30 odd keys.
    I have another holding 10 or so keys that are regularly used. Been using both for about 3 years without issue.

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    You can easily make a key organiser with chicago screws, bow shackle, flat washers and o-rings. Cheap too.

    • +2

      Or search usual Chinese sites for cheap key holder / organiser starting at under au$3.

      Bought generic key organiser for au76c over 3 years ago
      In daily use. Works great. Very handy - holds 4 keys.

      Or 3D print - Suggested in that Deal

      • +1
        I'm still really happy with my $4.98 one that I grabbed on Ebay 5 years ago. I ground down the heads of the bigger keys for a better fit too.

  • Says $29.99 with one in stock now

  • Would use it but when you carry the keys together with garage remote defeats the purpose…