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Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 10GB Phoenix (LHR) $1588, Phantom (Non-LHR) $1828 + Delivery @ Techfast


The price said it all, i'm shocked tbh, grabs it before it's goneski

3080 Non-LHR: https://techfast.com.au/products/Gainward-GeForce-RTX%E2%84%...

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    Good deal but I still have some patience left to see if it drops further

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      Probably these will be $2000 from next month. The 1050 Ti is still $300 now. Back in the day a card that old would be $50 by now, if they even bothered still making it.

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    now just give me a evga at this price

  • hmm lhr or non?

    • non and make your money back mining

      • Would take about 60 days to mine the difference in price. That’s not too bad.

        (That is using the difference between LHR and Non-LHR for 60 days)

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    got one in basket, not sure whether to hold or go.
    1600 delivered is pretty good

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    $20 delivery as well (at least to NSW)

    $26 express

  • copped

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    It's not MSRP

    Stay stronk apes

    I'm still HODL-ing

    MSRP for 3080 is USD699 which is ~ AUD1060 so this is $500++ overpriced

    I am still HODL-ing and gaming on my gtx960 I refuse to pay more than $800 for a GPU


    There, did I miss any?

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      prices will never get to MSRP, at best 200 above is probably where you could hope for them to eventually sink to.

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        this is a "lower end" brand so it could be cheaper.

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          thats a valid point, but if you buy this today and have it installed and are enjoying it for the next 2-3 months while prices may come down - yeah you coulda saved a pretty penny, but all those hours of gaming with it and enjoying the experience probably offset that (to a degree)

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            @mooncake111: ive got a 1070ti so 1440p med-high settings are mostly fine for now and looks fine on a 4k screen

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      Non-FE cards are normally more expensive than the FE price. I ordered Gigabyte Auros Master 3080 for 1625 AUD on the release day. And I remember the ROG Strix 3080 was around 1800 AUD.

    • Hodl & pray for all crypto to either move to non-mining based or goes total kaput. It will all eventually move to stake based because of the environmental concerns but that won’t happen before flippening

      • ETH 2.0 next year so you'll have to wait until then. Altho can't say the same for ravencoin or the other mining coins.

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      Agreed. Let the stock sit on the shelf to price drop to normal prices

    • Isn't that RRP of the founders edition? No AIB wouldve sold near that regardless of the market

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      Mate, you will be waiting until 2023. Nvidia has already said that the shortage will continue until at least then.

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        It's not like NVIDIA have a vested interest in saying "you'd better buy them now" or anything…

      • I disagree, we will be waiting until any of the two things I mentioned above happens. Do you think if crypto crashes massively & the price of mining is not sustainable financially then anyone would continue mining? Nvidia may assume that the shortage will continue till 23 but they have not factored in the mining profitability. Few more environmental concern tweets from people like Musk & mining will stop being profitable for a at least several months

    • The twelvies will be proud of you.

  • Would this be much better/worse than the Zotac 3080 Trinity OC that was on a here a month or so ago? I am thinking of cancelling the pre order and just going for this one

    • You mean the 1350 one from PLE? I am on the same boat. Might cancel and buy the 3080 lhr instead. Do they charge a fee for cancelling order?

      • who, PLE?
        no, you can even cancel it online without having to call I believe.

      • It was the 1759 one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/638356 I think I might pull the trigger on this instead

        • Whats ETA on that one currently?

          • +1

            @Roze Rage: 9th of August from the VIC warehouse, a few days before from WA I believe. Guess im stuck with the zotac cause this card is goneski LOL

            • @BondiCal: Alright, the ETA seems busted then since it's gone past ETA, thanks. I have ordered eVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 from them today & ETA for that one is 30/8

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                @Roze Rage: Whoops its actually 9th of September, still hoping they'll have stock then!

