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Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop - Core i9, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, RTX 3090 $4,831.58 (Was $5,831.58) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Hi, first post so go easy.

Have been waiting to pull the trigger on a new gaming PC for a while and this seemed a little too good to pass. RRP is a debatable topic but eBay RRP for this item is $5,831.58 while if you price this spec computer on the Dell Australia site it exceeds $7,000.

If you are thinking of buying please note that Dell run a smaller chassis than usual so the GPU is 267 mm in length. I believe it is also the LHR model as well after talking to customer support a few weeks ago.

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    All the 3090s are non LHR I believe?

    • Correct

    • Is this confirmed??

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        all 3090 are non LHR offers full hash rate

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      Confirmed with dell eBay, GPU is non LHR, seems a good buy then

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    So, $4000 for a 3090 and $830 for an absolute POS PC (mainly due to case design) which you will need to spend more on to limit throttling. And even then probably wait 6 months to actually receive it.

    • True a huge downside to this dell ebay deal is their delivery.

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        They state a worst case scenario, but goods are delivered much quicker.
        Ordered 2 monitors on different occasions, both said 4-5 week delivery and both were delivered 10 and 12 days after payment, that included weekend days. Sydney to Melbourne.

        Not exactly a massive wait to be considered a huge downside.

        • I guess it depends case by case

        • Yeah but that's monitors. They had gpugate earlier this year where orders due something like July were delayed to November

          • @justtoreply: GPU stock has improved by quite a bit since then.
            Dell is also way up in the food chain to receive stock compared to any retailer.

          • @justtoreply: They had 4 month waits on monitors as well

        • They are fast with monitors, this deal isn't for a monitor.

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          True, I bought a mouse from Dell, the other night and the estimated delivery time is over a month away. Checked the delivery status and it states it is "In Production".
          At least it will be freshly made.

    • Yep actually tried to order this machine through work for the 3090's CUDA cores about 3 months ago - cancelled when the 40 day estimated delivery date came and went and was revised to mid December….

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    thanks.. grabbed a couple one to run Kodi and another to run Pi-hole

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      Excellent choice… I am following your lead, and picked up a third to run Homebridge. I’m hoping this will be a more reliable and affordable alternative to my small liquid-nitrogen-overclocked pi cluster.

      • Going to install Linux and play Minecraft with this one.

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    This review is for the R10 but there are some similarities between builds so I'll let you be the judge https://youtu.be/8ulhFi5N2hc

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      This machine will come with an AIO, proper VRM heatsinks and dual channel RAM. Might still want a few treaks (e.g. replacing stock fans with ML120 Pros) to maximise the performance.

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        Yeah I'm not sure spending nearly $5k and still having to do 'minor tweaks' makes this a good deal.

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          Maybe, if you have $5k and like making minor tweaks as a hobby.

          After all, people buy high-end GPUs and rip them off to get liquid cooling, re-apply thermal paste etc. Does it mean buying a high-end RTX 3090 is a shit decision if you buy it with modding in mind?

          It's only a hypothesis since I don't have $5k to spend on a high-end system. Do you?

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            @fidelio: You buy these because they’re ready to go. If you like tweaking, why wouldn’t you just buy all the parts yourself?

            Dell usually use their own custom parts, including GPUs. So tweaking stuff in these is more limited.

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              @cnut: Because buying all parts yourself can often cost more.

              These made sense back in May when GPUs were almost non-existence.

              Not as good of value now.

              When I bought, I didn't buy them because it was ready to go. I bought it understanding it's issues and was happy to go ahead and spend some time working on it myself.

              Again, if you expect to buy it and do not want to spend any further time on it, then it does not make sense, especially with GPU availability now a bit better than in May. Potential cost saving in buying a pre-built system may not be as beneficial compared to building it yourself.

      • Someone bought one of these where they listed all that and got none of it. So take it with a grain of salt even if its advertised.

        And in saying that, you can add as many extras as you want, it still does not fix the abysmal airflow qualities this "case" has. By case I mean an office spec prebuilt wrapped in some extra plastic crap.

        Lets be honest the primary market for this PC are for people that do not wish to tinker, most people that are not interested in building but dont mind tinkering are more likely to get a boutique built pc, rather than one full of proprietary sized parts. 6 months ago they were bought by scalpers to part out and resell the bits inside, now I can only see timmys mother buying it for his birthday without knowing what a colossal failure of a build it truly is. An i9 plus a Dell 3090 in that thing is basically making it an expensive space heater that can play video games.

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    Yeah not sure that this is a deal tbh. Can probably build a similar specced PC for cheaper. Can get a good 3090 for just over $3k.

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      But is it an alienware

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      And where are you going to find a 3090 with a in stock price that will fit into a 3K machine budget🤣🤣🤣

      SERIOUSLY, the is the price os a Switch + Xbox + PS5 + A lot of games on sale + months of subscription. Then you have to put in the time to troubleshoot and tweak. Then spen more money on Games…… I am sorry but PC gaming cost is just stupid these days!!

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        3090 has always been terrible value for gaming lol. If you're buying this prebuilt (or a 3090 in general) just to game… you got more money than sense.

