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Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 10GB Phoenix (LHR) $1588, Phantom (Non-LHR) $1828 + Delivery @ Techfast


The price said it all, i'm shocked tbh, grabs it before it's goneski

3080 Non-LHR: https://techfast.com.au/products/Gainward-GeForce-RTX%E2%84%...

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        • Doubt they give a crap. Don't see why they should tbh, gpus are hardly essential goods that need to be rationed.

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    Aaaaaaand they're gone

  • 3070 still available and good price. Everywhere else is increasing price on them. Best price I've seen was $1200 and now they are $1500 at same supplier over a 3 week period.


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    I just paid $1577 for a 6800XT Merc ex-demo. It was an impulse buy as I considered that a crazy amount to pay for an add-on to an already overly expensive games machine. However, after running Division 2 at 4K 120fps HDR Ultra over HDMI, I'm kicking myself for not buying back when they were $2000+ (had I have been able to find a GPU for sale of course), $50 - $100/month depreciation is nothing versus the fun to be had from the added immersion.
    3080 apparently being similar in performance, also for $15XX & available! That's a bargain.
    HODL be damned.

    Edit: gone. Well played.

    • What monitor do you have?

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        Sony X9000h ;)

    • damn, you play division 2, sorry…..

      • Don't be so hard on yourself, I forgive you

  • Accidentaly bought 2 and select bank transfer :( oh crap. wanted one and need checkout with CC to secure it, but was rushing incase sold out.

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      What's the issue? Do the transfer for one card and tell them to cancel the other one and put it on the market again.

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        im waiting on stock confirmation before i pay

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          Noted - also will wait ETD time.

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          I paid by bank transfer as well because I couldn't find my card and knew how quick these would go OOS, I assume when you order by bank transfer the system reserves one for you. You're probably better off paying and they'll refund you if out of stock, otherwise they'll probably release it to someone else.

    • Don't sell the second to Russia without postage insurance

      • No, don't sell to Russia….period!!!

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    Don't worry people that missed out, there'll be more 3080 LHR and Non LHR on sale again soon :)

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    HODL -> OOS -> LOL

  • How much money are you all making to be dropping this much on a GPU?!

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      I'm guessing, at a minimum, more than $1588.

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      I didnt buy this one but 2500-3000 on a gaming computer to keep for next ~4 years isn't too too crazy given people spend 1500~ on a phone every 2-3 years anyway.

      • Hmm.. good point.. I happily spend 1.5-2k every few years for a new phone..

      • i claimed well over 2,3k i spend on my computer this year on tax so……

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      If you invested in high yield European luxury cars, you too could be splurging on such items.

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        Hmmm ok l speak on behalf of myself. I would much rather buy a nice car than a GPU. I have 2 really close friends that are like brothers to me and one will choose modding his PC while the other also is like me and would rather buy a nice car. You don't have to buy nice European cars to see value of interest in buying a high end gfx card.
        For example both me and the other euro car lover put our money on a ps5 instead of building a PC.
        It's a console it works it's $750 it plays on my beautiful OLED TV. Why would I buy a PC in this case if gaming is my purpose. Yes you can push a few fps over the ps5. But really 5 years or more for gaming on a console is far more worthwhile on my opinion than 'investing' in a PC. Only to feel crippled year on year on a better newer GPU or processor etc.

        In short I'll by the nice euro car every 5 or so years and buy a console every 5 or so years I get the best of both worlds.

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          I choose to whale on Genshin over spending 1500 on a GPU lol

          • @Sammyboy: Lol,
            I couldn't get into genshin. I really tried but I think my problem was that I tried playing on mobile.

        • How often are you driving comparatively to using your PC?

        • I've never spent more on a car than the current sale price of a 3090.

          • @Scrobo: And that's perfectly fine. It's great that as humans we can choose what we spend our money on.
            Most of my watches cost more than this graphics card.
            A GPU is just something I would never spend money on. But that's the beauty of choice

      • I could be wrong but I think Munki is referencing the legendary Ozbargain post, he's not being serious

        • Shh…I rather enjoyed the way the discussion evolved though.

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            @Munki: These people, they don't understand the Ozbargain culture haha

            • @cille745: I very much know the Westpac high yield investment post.
              But I actually thought Munki targetted buckethat as he had wanted to buy a BMW on an earlier post and used it against him.
              If it was referencing the other guy and his post then that is understandable. I just felt it was a little targetted.
              I could very well be wrong.

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    Just reading that Best Buy in the US had a lot of stock as well, so things are progressing.

    I missed the craziness and bought a 3060ti for a normal price when it launched….and after getting bored with 2077 and finished Assassin's creedy odyssey, I'm back to being addicted to FTL which would be fine on any card that has displayport and 2GB of VRAM, lol.

    Too soon to just place a pre-order for a 4080 with PLE?


    • People camped outside of best buys overnight to get that stock, but it’s the only way to get a gpu at rrp in the USA.

      • Wish we had access to the FEs, I was hoping to get the 3080Ti FE to replace my old 1080Ti FE but makes it a bit hard when they don't sell them here.
        And although you can browse Best Buy to see where stocks are, you can't buy online.