                • @BondiCal: Got ya. Mine got pushed to 2/9. Fingers crossed it's gonna be alright

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                    @Roze Rage: I pushed the button on this two weeks ago. Was looking at high end 3070s (aorus / few/ etc) but then spotted the ple zotac 3080 for the same price and figured low end 3080 > high end 3070 for the same money). Was expecting the Sept drop date. Surprised it got shipped last week and in my doorway last Friday (mind you, I did buy a system worth of parts to update my outdated 4000 series i5). Very happy with outcome. The zotac launched at about 1500 last year I believe and other stores still have them over 2k. Research told me.some.places had them at $1400 at launch, so I was relatively happy to buy now and enjoy it now. (https://hitechglitz.com/how-much-you-will-pay-in-australia/)

                  • @Roze Rage: Just update, got ETA of 3/9 on first day of September but got shipping notification on same day. Now I got card yesterday 👍

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    whats eta btw?

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      Estimated Time of Arrival

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        why is eta?

        • +7

          who is eta?

          • +15

            @esehnt: Everyone is who, what or why ETA. But no one is asking how is ETA :(

      • Is it arrivsl to them to then be shipped or to you?

        • +1

          That's how most/if not all businesses work. They receive stock from the wholesaler and retail them to customers. Assuming that this is a pre-order, TechFast would receive stock from the wholesaler and then allocate stock to the customer - followed by shipping it to them.

          • @esehnt: Thank you but this doesn't answer whether the date (ETA) indicates its arrival to the customer or their warehouse.

            • @iLikeBargainz: That depends on where you are finding the ETA. Do you mean when you get a shipping estimate to your location OR on the product page? The ETA is generally given when warehouses are awaiting stock so I'd imagine the ETA they've given is when the cards will arrive to TechFast Warehouse, not to your door.

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      What’s btw?

    • +2

      14-21 business days according to their site.

    • Eating Tasty Animals

    • Eta peanut butter

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    I just copped one, gave up on HODLing so feel free to send me abuse

    • +18

      Nooo HODL!! You must HODL until it reaches a pricepoint that I have arbitrarily determined!

      • +4

        You mean the arbitrary recommended price point set by the manufacturer?

        • +2

          You'd be lucky to get a gpu in the next 18 months if you're waiting for that price.

          • +2

            @pharcyde: Oh I can't afford any of these, even at RRP lol. I'm going to be waiting for ages. Just saying I do understand the HODL camp.

            • @incipient: Yeah, I don't. Seems rather idealistic than practical.

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      This ape weak

    • Hope those frames are worth the betrayal you have bestowed upon us.

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    HODL until it hit below MSRP. I'm not in a hurry.

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      Head out the gutter brother. The shortage on these cards is going to be getting much worse. TSMC is jacking up the prices for the following quarters.

      • +5

        Nvidia's 3000 series uses Samsung 8nm, not TSMC.

        Intel GPUs in early 2022 and Ethereum moving to POS late this year or early 2022 will collapse GPU prices real quick. But until then, it looks like it's going to be rough.

        • That would be a very optimistic approach to the situation. NVIDIA claim that the shortage won't end until late 2022. That's coming from the base manufacturer. The silicone shortage is affecting production in general, Samsung and TSMC, so it would be quite the reach to say late 2021-early 2022 for normal pricing. I'd say a more realistic estimate for 'MSRP' cards would be June next year.

          Most miners will also move to mining other crypto's such as Ravencoin and XRP but we could expect a decent sell-off on the used market from some miners who aren't willing to switch.

          • +1

            @esehnt: Not even that my friends, have you guys seen the shipping futures? LOL yikes…..massive inflation coming our way quarter 3-4.

            • @plmko: What's happening with shipping if you don't mind me asking?

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                @esehnt: go google container freight shipping. It has increased 300-400% from last year.

                I do import stuff from china to sydney, 40ft container. Normally around $2000-3000 USD around August, last year covid 2020 $5500USD, and do you know how much this august 2021, its bloody $7500USD - expect to hit $10,000 usd closer to xmas.

                Dont expect gpu prices to come down anytime soon!

