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50% off 2x YubiKey 5 NFCs, 2x YubiKey 5C NFCs, 1x YubiKey 5 NFCs & 1x YubiKey 5C NFCs + $5 Delivery @ Yubico


Best deal I've seen from the offical YubiKey store. Even thou the AUD dollar isn't the greatest at the moment this is a pretty good deal.
I saw this offer while using my Brave browser. But it looks like you can still purchase on Google Chrome browser.

coupon code wasn't implemented right so it works against one. add two, apply, remove one. Credit to maybe a bot.

• All prices are in USD. Shipping to Australia = $5 USD.
• International transaction fees may apply on your credit or debit card. (I use my ING debit card which waves the fees)
• Might need to use the Brave browser to purchase.

Choose from:
• Two YubiKey 5 NFCs (2pack)
• Two YubiKey 5C NFCs (2pack)
• One YubiKey 5 NFCs and One YubiKey 5C NFCs (2pack)

*Coupon Promotion Terms:
This coupon will expire on August 26, 2021 at 11:59pm PT and is valid only at Yubico.com/store. This redemption is valid for 50% off two keys, including YubiKey 5 NFC and YubiKey 5C NFC. Keys procured with this redemption are Not For Resale. A maximum of two keys may be present in the cart for this coupon to work. No other products from the Yubico store may be present in the cart. Redemption code cannot be combined with other offers or redemption codes. Standard shipping and handling rates may apply. International shipments may be subject to customs fees and duties. Yubico reserves the right to cancel and refund orders associated with this discount code. No cash or value for code or product. Redemption code required at time of checkout.

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  • Is it possible to use the NFC to unlock an iPhone in leu of facetime?

    • No (and assume you meant Face ID).

      • Ha. I did and thanks.

  • thanks OP i have been looking for an offer on Yubikeys for a while. bought 2 , this is the best price i have seen so far .
    bought 2 off USB A type as my laptops have only USB A and assuming that i can use NFC for my galaxy and Iphone 7

  • Cheers lad!
    Have been eyeing these off for a while now. Took the plunge

  • Thanks OP, good deal

  • Ordered! I've been meaning to buy one (now 2) for ages!

  • +2

    Does it add much more protection on top of my current use of Password management tool (bitwarden) with 2FA (google authenticator)?

    • +1

      Eliminates the possibility of RAT exploitation. Rare but still possible. If you want you can set slot 2 of the key to input a 60 character long master password and use the second key to authenticate the second process.

      • Thank you. I will look up that exploit!

  • Leaning towards for binance login and integrate with bitwarden

  • Already have 5 NFC and Security Key (blue model) for back up. Why do i need more, this is such a good deal

  • Does that mean I don't need to remember my password anymore?

    Stick the key in my Chromebook without any app?

    I'm not comfortable using password1234 anymore

    • +1

      Mr billions, just trying to log into ozb as you…. Any caps in that password?

  • Getting "This coupon is not valid"

  • How does this compare to Microsoft authenticator and Google authenticator?

    • With authenticator apps someone could remotely control your phone and access the code.

  • expired

  • Oh I missed it!!! I was waiting for this deal to come and I missed it!! Arghhh

    • Talk like a pirate day is still a few weeks away! Sunday, 19 September

    • +1

      I missed it too, mate. Work was too busy to read up on whether I wanted these and which ones. By the time I did last night it was all over red rover. Next time.

      I think I’d get 5C NFC’s (need one for redundancy)

  • Mine came yesterday! not too slow delivery

    • +1

      Nice, mine arrived today.

  • Mine arrived too. Took 15 working days, not bad indeed

  • Mine arrived but I realised there is not much I can use it for.
    AWS doesn't support multi hardware 2FA
    My company OneLogin has not enabled Yubikey
    And none of my banks support Yubikey for 2FA