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          If you say "more dollars than sense" you can make a nice pun.

      • I never said $3k budget for the whole machine, I said $3k for the GPU. With the rest of the components could easily come in just over $4k for the whole thing.

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    Just beware you might get laughed at if seen with that on your desk.

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      Why? It has rgb.

    • Being downvoted but you are right. The thing is an embarrassment.

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    For the vast majority of people (including gamers) this is pretty poor value.

    There's a small corner where it might make sense/be less-terrible value, content creators who need the VRAM and want a prebuilt with associated warranty/support. For almost anyone else it's just epeen.

    • Epeen?

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        Showing off the size of your electronic p…

        I'd also be wary of buying a dell PC unless it's listed as 'in stock for fast delivery'. As people have mentioned above, there have been excessive waits for delivery for PCs with high-end GPUs.

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    Hi, first post so go easy.

    Against the rules REEEEEEEEE

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    Whatever you do, dont spend five grand on a dell aurora….check out gamers nexus review of it

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      A lot of people blindly refer to the youtube review.

      It's like saying Golf R is a shit car based on the entry-level Golf review.

      • Its not blind when its more than one review though.

        It's like saying Golf R is a shit car based on the entry-level Golf review.

        Almost a good point but its worth remembering that they are both still built by the same manufacturer, using the same chassis and the same parts manufacturers. So its not all that far fetched anyway.

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      Golf R 🚗 great car but too expensive.

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    Not defending Dell. At all.
    But what’s the best price around alone for a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GDDR6X?

    This build seems pretty good value with the $1k ebay discount. Reviews saying runs loud when gaming but they’re not looking at liquid cooling.

    • $3200-3500. It's going to be borderline value if you happen to want those specific parts in a prebuilt. Again, a pretty limited set of people for whom that makes sense.

      The PCs with liquid cooling definitely run cooler but still run loud. The fans can apparently be replaced with quieter ones (easy for the front fan, tricky for the liquid cooler case fan) but if you're buying it as a pre-built you're probably not looking for a lot of extra work.

      • +2

        The main reason the stock fans are loud is that it's more of a server fan.

        The process of replacing the fan is really straightforward.

        If one buys a system like this and has no technical skill to change a fan, then the person is unlikely to even be bothered by the fan noise.

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    Five THOUSAND dollars!!!!

  • +3

    Still not good enough to run Crysis

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      Straight to dad jokes do not pass Go

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    It's actually $4665. OP just took $1k off sale price.

    You may also get another ~2% cashback.

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      "maximum discount of $1000 per transaction" in the T&Cs

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    For comparison
    https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/4qfL8J (from one retailer)

    • Case, SSD, cooler (only 120mm for the dell) and motherboard (only Z490) look a bit overspeced in your comparison, and some parts are proprietary, but the point that it's roughly the price of the parts is fair.

      That doesn't make it a bargain but if you wanted a prebuilt with that exact configuration (you probably shouldn't) then it's not too crazy. It's nowhere near the value of the 3080 machines around $2,500-2800 when the cards where otherwise unavailable (although many of those were delayed/cancelled)

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        Can certainly downgrade other components on own build. A lower tier motherboard and a smaller AIO. SSD OS drive could be something like Crucial P1. Saving estimate of $250? Cant be bothered looking up exact price difference. No point in getting a bad case to have heat problems like Dell’s.

        For high cost gaming I would look at 3080 Ti or 3080. Save $900 or more simply by doing that. 3080Ti should give about the same gaming performance as the 3090 and spare $900.

        I wouldn’t get this Dell.

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    These Alienware have horrible internal components, cheap cooling and will likely run into throttling.

    • Components are decent but it's using server fans so you get a lot of noise at load. The fans can be easily replaced however.

  • I miss LOVEKEANU

    Having said that, similar config but for 3080 Non LHR could be had for $3.4k back in May 2021.

    This is too expensive especially LHR version.

  • Just some feedback, as a R12 owner with i7 3080 - default thermals are horrible, but if you're handy with PCs, I replaced the 2 stock fans, installed an additional intake, repasted CPU and most importantly, repasted GPU (tutorials show where to add copious amounts of paste which went against my thermal application beliefs but got great results). After that, CPU is idle at 28C and GPU VRAM peaks at 92C during mining and 100MH. Happy with result, whisper quiet now when not mining.

    • +4

      I think people are still arguing that 1) Youtube review gave it bad rating, but different model, and 2) Buying a pre-built system then having to spend more to fine-tune does not make sense.

      This is not everyone's cup of tea. Either you want it or not.

      • +3

        Agreed. Would have preferred to build my own but this was cheaper.
        The rest is good inside: PSU is 1000w gold fully modular (looks gross but seems decent) mobo is older x470 but has wifi and Bluetooth and Killer Networking. Not too shabby. Boot ssd is a lot quicker than my Kingston a2000 as well. So, I wouldn't say they cheaped out on internals too much

    • So you removed one intake fan and one outflow fan and replaced it instead with 2 intake fans and 1 outflow fan of your choice? Would it disturb the air flow balance if you have 2 intake and 1 outflow?