  • Damnit, if only I saw this earlier instead of going to bed… it’s already out of stock! I made an account on techfast but you can’t wishlist stuff that’s out of stock which is frustrating. You guys think it’s gonna stay the same price by the time it comes back in stock?

    • Yes it will :)

      • Well then I suppose I'll bookmark the page until it comes back in stock!

  • Damn it! Missed out

  • Missed it. If anyone in Melbourne placed order but change your mind pls let me know


    • Man just wait they will drop further than this it’s pretty obvious

    • There'll be more coming in stock, just wait

    • dont feel bad, the trend is here, maybe not immediate but surely not the last deal.

  • Missed out, but still some time before 2042 comes out haha

  • Missed out!

    • Are you a miner? Keep seeing you posting and buying GPU cards here.

  • The 3070 seems like a decent price though

    • Is gainward a good brand

      • Yes it's a reputable brand

    • Get a 3060 Ti instead of 3070 if you can. The performance difference is smaller than the price difference.

      • Don’t think there’s a 3060ti there? Link?

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    Damn it … missed out … shouldn’t have been gaming till the wee early hours of the morning :p

  • Any way to get notifications of drops from here?

    • You can set notifications for keywords on the app

      • there's an app???

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      Do search for 3080 then "add alert". You can edit it from notifications > event in your account

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    Got emailed saying they will be shipped out early next week

    • Did you email them to ask? Or was that in a confirmation email of some sort?

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        Sent them screenshot of the bank transfer

    • Yep I got the same email. Paid by bank transfer and they said they'll verify with their finance team and ship it out early next week.

      • Anyone using cba and payment transfer showing pending ?

  • On the flip side, i bought 8 rx 570 cards off a miner for $800 last august. I cant tell my hashtags from my hash rates so gave up on mining anything. Been cleaning and selling these cards for 350 to 400 a piece slowly and have enough for a high end system.

    But im holding now to pickup a 3060ti at some point.

    Thank god for the miners and covid.

    • expletive covid!

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    I've somehow just shifted to waiting for the 40 series now. At worst the 3080 Ti will be around 1200 maybe when the next gen drops. Interested to see what happens.

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      With that logic why don't you just buy a 2080ti then

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        If they sold them which they dont anymore

      • I would love too if they were still available. I think a 2080 Ti at 1200 would have been a decent deal in the current environment.

  • did anyone hear from them since paying?

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      not yet, one of the comments in this post said they had reached out via email and techfast advised they should be shipped by end of this week

      • got a reply now, all good to go.

        • What was the response? Did they specify when this week they'll be shipped?

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            @bigtom_999: I ordered the 3070 at the time of the deal and just received an email estimating that it will ship Wednesday.

            • @Robb123: Thanks very much!

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                @bigtom_999: "I can confirm we have received the funds for your order, and as such should be expecting for your card to be shipped out by Wednesday for you ,as we'll be working through a large volume of orders to ship out. You should be expecting a separate email from us shortly, detailing your orders fulfillment, alongside your tracking number."

  • Great card , I am mining with T-Rex with great efficiency!

    GPU #0: Gainward NVIDIA RTX 3080 - 99.18 MH/s, [T:43/90C, P:151W, F:46%, E:652kH/W], 795/795 R:0%
    Shares/min: 0.896 (Avr. 1.449)
    Uptime: 9 hours 8 mins 54 secs | Algo: ethash | T-Rex v0.21.6

    • Just know that the power numbers when mining are weirdly out of whack.

      • Correct. Wall on power around 230watt.

    • LHR card or non LHR card?

    • I have some questions for you about it if I could trouble you over dm!

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    Mine just got shipped, got an email confirmation and invoice. I paid by bank transfer from ING in case anyone's curious.

    • Just arrived

    • Was this the LHR or non one?

      • LHR

        • Hi does it state V1 or LHR on the box anywhere? Thanks!

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    Also just got shipping confirmation by Auspost and Techfast, I paid by CC.

    • Good to hear. I'm patiently waiting, while refreshing my email every 2 minutes lol.

    • Just arrived :) was non-LHR

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    just shipped too

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    Non LHR 3080 delivered today, Sydney-based & paid by CC. It was also shipped only in a bubble-wrap mailer and was not double boxed.

    • lucky, my shipping shows it in Adelaide still.

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        Auspost really got smashed this time. Parcel volumes even a lot more than last year covid

      • Mine was showing in Adelade last night when I went to bed - it had updated to delayed once it ticked past 12am as it was scheduled to arrive yesterday. I had also paid for express post

        Updated at 8:30 am this morning to say arrived in Melbs and on the way, and was delivered by 9:30am. Fingers crossed its in your hands soon!

    • GPU's are tough mate. As long as it's in the box that it comes in then it won't be hurt.

  • ordered Non LHR 3080, paid with bank transfer, as of now the status still shows pending. I have just sent an email to them askl about the delivery time.

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    so glad didn't HODL on this, prices seem to trending back the other way now

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