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[Pre Order] PowerColor Radeon 6600 XT Fighter 8GB GPU $649 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


First deal posting hehe

I know it's not as cheap as when they first released but still the cheapest around pretty sure.

ETA: 10/09/21

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    Is this the competition of the rtx3060?

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    ETA 10 Sep, 7 days for PCCG to post it, 5 days for Aus Post to get around to delivering it. So around a month away.

    • Please tell me this is a joke? I ordered a case from PCCG today because Mwave were taking too long…1 week in and still processing so cancelled it to order from PCCG. Better not be in for another 7 days wait.

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        I wish it was. They can be hit and miss and I hope you get it faster. But if I were in a hurry for parts I wouldn't use Mwave or PCCG right now. Scorptec seem to have taken a dump too. Without c&c you would think they would have their sh!t together.

        • Yep, fingers crossed it gets out ASAP lol…I wish they still did C&C like most other places

          • @WallybR: How do you feel about the 6700 vs this card?

            • @PlagueistheCheap: The 6700xt performance is about 20% higher than the 6600xt and highly recommend if you plan on gaming at 1440p. The only problem is the price of the 6700xt is about 40% higher at the moment.

        • Anecdotal, but I think Scorptec have supply issues, not shipping. I had a GPU with a slipping ETA but then yesterday they got stock and shipped it out in the same day. Last month I had a decent sized order with them (RAM, drives, etc) and it went out the door straight away too.

          Although despite the fact I'm an 8km drive from Scorptec, Auspost is giving me an ETA of Tuesday to Friday next week…. really should have done pickup (although I don't think I can argue it's "essential"…)

      • +3

        Not a joke. PCCG processing times are (profanity) ridiculous. I paid for express shipping on the white 6700 XT and it took them 3 days to pick it and put it on a van. I've never had such horrible processing times with other vendors.

      • I ordered my card from the last Powercolour Fighter deal from PCCG on Thursday and got the card on Saturday.

        While others may have problems with their shipping, I did not have that problem. It was super fast.

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      You forgot to factor in aus post losing track of it

      • They have lost 3 of my parcels in the last two weeks. Just hopeless.

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      I agree, PCCG sure take their time when it comes to posting items that are in stock. Takes them 2-3 days just to process the order.

      They send give you a tracking number however Australia Post do not pick it up for another 2 days. So it is a good idea to factor in a week if you order from these guys for something that is in stock and is to another east coast city.

      • In contrary, I ordered a monitor from PCCG on Tuesday (which only they had in stock) and it was shipped the same day with expected delivery tomorrow…
        So it's very random.

        • I wonder if it's because they only ship stuff out twice a week maybe? I've had awful processing times with them plenty of times, got me annoyed first couple of times when i paid for express post then they didn't bother shipping for 3 days

          • @wozz: Would make sense.
            But to be honest with you I would take anything over having to physically go to PCCG… it is one of the worst experiences from the exorbitant waiting time to staff being super smug.

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    Great card for mining. 32mh with 54w.

    • +3

      Only issue is that it performs poorly on other coins and so when Eth moves to POS it won't be as good and also I assume will have worse resell value than RTX cards

      • Yet. Other algorithms are already shit with power draw. They will come up with new algorithms to make other coins efficient. I get 32mh with 84w now with my rx580
        It used to be 100w for 30mh before.

      • What about Ergo ?

    • Actually you earn 3$/day On ethash on 6600xt after power. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/aI42XPLDLOzt
      So I suggest go for the 699 one in stock instead of this as you'll make 90$ on them if not more by them time you get this

      • does that include the price of ETH going to $10,000-$20,000 by end of year?

        • +2

          Not including that. :D

      • +2

        Not trying to be rude, but that's peasantry. Why wouldn't you just work an hour overtime a month, buy a few coins with that and not cook your card; or better yet dump the $699 on a coin early on in the cycle.

        Not having a go at you, just that a lot gets said about GPU mining on here, and the future profitability always relates to speculation.