                • @bbqwer:

                  I do import stuff from china to sydney, 40ft container. Normally around $2000-3000 USD around August, last year covid 2020 $5500USD, and do you know how much this august 2021, its bloody $7500USD - expect to hit $10,000 usd closer to xmas.

                  Dont expect gpu prices to come down anytime soon!

                  That's going to affect prices prices of things like fridges where just a couple dozen can already fill a container.

                  You can fit like 6000 RTX 3080's in a 40ft container so the impact on GPU prices should be negligible.

                  Even at $10,000 USD freight that's still only ~$2.30 AUD per card.

          • @esehnt: There isn't a "silicone shortage", GPU sales are up 39% year on year, so production is at an all time high. Plus, when you look at CPUs using the same silicone (at least for AMD), the market has never been better. The ridiculous GPU prices are driven by miner demand, not a lack of supply.

            Early 2022 you'll have 3 companies supply consumer GPUS, Nvidia/Intel/AMD, all using 3 different processes, plus Ethereum mining will be dead. If that can't fix GPU prices, then nothing will.

            • @iseeyou1312: I misspoke. My bad. What I meant was that the semi-conductor producers are increasing prices because of demand (just cause they can), so in theory, prices are going to come up in the near future.

              Yeah, Eth mining will be dead. Crypto-mining won't be though. I do have to agree that Intel's release will drive prices down though, especially with all the promising benchmarks they've been releasing.

              Sources: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/tsmc-ups-chip-production-p...

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              @iseeyou1312: Ethereum mining will be dead - not happening, ETH 2.0 will get delay again , Tim Beiko has confirmed.

              And other coins will rise, look at ravencoin, ergo, ETC. Its not going to disappear.

              • +1

                @bbqwer: Mining difficulty will also rise. I wish best of luck to those who keep their mining rigs.

        • Just an FYI. Ethereum POS will not be happening this year. Good for miners.

    • See you in 2024

      • Heard a rumour next gen GPUs will be pushing 400-500w (until they go MCM like Ryzen CPUs).

  • +2

    perfect timing for my new 1440p monitor

  • +16

    Prolonged delayed gratification have heightened my level of consciousness to the new phase.

    I have now learned how to separate my unreasonable desire from my being.

    Realisation of which side of my mind is the true master helped me control my emotions related to 3080 RTX.

    In short: HODL

    • +6

      Sensei.. I've been searching far and wide for you.

  • +6

    also worth considering how well the AUD will fair over the next few months
    to those still holding, wish you nothing but the best. but if you only see like another 100-200 difference by december, i dont think its worth it when you can be enjoying something brand new for the next few months while we are all bogged down in a lockdown and 'working' from home.

    i guess it also depends on much your current gpu has left on its old legs, if your still gaming at 1080p or if you picked up a 1440p monitor recently or w.e

    each to their own

    • How do you consider the future AUD price and why?

  • Great deal, bought it. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Why no decently priced desktops with these rtx 3080's techfast?

    • Define decently priced?

  • +1

    be quick, from my calculation. between 10 and 15 units left (figured by seeing how many I could add in stock).

  • What amd cpu would you guys recommend for this card for gaming purposes at 1440p?

    • +3

      5800x, but if you want to save a few dollars on the CPU and cooling then 5600x. There's not much between the two, but over time more games may be optimised for 8 cores and the advantage of the 5800x may increase.

      Beyond those 2, from benchmarks it seems there isn't much to be gained in terms of FPS in terms of gaming, or general PC use.


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    OOS :(

  • OOS!

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    curse all you non-hodlers!

  • Oos in 42 mins quite fast?

    • +1

      I was monitoring stock levels of the 3080 (non-LHR) in the cart.

      It was slowly dropping by 1 or 2 units at a time until there was 19 left and then in 1 refresh of the cart they were all gone.

      Either 19 people just happened to order at the same time in those few seconds between refreshing the cart or someone bought in bulk.

      • How do they still allow people to buy in bulk?