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HPM R105BL 4 Outlet Powerboard with 0.9 Metre Lead, Black $4.31 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Prime deal of the day.

Basic, everyday powerboard for the budget constrained
Features a longer 0.9 m lead
Keeps inquisitive young fingers safe
Country of Origin: Australia

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $6.19 for the 6 outlet ports version

    • Yeah…..was about to suggest the same. If you have DC adapters plugged in, a 4 outlet very quickly becomes a two outlet. Best to start with 6.


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        Just remember that a 4 way outlet is really only a 3 way upgrade.

      • I am lacking in this area of knowledge but can you please explain this to me as to how does a 4 outlet becomes 2 when DC adapters are plugged in. Thanks in advance

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          Slightly hyperbolic on my part, but I was making the point that often DC adapters encroach on the adjoining socket thus requiring it to be left empty (hence potentially only allowing 2 such adapters).

        • Yeah, if any of your power bricks are of the large kind, and many of them are, they will tend to obstruct the next outlet in the strip.

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    Normal price, according to Camel, is $4.99.

  • Normal price

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      We save 68 cents, I guess.

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    Do people buy powerboards without surge protection?

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      Yes, lots of people also plug things directly into a wall socket - which has no surge protection.

    • Thats why you get an electrician and install a surge protector at the box. Then the whole wiring system is covered. $500 is better than buying 20 different surge protected boards.

      • Its actually not ideal. If you have a surge protector at the box, you'll need to be careful not to plug in surge protected plugs in the house.
        Surge protector on a surge protected line isnt good.

        • what happens when you do it?

    • All powerboards have surge protection, on the cheap one, where is not mention, a fuse like switch pops out in case of overloaded.

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        All powerboards have surge protection, on the cheap one, where is not mention, a fuse like switch pops out in case of overloaded.

        Overload protection and surge protection are two different things. You're thinking of overload protection where if you plug 2 kettles into 1 power board, it'll trip (the switch pops out) because the current draw is too high.

        Surge protection is meant to try and protect against spikes on your power line, e.g. from a nearby lightning strike. After a surge event you must replace the power board for continued protection.

        • how do you know a surge has happen so you can replace it?

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            @kurupted: There's a little light on it that goes off when it has taken a surge.

            • @eug: The model in the post doesn't appear to have a red light to indicate a surge event.

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                @relentless: Yes, because it does not provide surge protection.

                • @eug: I bought one of these (from Bunnings but looks like it's not sold at Bunnings anymore) which is advertised as surge protected but has no indication light. So it's false advertising or what? Similar boards which also advertise it, but no light.

                  • @MiscOzB: If the manufacturer wants to save a few cents, they can omit the indicator. That can be the case with power boards that add tiny little suppressors just so they can advertise 'surge protection' and charge a higher price.

                    If you're in an area that's susceptible to larger surges, cheap surge protectors offer little protection. I would spend more on a better protector (lowest reasonable clamping voltage, fastest response time, reasonable Joule rating) with a good connected equipment warranty. You'd have to do some research as to which brand has the best warranty experience though.

  • OOS

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    $4.79 at Officeworks for those that missed out and wanted one.

  • any with individual switches? they're all like 5 times the price minimum

    • Need to wait for this $10 Woolworths deal to come again.

      $14.95 at OW.

      • thanks mate! this is what I'm looking for.
        Now I've gotta start the waiting game.

      • This is not bad either

        Arlec White 4 Outlet Surge Protected Powerboard - 2 Pack


        $24.50 or a dollar more each if you buy individually

        • +1

          I use these ones and can vouch for quality. Gets the job done!

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        whats the purpose of individual switches? seems like a massive hassle.. do people really manually switch everything on and off to save a few$? surely would have to do it consistently for like 2 years to outweigh the extra cost of the board

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          Individual switches really good for small kitchen appliances if you have less wall power outlets.

        • You can get the smart version of these too.
          Wifi, Google assistant active.

        • -1

          XENON Smart WiFi Power Strip,Surge Protector with 4 Individually Controlled AC outlets and 4 USB Ports,Works with Alexa Echo and Goole Assistant,1.5M Long Plug Extension Cord,2.4GHz Smart Surge Protector for Smartphone,Remote Control and Device Sharing,Voice Control and Timer Function,Compatible with IOS & Androids,SAA Certified,No Hub Required,White https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B094X9QGVY/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

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    I’m in this for the product description! Lolz

    We are a renowned Company working in the Agri-inputs sector. Being established among the frontrunners in the Agri-input companies, HPM stands as a major supplier for a spectrum of agri-input products. HPM is a popular name in Agrochemical suppliers over last four decades. Today HPM’s reach and impact has crossed geographical boundaries.

    It tells me everything I need to know about this powerboard!

    • lol yeah. I came across the description as well which made me think I scrolled into a wrong page or something

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    Is this much different from the $2.50 power boards at Kmart?