        • +4

          True in a way. But the excitement of mining your own coins is something else. And these cards are going to be worth something at the end of Roi.

          • +2

            @samsal46: If it's a hobby and you're enjoying it that's different.

            However, as an example a while back I put 1k cash on a coin and shortly after it went up exponentially. With that time exposed in the market I made many times more profit than I would have made mining when starting from scratch with a 1k card and I withdrew early when the price got shaky.

            *not financial advice.

        • $2-3/$700 per day is a very good ROI even adjusting the depreciation of the hardware. The real issue for most of the home-based miners is that the scale is limited by the space, noise/heat of the rig, electric wires capacity, risks of being investigated over sky-high bills, high step rates of the electricity bills (even normal rate is already very high in Aus vs many other countries), etc. So in absolute $ wise, mining normally won't generate a lot of income for amateur miners even if ROI-wise is good:)

      • Just a FYI - I own 20+ amd GPU's 5xxx/6xxx and a watt meter - software wattage readings for these cards are always under vs what they pull at the wall. I have 1x 6600 XT and it pulls 70watts from the wall when tuned. Of course PSU efficiency has a little bit to do with this also.. this is with a platinum PSU. Could be worse for gold/bronze/etc. My 5700 xt's are all +20 watts over at the wall vs software, same with 6700xt/6800. Not a huge difference, but with electricity being pricey in AUS the true amount the 6600 xt makes daily after electricity is 2.57 per day , 250ish day break even at $649.

    • +1

      Crap returns on mining though, noone should mine unless they get free power stolen from government.

    • maybe not so much a good idea with eth2.0 coming around the corner

      • You will make Roi on this before that. Expected 2.0 to be on May or June

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    Does anyone when PCG remove their "one gpu per household limit" on a customer, I've already purchased a 6600xt, does that mean I can not purchase another until the limited is lifted?

    • How would they monitor/enforce this?

      • +44

        They send 6600XT contact tracers to your house.

    • Order under wifes name claim it's a rental? I doubt they would check.

    • +1

      Their dispatch team will check the address, if bought a GPU before at the same address, order will be cancelled.

      • This is what they do.

    • +1

      Tell your neighbours you sent it to them by mistake.

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    Is this the best thermo out of all the 6600 XT variants offer? i.e. eagle, sapphire, or that all just marketing for cool names? I know this one doesn't have a back plate compared to the sapphire but is dual-fan over the triple on the eagle.

  • So they hike the price by about 10% and there is no stock. It was $589.

    • +6

      All of the 6600 XT are going up in price my dude. Matter of fact, GPU prices in general seem to be going up

      • True. Lucky, I ordered mine at $589.

  • bless your heart OP. thank you thank you thank you. and my friends in the market thank you too.

  • +2

    thanks op, bought one, hopefully will be in hand soon

  • Reached checkout, accepted the condition, but no "Pay Now" option or complete purchase !! tried both Chrome and Firefox , anyone face this ?

    • +1

      I got to check out fine.

  • Why not just buy this one for $50 more but it's in stock?

    • +2

      I think you answered your own question

    • Actually you earn 3$/day On ethash on 6600xt after power. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/aI42XPLDLOzt
      So I suggest go for the 699 one in stock instead of this as you'll make 90$ on them if not more by them time you get this

    • The linked Hellbound OC is physically larger, over-extends above the slot and uses 2.2 PCIe slots. For my compact micro-ATX build it won't fit in the case and blocks a PCIe slot.
      The advertised Fighter should fit in perfectly.

  • -1

    Still looking for a 6700xt or 3060ti

  • +3

    Still HODLing

  • is it worth to wait for Intel Alchemist?

    • if you can wait or you have any doubt, possibly. if you don't want to wait, no.

    • i waited and passed on the recent $1350 3070 ti deals.. kinda regret it now as it seems that gpus are rising again slowly.
      i dont think intel will have alot of stock once they arrive also. arent they all fighting over scarce materials and crypto miners

      • -1

        intel has a solid 6nm allocation at tsmc for their gpus. stock definitely won't be ideal but it shouldnt be too bad.