      Which brand if I may ask. I also have R12 with i9 3080. I wouldn't dare to repaste CPU but I am happy to experiment with replacing fans.

      When my CPU is idle it's around 30 degrees but it can go higher to 58 degree when playing Battletech at 4k.

      • I think he means the bottom front fan (intake), and top radiator (outflow) fans. You can add an additional intake fan by taking out the 3.5" HDD (top front).

        2 x intake, 1 outflow.

        One other, over-the-top mod you can do is to make the top radiator fan a push-pull sandwich config.

        • Thanks correct, I didn't explain well. Top radiator fan and bottom front intake fan. Used the cheap Arctic PWM fans. I removed the 1tb HDD and put a fan in its place with zip ties ;)

          • @urzu: Got it, so:
            1. Remove bottom front fan intake
            2. Remove top radiator outflow fan
            3. Replace bottom front fan intake with PWM Fans (What size? I might have to check)
            4. Replace top radiator outflow fan with PWM Fans
            5. Add an additional PWM Fans by removing one of the 3.5" frame HDD (top front).

            I am writing this also for my reference too as I will have Ozb on mobile next to my PC when I disassembled this :-)

            This will create I think, positive airflow due to more intake and less outflow?

      • You will have to repaste the CPU to access the top exhaust radiator fan anyway. The case is tight and the water cooler tubes would bend too much if you tried removing the radiator without first removing the pump from the CPU. Repastong is very easy though. Just use rubbing alcohol on clean lint free cloth and gently remove existing paste. Then apply fresh thermal paste (I used a 1mm thin X pattern across) and then screw in the pump back on while avoiding side to side wobble.

        • Aahh…. darn. I am going to have a look next week. When I replaced the NVME and installed a new SSD the other day, I did notice the case is very tight.

      • For the benefit of the community if you're not as confident as myself doing this


        However, this guy's setting is 3 fan ML120 Pro (2 radiator top - inflow/outlflow <not sure the logic>) and 1 bottom intake fan.

    • By copious are you meaning a thick layer of paste? Or just covering more area with a very thin layer?

      • Most tests agree on too much paste is much better for thermals than too little.

      • I just did a regular X on the die itself, but the quirk with the Dell 3080 is that the VRAM doesn't make contact with the GPU cooler plate. So tutorials online suggest applying a slobbering of paste to the heatsink contact area (next to the die, but on heatsking directly). Used a whole syringe on it, felt awful, but great results! Paste now allows heat transfer to happen properly

        • Ah okay. So long as you aren't adding a huge chunk of paste between the CPU and heatsink turning it into a sandwich. If too much thick thermal paste between the metal surfaces, it will result in a big chunk of paste in the middle and no surface connecting, which actually reduces the efficacy of the paste. I used to go to the extent of lapping all the heatsinks too. That was time consuming.

        • know a video I can follow for the Dell 3080?

          Guessing Thermalright ODYSSEY Extreme Pads would be best?

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    Cool, hf waiting. After all, it's a Dell ****

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    I believe you can build your own for 5k and much better if you can get hands on a 3090

  • +1

    If you even look sideways at a price vs performance ratio a 3090 was a colossal waste of money even before the GPU price rise situation we find ourselves in.

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    Under 5k is good deal, 3090 alone cost 3k minimum.

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    Every time I see the Aurora R12 faceplate, it reminds me of a robotic alien vagina module…

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    IMO the sweet spot in the sale was this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393228927339 - which has sold out.

    Yeah i get the thermal properties and case design concerns and all that jazz, and I'd like a larger SSD, but this came down to $3,500 with the sale coupon and is a very competitive offering at that amount of money.

    I'll probably swap out the fan if I can be bothered to but realistically I just want plug and play convenience at this point in my life and for $3,500 bucks I reckon the Alienware tax on this system is negligible, if anything.

    Even with any throttling concerns this blows what I used to have out of the water.

    • +2

      If I were desperate to buy pre-built machine with 3080 today I'd probably prefer this one with a little customisation (just send their sales team a message on Facebook)


      And I don't even think this bpc one is a great deal compared with some of their previous ones, I'm just even less sold on the alienware machines which have only gone up in price while GPU prices have fallen and availability has improved.

      • +3

        If you specced it similarly though I'd wager it comes out at roughly the same money.

        That case design will rip the Alienware one for airflow and would be a chunk easier to modify/upgrade if you were inclined, but I was also a bit partial to the Alienware aesthetic given I picked up the AW3821DW on the recent sale too. Weirdly the mrs also doesn't hate it compared to the idea of a big square box spewing RGB light everywhere, and given she's super chill about me wasting money on stuff like this I try to accommodate her input where possible.

        This will do everything I need it to and personally I only have good things to say about Dell's warranty process. I get all the Alienware hate, I used to say similar stuff but there's people out there for whom these sort of systems are a reasonable fit for their needs/wants and the prices with the 20% discount applied are ballpark with, if not better than, what you're getting elsewhere in the market right now.

  • +1


    same specs but GPU is 3080 , lot cheaper than 3090 option
    Looks better option and can save some cash