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      In a way yes, HPM is a really top Australian made Brand.. Your Kmart one is chinese made and probably scrapes through as far a compliance. I guarantee you quality wise they are not made the same.

      • -2

        I doubt very much that HPM has it's products manufactured in Australia. Assembled here? Perhaps!


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          Oh, come on. That's a 21 year old article about a single product HPM sold.

      • iPhone is chinese made

        • An iPhone and a cheap $2 powerboard is very different in terms of scope and manufacturing lol

          • +1

            @Justin9mm: yeah but "chinese made" is not a reason lol, at least give a valid & educated reason not just "chinese made", iphone is chinese made

      • HPM is a really top Australian made Brand

        HPM power boards are made in China. I prefer them to other brands like Arlec and generic ones though, the plugging action feels better.

      • Hopefully the description does not reflect the product.

        Get the most out of your power points with this outlet powerboard adn connect up to 6 devices to a single outlet.

        • +1

          Personally I am a big fan of Xiaomi Powerboards, just hate the Chinese upside down part (which is understandable).
          I have many devices with different plugs and hate using adapters.
          I also like the higher level of safety of proper boards that don't break easily.
          or google a seller.

    • it's white, amazon is black.

  • I have atleast 8/9 computer/printer connection that needs to go in one power board. Any suggestion which one to use to avoid surge and overload ?

    • Overload depends on the power draw of the appliances simultaneously. The maximum a powerboard can draw is 2400watts / 10 amps. This figure is the same if its a $2 board or a $200 powerboard.

      • Same specs but not same quality.. My father as an Electrician of 40 years will tell you different.

        • You are missing the point. The limiting factor is your wall outlet, not the power board. Even the cheapest power board could happily provide more than 2400W, but it will trip the circuit breaker first.

          • @bio: I did not miss the point.. I'm just saying that not all powerboards quality wise are built the same. For someone who does not know about this stuff, it's implying buy the cheapest $2 powerboard there is no difference. Quality wise that is not true at all.

            • @Justin9mm: Can you suggest better powerboards? I do not know how much power will be drawn by my 2 laptop, 3 monitors , 1 printer and 2 phone chargers.

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                @pyramid: Hardly anything, just don't plug in a fan heater or similar.

                Monitors probably around 40-50 watts each, laptop - 50-90w at most, printer probably a couple hundred watts if laser, less if inkjet and only whilst print, 2 phone chargers - perhaps 20w each. You'd barely be at 200w.

                Any old powerboard will do.

                I don't mind this one:
                2 pack for under $10.

                Don't really know therefore why so many go nuts for this deal on a 4 socket one, seems the one above much better value.

              • @pyramid: Personally, i like these Belkin units for most of my gear… https://www.amazon.com.au/Belkin-BSV804au2M-Travel-Surge-Pro...

              • @pyramid: All powerboards sold in Australia must be compliant with safety regulations, a cheap powerboard will do the same job but the risk of it lasting or frying your devices in a surge is probably higher imo. You don't have to spend a lot but if you want to better protect your devices, buy one with surge protection. I would just prefer buying a more reputable brand that has more stringent manufacturing processes such as a HPM one because they are a known reputable Australian company and they aim to try and keep their reputation.

                This 6 outlet HPM one below is still pretty cheap for a non surge protected board.. I would just spend the extra few bucks to get HPM if choosing between a cheap Kmart one and this one but that's just me.


                If you like your devices I would stay away from chinese brands like the ones you find in $2 shops. It will do the same thing and may even be fine and last just like the HPM one but better piece of mind with a known generally good brand.

  • Any good power boards with individual switches recommended? I wanna put one in the kitchen to individually control appliances so i dont have to keep pulling it out of wall socket (even though it's a dual socket).

    • I purchased following when it was on sale, pretty happy with it,
      2PK Sansai 4-Way Individually Switched Power Board Overload/Surge Protection

      • thanks Mysterybox. what was the sale price then if you dont mind me asking. Just checking it against Amazon prices too

        • Purchased it for 25.00 after using 20.00 coupon

      • +1

        Sansai is a really bad brand. I purchased one similar with USB from Amazon. It rattles something loose inside. The wires looked like they were poking out of the cable. I returned it. Amazon send a replacement. The same thing. Also the plastic enclosure feels really flimsy.
        What is the quality of yours like?

        • I think quality is very similar to Arlec individual switch one I got from Bunnings, but not able to compare to the Belkin one I have. Belkin is good quality but not individual switched, I used it for my PC and stuff.

  • Missed out

  • 6 outlet still available and just a couple of dollars more

  • +5

    If you were already at Bunnings buying something else and saw these for the exact same price, you wouldn't buy it.

    On OZB, people will buy 2 just in case.

  • In stock again


  • got 2 thanks

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