This was posted 3 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Singer EBC 10-0003 Bread Maker $14.50 + Shipping @ Singer Co


Bread Maker - $21.41 shipped……No idea if it actually works but cheap…..

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  • May I suggest formatting the post slightly.

    Include store name in title.

    Leave commentary like "previously seen on ozbargain" in the description.

    edit: Good job. It looks much better now.

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      Apologies…. I did include something similar….but Lockdown/Drunk by 8pm!…Now almost 10pm! ;)

      • Ahh. Always have to reward yourself for surviving hump day! Lockdown or not!

        • Double rewards for hump day…..if I remember by 10pm!…. Ozbargain made me an alcoholic! ;)

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    My eyes didn't deceit me, it is the sewing machine maker.

    Doesn't sew tho… only makes bread.

    • sewing machines can morph into bread makers, just like the terminators.

  • Whoever said you need bread to make bread?

  • shows $35.65 for me, ship to Melbourne, VIC

  • $23.06 posted to 2000

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    EXPRESS: $28.17
    PREMIUM: $106.44

  • Better deal for the NSW crew…. ah well.

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    $21.41 to NSW for me.

    I don’t know what I just bought

    • Me too to be honest…..Guessing a fathers day gift for your mum?… No idea if thing will be delivered or even work but price was right…

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      You just add flour and yeast, some oil.

      A breadmaker will then:

      Knead your dough
      Rise it
      Bake it

      After 2-4 hours, you will have a loaf of fresh bread.

      • Awesome. Sounds good enough to try!
        I thought I read something about a pod system. So something like Nespresso?

        Or is there a recommended recipe?

        • No pods, its just 350g bread flour, 7g yeast, and then I think it suggests some oil. The breadmaker will come with recipes, just measure out, set and forget.

          That beign said, the quality of it I have no idea.

          • @ATangk: Don't forget the water :p

            • @bio: NGL I was only looking at the recipe stuff on the bottom. By it having a 'water tank', it will automatically portion the water I suppose. Even better!

  • $25.64 including shipping for me express + signature, way cheaper than the easy bread website post, thanks op!

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    Look at past posts, lots of members have this unit and tried different recipes with great success. I've got one myself and pretty happy with it.

    Some members have had issues with malfunction and tripping the power.


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      I'm one of the ones where it started tripping - which is sad because the first two loaves were fine. So yours is still going strong? How often do you use it? I've been meaning to return it to them in Seven Hills NSW and get a replacement but can't right now coz of lockdown… hope they still have some left to replace mine with!

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        I've been using it twice a week for approx last 9 months.

      • I've been meaning to return it to them in Seven Hills NSW

        Did you call them? They are quite easy to contact.

      • Have you ever checked to see what else is on that same circuit and turn it off before you bake.

  • Thanks OP, Got one

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    EXPRESS: $44.69
    PREMIUM: $257.16

    Yeah nah

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    Never considered buying a breadmaker - got one thanks OP

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    I bought one last time they sold them off. It works 99% of the time, other 1% my failure rather than the machine…need to experiment with different flours etc (I like rye so need to add an improver to the flour) so expect a few flops…same as most bread machines. It's easy to use but the loaf is quite small…enough for two people though…and, as with all machines, it leaves the mixer plate in the loaf so make sure you remove it prior to cutting. Easy to clean, don't need to use the flour packs, just add ingredients to the bowl and ignore the top cartridge section.

  • Can it make sour dough bread ?

  • Thanks OP, I got one. 17 left in stock. Same item selling for $90 on eBay.

  • Bought one last time, used it once. Its ok but takes up too much space. Mine will probably end up at Salvos

  • thank you. I got one. only $8.56 parcel post

  • Can you set this machine to only knead the dough and not bake it?

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      No, you will have to pause/stop after the kneading process. Set a timer for yourself.

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    Ordered one, thanks OP!

    The price is so ridiculous that I felt I was losing money by not buying one.

  • Three loaves of bread replaced and it has paid for itself.

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    Got a shipping notification. Excited

    • Nice - I didn't receive anything yet and I ordered before putting the post up!…

      • Already received mine. It’s a capsule type thing but comments above show it should work without.

        Overall I’m impressed with how thought out everything is.