  • +1

    Just be aware there is a performance hit if you are still using a pcie 3 board with the 6600 xt. It can be substantial in some games.

    • Well depends where you are coming from. just got a sapphire nitro+ 6600 xt to replace dying Vega 64. On paper it doesn’t look much better but in some games it is 50% higher frame rate. I didn’t need a new motherboard for that performance.
      from Adelaide Umart for $749. Saw this and thought powercolor yeah nah. And No way I am paying over $1000 for a 6700.

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    honestly cant believe people are spending this much money on a cheap budget gpu.

    • +8

      They have no other choice. GPU market is currently like poo sandwich market.

      • +1

        What exactly is a poo sandwich market like?

      • Facts.

        I was on a GTX 1050ti since 2017, and who knows when prices will actually return to MSRP and what the availability will be like when it does.

        I sold that 1050ti recently shortly after I got my 6600 XT for $290, I bought it in 2017 for ~$270.

        • What sites do you use to get MSRP?

          • @Sheng: I don't use any specific prices to determine MSRP. I just look at what the MSRP was when the cards were first announced, convert from USD to AUD, and factor in maybe ~15% to account for GST, shipping, customs etc.

            If you want to look at how the prices have fluctuated over time, PCPartPicker is your best friend (https://pcpartpicker.com/trends/price/video-card/)

    • What's the alternative for people who need one? This is the best value card in this shitty market and we still have a long way to go before prices drop.

  • +1

    Based on appearance alone, it looks like a cheap $300 mid-range card, tops. I mean, they could have at least slapped a backplate on the thing.

    The new norm double RRP is here to stay and it is gnarly.

    • -1

      Cause that's how much it should be worth….

      • +1

        It costs as much as a Series X which has a superior GPU, not to mention CPU, RAM, SSD, case, controller, HDMI 2.1 cable.

        The value is atrocious.

    • It's overpriced garbage but right now people will buy overpriced garbage.

  • +5

    I got one of these from PCCG for the original $579 or whatever it was, really happy I bough it at launch.

    I didn't think it would be restocked at all, but seems like they are just increasing the price.

  • AMD did some kind of deal with retail not to jack up prices on day 1

  • you guys missed the boat $589 delievered at Kogan a few weeks ago.

  • +1

    Would this be a decent upgrade from an rx580? Mainly for gaming, will be needing an upgrade once bf2042 comes out. Also running 2 x dell s2721dgf screens if that makes a difference?

    • RX6600XT is decent for 1080P as stated by AMD. For 2K or higher, you need 6700XT or 3060 Ti. But compared to RX580, it is a big leap.


      • +1

        RX6600XT is decent for 1080P
        Is a RTX2070ti/Super/1080ti/RX3060 only decent for 1080P? Because it beats all those cards.

        AMD ONLY advertised the card as a extreme 1080p card because its only 20%-25% slower then a RX6700XT and they dont want to cut into that more profitable cards sales

        The 6600XT was so good that they had to gimp it twice with a 128bit memory bus and only use 8 lane PCIE on the PCB
        as well as give it crap cooling (AIB partners fixed that part) haha .. its an amazing GPU and AMD could have made it almost as fast as a 6700XT if they didnt try to cripple it.

        • Agree with you mate. The RX6600XT is such an efficient chip but is limited by memory bandwidth and PCIE X8 on purpose. You can alwaystune down the quality settings in the game to get more fps.

        • +2

          The 6600 XT does not clearly beat cards like the 2070 Super. It's pretty much right on par with the performance of the RTX 2070 Super or 5700 XT with typically a few small wins in some games/resolution while those older cards pull ahead slightly in other titles/resolutions.

          But your main point stands that it is clearly capable of very decent 1440p gaming (as are those previous gen cards) despite the ridiculous marketing of the 6600 XT as a '1080p card'.

