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[Pre Order] 30% off Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (e.g. 40mm $279.30, 44mm $314.30) Delivered @ Samsung EPP/Education Stores


Greetings everyone, Samsung EPP stores have 30% off the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for pre-order until 23rd of September 2021.

Watch Price
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm) $ 279.30
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm) $ 314.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (40mm) $ 349.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) $ 419.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (42mm) $ 454.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm) $ 489.30

Stack with the $50 signup code for purchases over $350 spend (credit to MikeMelbourneAus)

For anyone that doesn't currently have access to the EPP stores, you can also get access through a Westpac Bank Account / Credit Card Account by going to the Rewards and Offers page and pressing on the Samsung Offer.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1

    I ended up ordering the white classic 4 bluetooth….literally was trying to hold it in my cart and on the phone with samsung but they said it doesnt work in that it doesnt hold it for you, so i jumped the gun and ordered without the $50 discount :( as an ozbargainer i'm sad i couldn't get the best deal, but it's still a deal nonetheless i guess

    • Did you order today or earlier when stock was available?

      • +1

        stock was available today for a very short period
        appears some are coming back into stock for brief periods so keep an eye out if you haven't had the chance to order one yet :)

      • +1

        I ordered like 20minutes ago? It was out of stock then the 2 colours came back in stock, maybe people had cancelled their preorders so it refilledmomentarily im not sure

        • oh which ones came back in stock? i signed up for stock notification but it didnt' work i guess.

          Was looking for green or black 44mm normal, bt or lte.

          • @quasio: I remember when i looked it was the Watch 4 Bluetooth 40mm that had one colour back in stock, and then the Watch 4 Classic Bluetooth 42mm Black came back in stock and then not long after white came in stock. You just have to stalk the page and refresh every 10 minutes if you really want it, because yeah…the stock notifications dont work

        • +1

          does the email notificaiton for when it comes back in stock work? everytime i click it on my pc or my phone, it opens and closes

          • +1

            @jasontworld: Yeah the email notif button is bugged af, what i did was click the item i wanted and then in that page clicked the stock notif button, but even then when you do enter your email it comes up with a dodgy back end message so i wasnt sure if it worked, but when it came back in stock earlier today i received no emails so

  • +1

    Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) Silver (Sold out again)
    Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) Black
    Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm) Black (Sold out again)

    in stock at 1:50pm

    • Damn, looking for then none classic one

      • yeh some stock coming back into stock but must be limited quantities as they go out of stock in a matter of minutes

        • do you have to refresh the page or can you just select watch 4 and watch 4 classic buttons, shows no stock atm

        • Did you set an email notification for when it comes back in stock?

          • @Runite Oar: email notification doesn't work on my browser, pop-up closes immediately when i click on get stock alerts

          • @Runite Oar: I signed up for email alerts but didn't get any emails to say these were restocked.

    • Managed to order a Classic Black one.

    • What platform do you usually check? Government or education one? Does it matter? I dont seem to be able to see any stock on govt portal

      • +2

        I've only access to Government site
        stock been coming in and going out of stock most of the day
        looks like they have removed shortcut to promotion on home page but can still see if you look under "All Smart Watch" section
        all currently out of stock, still 30% off

        just noticed black Watch4 LTE 44mm in stock just now at 2:55pm

        • Yes the same. I will keep my eyes on this then

  • +9

    My order status changed to preparing dispatch so might ship earlier than expected!

    • so jealous
      mine is still processing
      hoping for an earlier delivery :)
      which model did u order?

      • 46mm classic Silver (Bluetooth)

        • When did you order? I ordered the day pre-order opened, still showing "preparing order".

    • I just checked mine and it has the same status :)

    • funny how i ordered literally only 5 hours ago and it says preparing dispatch for me too!

    • Mine too 😁 watch 4 44mm LTE black.

  • Is it just me or for everyone? I don't see watch4 promotion details scroll in the home screen of edu website where promotion end date was mentioned. I am pretty sure I saw earlier :)

    • they removed it from home page
      still can see products under "Shop" "Wearables" "Galaxy Watch 4"
      still 30% off but all products out of stock for time being

  • everything is out of stock

    • They restocked the Classic yesterday

  • +1

    I like how the bastards just sent the code through today…after everything is out of stock lol

    • On the other hand, I still have not received the codes. Stay positive haha.

  • +1

    Decided to ask chat on the website if they were planning to open more education store preorders, got this reply:

    I am glad you are interested in our Watch 4. Yes, the Marketing Team is trying to replenish the stocks.

  • +1

    Silver 42 classic bluetooth is in stock

    • +1

      Just got one! I wasn't sure if I wanted black or silver…I guess I wanted silver. :)

      • haha congrats! I'm waiting for black

  • My order has been updated to Shipped! but don't see any tracking info tho.

    • Still preparing dispatch :-(

  • still waiting but has anyone bought any bands?

  • Hmm, the person on the phone said that the orders have been handed over to the courier company, so i guess i cant cancel my order but i can return it to get a refund…so i'm contemplating whether i should just order another one if it comes back in stock and apply the coupon code

    • Which one did you get?