        Magnetic float in the water tank, along with handle.

        Time to try a recipe.

        • Let’s us know how u go and how you navigate without the capsule.

          • @stockastics: Dont need capsules. The reason these are on sale, I found out, is because they discontinued the capsules.

            The website has instructions on how to make bread, just dump the ingredients in the mixer bowl, add water and start.

  • Mine arrived! <3

    • Mine too…. just did a simple multigrain Laucke test - 360g break mix / teaspoon of yeast and filled the water tank….nothing special of course but worked better than expected… yeast/plastic smell on 1st use but assuming that will improve… extremely happy for the price - just need to find the best location for it.. It doesn't heat up on the outside too much - hot to the touch of course… Need to make rye/caraway bread ideally so some experimenting to be done..

      • Did you guys get any mail about shipping before it arrived?

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          A Shipment In-Transit email from a Blessington email address was sent with a tracking URL.

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    Still haven’t heard anything about mine, even selected express shipping. Tried calling but went to answering machine…

    • And they don't reply to mail as well. I have no updates about my order except for order confirmation.

  • Bought this POS - wish I hadn't!

    As soon as unit went into Baking cycle on first use - Tripped RCD (earth leakage protection)!
    Left with uncooked dough. (Scooped into baking tin & cooked in oven.)
    All mains electronics etc off - much needing to be reset. A pain!

    Now to get my money back! Including the more expensive shipping cost - as could not buy this without adding it.

    As the merchant had been told of this issue last year, but kept selling defective units…
    Reporting to state Office of Fair Trading to start with.

    Did some tests & measurements…
    (Got assistance from sparkie neighbour to plug into temporary socket without Earth lead connected. Don't try that!!)
    Operated product with 400ml water.

    Operated through full cycle without being Earthed…
    So all power circuits were without power due to Earth Leakage of this just out of the box POS!

    Power consumption (using water in unit)
    4 cycles shown by symbols & time on Clock (approx):
    2:10 @ turn on (0.7W)
    2:09 Start Up - fills water (7W)
    2:05 Mix (17W) Water icon flashes
    1:33 Stand (0.7W) Mix icon flashes
    0:54 Bake (500W - very low!) Stand icon flashes
    0:00 End (beeps)

    Temperature of case (max):
    Sides 55C
    Front & Back 45C

    Kitchen stinks of chemical smell from hot non-stick container.

    • Sent an email & waited a day for a positive response: full refund
      Am pleasantly surprised!

      Please note that we have refunded the full amount of $35.65 (this includes the shipping costs) via the original payment method for your order.

    • Just tested mine and had the exact same experience. Blew all mains electrics through my apartment….

    • I was just looking through old posts and came across the issue in an older one - it could well be moisture being absorbed into the elements causing the issues… Would have never have thought but it makes sense!

      I don't have RCD on the power (old unit with fuses) so no issues for myself - once the initial smell was gone it's working fine. The issue I have so far is finding the best recipe for a low GI bread….

      • Saw that in my search for others problems with this unit.

        Yes, there was a suggestion to heat the unit with hot air from a hair drier. Others found it didn't work. My guess is that unit had an intermittent fault, not the issue they thought. As was pointed out, bread makers are designed to operate in a moist environment.

        [Applying heat or cold to electrinic components is used to locate faulty parts in repair of electronics.]

        The original forum suggestion was in response to a possibly different problem in a different bread maker.
        It hadn't been used for years, but caused earth leakage due to moisture in the element when taken out of storage. That would be extremely unlikely with these new units. Mine failed straight out of the box! It's a poor design issue.
        [I repaired & sold about 100 clothes driers. Tripping of the RCD was very rare. If it happened in testing - the element was chucked & replaced. Problem solved.]

        Mine was faulty straight out of the box. Its an earth leakage problem as soon as it enters bake mode.

        As my tests showed, if a RCD is fitted to Power circuits (safety requirement in most homes) - it is tripped & the bread maker can't be used. But if there is no earth leakage detection - it works as designed.

        So operating this bread maker in a building without RCD as in your case, it should work. I disconnected the Earth connection on a powerboard to get mine to work. But that may be unsafe!

        Was glad to return the faulty poorly designed unit, & promptly receive a full refund.

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