          In late 2019 you could get RTX 2070 Supers or 5700 XTs at around $599 if you waited for good sales. So the 6600 XT presents an option that is quite close to those 2019 options in price and performance. Not great considering 2 years of advancement - but it is clearly the least worst option from a value perspective in today's screwed GPU market

      • thanks for that, looks like im upgrading! also as f38r1 mentioned it appears i can get decent coin for the rx580 from miners

      • Manged to sell my rx580 for a decent price ($450) and looking to pick up either a 6600 or 6700 xt.

        From what I've been reading is the 6600xt is the most bang for buck card (despite the supply vs demand scenario) but is the 6700xt worth the extra?

    • +1

      I had to do a double take and ask myself did I write this post :P

    • +1

      I upgraded from a 5600 XT and the different on the 6600 XT was night and day, you coming from a rx580 it will blow you away you will be maxing out everything.

      I only upgraded because somone bought my old card for 200 bucks more than I paid for it on ebay bought it for 499 in q1 2020 somone bought it last week for 711. before I sold it I had already bought the 6600 XT 8gb MSI MECH OC for 589. So for me it wasn't just worth the upgrade it was a free upgrade.

    • +1

      Decent upgrade, and don't forget you still can sell RX580 for $400-$500 for miners out there.

  • +1

    Now showing up as $679?

    • lol, yep, being in the market for a new GPU is just painful now, everyone wants to cash in

      • Wow, was keen at the original $579 price point but at $100 more there are better boards available from other manufacturers. Looks like the waiting game continues!

        • yeah you'll never get the launch price again. best to wait for the next video card and just snap it up at launch prices. crypto minner right now will drive the prices up because crytpo is going up.

    • $699 now

      • I just refreshed wtf

  • Just bought an msi 6600xt at retail, will mine a bit to bring the cost down and then left with a good 1080p gaming card

    It's faster than the 3060 in most ways, and if fsr comes along great
    By the time I need the additional speed lost not using pci4 I'll just upgrade Motherboard as will be due for new CPU and ram anyway

    Sure be great at a few hundred cheaper but that's not happening for a while

    • Where did you find a card at retail?

      • Sorry I meant just no discounts not amd msrp

  • +1

    I generally think PCCG have fair prices for gear. But they've bumped this card's price up from their initial listing of $589 to $699 in less than 2-3 weeks. this is pretty shitty of them and for that I'm negging. reference: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643933

    I don't know what they were thinking, they'd delisted it off their site and then relist with $100 mark up like no one would notice? Please.

    • I think these are why the graphics card price comes up again:


      Extra Cost on chips and transport fees from inflation.

      I watched the Powercolour RX 6800 Red Dragon jumped from $1,399 to $1,799 within two weeks at PCCG too.


    • It is a common practice/trend now that the retailers will only list the cards at RRP for a few days, and then that price will gradually rise in the next couple of weeks until no one's willing to pay any higher for them.

      I remember the 6700XT Red Devil was listed by PCCG for $799 on launch day and two days later it became $899, a week later $999 and a month later it's at $1199. Hardware Unboxed did mention in their videos that the launch day price is more like a 'promotional price' to show people that AMD's MSRP/RRP is still relevant (for a few days lol).

      • I noticed 6700 XTs were steadily increasing, and that's just business. I think my main point that didn't come out very well, was their action of delisting a card which made it appear like they were hiding something. It's likely they weren't, I know they're a pretty reputable retailer but this card was clearly on the budget end relative to other modern cards but now has become an average priced brand or maybe this is new level of "cheap".

        The margin for budget is jut no where to be seen right now. Even a $500 card sets you back a couple of years at minimum or maybe 4 years if we use RX 580 as a reference.

      • dont think red devil been that cheap, preordered the XFX 6700xt for $899 from PLE, at that time red devil was $999, only Hound was $899,

        • You are right, $899 was the price for Hellhound and Red Devil was $999 during the first few weeks. However I'm pretty sure the Red Devil was listed $799 (most likely by mistake) for a very short time on PCCG because I almost pulled the trigger but then thought I might do a bit more research on it, then when I came back the next day it became $999..

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