      • 42mm classic white bluetooth :P

  • Damn I slept on this and it sold out :(

    Can someone post here when black classics are back in stock? I can't press the stock alert button (popup window instantly closes before pressing submit)

    • +3

      Don't bother. The stock alert thing does not work anyway.

    • The stock alert is delayed by at least 1 day so don't rely on it

  • been monitoring it randomly today. nothing.
    Wonder if the stock that "found", was just found out when they were picking everything for shipping.

    • No, I was successful to order the 42mm Silver today

      Also to keep a record, I have registered for most of the classic models and haven't been notified at all.

      • oh nice!.. i guess my random wasn't random enough :)

        • +2

          I turned on notifications for this chat group and this strategy worked a lot better :)

          • @Baghad: ah, didn't see anyone say anything about stock today.

            • @quasio: Joshptyltd posted a few hours ago: "Silver 42 classic bluetooth is in stock"

              • @Baghad: just letting you know there's no silver for the 42, only white and black

                • @smileyface19: The other guys called it silver.

                  The actual watch frame is polished silver.

                  And the order confirmation "silver" but yes the band color is white if this really is critical.

                  I also order 2 steel bands if it counts to be called silver

                  But thanks for letting me know

  • Did anyone receive a shipping update for black classic 46mm?

    • Not yet, still "preparing dispatch".. here's to hoping express delivery gets it here by end of week but not holding my breath

      • Hi brgnbrd, has your order been shipped? Mine is still "preparing dispatch".

        • No update here either unfortunately. Shipping always seems quite random with Samsmung pre-orders and never seems to reflect when orders were placed.

        • Email received at 2.30am notifying status has changed to dispatched. No tracking details in email and when I check the order online it says order has shipped and to click on the tracking link to track through carrier's website but there is no link.

          • @brgnbrd: Congrats! Mine also shipped. Don't know if it will be delivered on Saturday

          • +1

            @brgnbrd: Mine on board for delivery!!

            • @Bargaincue: That's awesome! I assume you're in NSW? Mine was saying collected yesterday afternoon around 5pm and then scanned into freight in transit later in the afternoon (truck to QLD overnight I suspect). Still have an ETA for Monday though. Wasn't sure if Startrack o
              deliver on weekends but looking positive for yours, good luck!

              • @brgnbrd: Im in ACT, only three hours drive from Sydney. The watch is good but apps on playstore seems limited. Anyway it's a good bargain

            • @Bargaincue: on a Saturday?

              • @nosrad: AusPost is so overloaded they deliver Saturdays, may even Sundays as well. I had a package sent from Sydney to Melbourne, it took 4 weeks…

                • @Trantor: This is StarTrack though, not AusPost. I know they are the same company, but I think operations are still separate?

                  • @nosrad: I don't know, but it seems they are, @brgnbrd is probably in NSW, so it was faster, mines on its way to Tulla, so Monday, hopefully.

                    • @Trantor: I'm also in NSW, no updates since last night…

              • @nosrad: Yes. Parcels come really fast from Sydney. Mostly overnight

  • +1

    Anyone got their order delivered?

    • -3

      "Ships from: 13 Sep 2021"

      • +1

        Some have already shipped and a few have even received their EPP watch orders.

        Check the galaxy watch 4 thread on whirlpool.

        Samsung nearly always sends their pre-orders out early in my experience with many Samsung pre-orders.

        • -1

          Thanks, mate. This explains why mate got it 2 days ago.

  • Maybe a silly question, I'm using the page under Shop > Wearables > Smart Watch after logging in through the EPP site. Is this the same URL being refreshed to find the occasional stock? https://www.samsung.com/au/watches/all-watches/?smart-watch

    • Here's the url I get when looking for all wearable while logged in to the education store, they are all visible even when out of stock, when they are in stock the circles for each colour will change: https://shop.samsung.com/au/multistore/auepp/samsung_educati...

      • Thanks, I realised I was leaving / no longer in my EPP portal and figured that out. Now to play the refresh game ;)

  • Checked 5 times today and still nothing :(

  • +8

    Nothing worse than delaying a purchase and seeing it go OOS lol

  • I was waiting for the different colour watch bands to come out in which the staff advise they will be releasing closer to release date. Was hoping to buy it together then it went OOS. Ooops.

  • +1

    46" silver LTE changed to preparing for dispatch - ordered 2/9

  • +1

    black 46mm LTE available to preorder now. I can't see Silver 46mm LTE. Does anyone see it?

    • I can't see anything…search takes me to an error page, looking for silver as well… please share direct link if you have it. Thanks!

    • Gone already

    • Mate, can I ask how you find out when they come back in stock? Just pure luck or what? Coz the email notification doesn't work

      • Just have to keep checking unfortunately. I didn't want an LTE one so I let it pass.

  • 42mm Classic Bluetooth Black changed to preparing dispatch ordered on 6 Sep

    • Mine was preparing dispatch yesterday and still is today 😔

  • +1

    anyone had there order status more to shipped?

      • +5

        That's BS. It was never on sale on the SamsungAU website. Not released until 10 Sep. Pre-order only open on education store and other EPPs, or HN and JB.

  • -1

    still waiting, samsung au is always having stock issues the team is hopeless

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