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Coles Mobile $125 (RRP $150) 1 Year, 120GB Data, Unlimited National & Intl Call & Text to 15 Countries, Data Rollover up to 50GB


Save Offer: $150 SIM now $125

Coles Mobile $150 Prepaid SIM
• 120GB, 365 day expiry
• Unlimited standard International calls to 15 selected destinations

All for use in Australia. Optus Fair Go Policy applies. Activate within 30 days of purchase.

Save Offer: $150 SIM now $125. New customers only. Limit one per customer. Offer ends 31/8/21. Ongoing recharges revert to standard price or as otherwise advertised.

Data Rollover: Roll over unused included data up to a max of 50GB if you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge. If you accrue over 50GB of Data Rollover you will forfeit any data over that limit.

Unlimited International Calls: Excludes premium/special/satellite/overseas toll-free numbers and video calls. International destinations are currently Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States. Use Extras Credit to make calls to other destinations and non-standard calls, see colesmobile.com.au/pricing for rates.

Was $150.00, Save $25.00
$125.00 each
Offers valid until Tuesday 31 August 28 Sept 2021
This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

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  • +3

    Worst network…

    • +45

      Not everyone lives at your dump.

      • +2

        I’ll live in Melbourne suburbs. It’s bad all over Melbourne. Wherever I go call quality is bad. Data speed is bad. I will not recommend coles mobile to anyone.

        • +1

          I've been using Coles for 9 months now. Fine in north western suburb where I am. Fair reception at Kilmore, Vic area. Fine at suburb of point cook, Vic.

        • +8

          Coles Mobile is Optus Mobile 4G coverage, so you're saying you have an issue with Optus 4G coverage, nothing to do with Coles. I use Catch Connect, identical Optus MNVO coverage and live in Melbourne and cannot fault it, I get coverage everywhere I travel and speeds are great. Unless your main location of use (home/work) happens to be in a black spot, which exists with ALL 3 mobile networks, their coverage in all the major cities is very good. A lot of Telstra and Optus cells are located together, on the same towers/buildings. Of course if you want coverage in a remote location with very low population, you'll be better with Telstra, which you will pay for, but most of us don't need this.
          What device are you using, was it imported? If so this could be the issue to.your coverage as it may not cover all the frequency bands required for the network. A very common issue with imported devices.

          • -2

            @SimAus007: Yes, I use an imported device. iPhone. This is not a single problem. All my friends in different parts of Melbourne has same problem. Call drops and sudden network drops are common on coles network.

            • +5

              @peeltheonion: "Coles network"? There is no such network, it doesn't exist, that is my point, Coles does not own a phone network, you are 100% on the Optus 4G plus network, same as if you were with Optus directly (apart from 5G access).
              The fact you have an imported iPhone is more than likely the issue, there are 3 world models of each iPhone, to suit different frequencies for certain networks that belong in certain regions/countries.
              An iPhone you buy in the USA does not support the same network frequency bands as an iPhone sold in Australia (for example), and therefore you will have limited coverage on certain networks here.
              More general info on that here: https://www.pcmag.com/news/beware-there-are-3-versions-of-ea...

              Unless you have a phone that supports ALL frequency bands for the phone network you are using here, you will have limited coverage.

              I live in Melbourne, using a local iPhone and never have any coverage issues with Optus, they have a huge network in metropolitan Melbourne and none of my friends have any complaints using the same network.
              Sounds like you all have imported devices if you are all having issues. It's the only possible answer.

      • +1

        Why is anyone upvoting your disgusting and completely unnecessary comment?

      • Tosser!

    • Heard about this a lot. Just wondering it's because of Optus (which is fine in my area of use) or the "Coles share" of the network is particularly bad (that it has a limited access to the Optus entire network capacity?!)

      • +2

        It used to be fine for me, and i used to live more regional than where i am now. But about 2 months ago it suddenly started to refuse to send my texts and it didnt improve up until the day I ported over to telstra. When i tried to contact optus about it they just said they were aware of issues, no resolution of any sort. Horrible experience after being with them for most of the last ten years

        • Thanks @rainbowbutterfly

        • +2

          That was my last experience with optus. They knew there were issues where I was, they DID NOT CARE.
          I got out, have never looked back.

      • All MNVO operators, Coles. Mobile, Catch Connect etc have full access to the Optus 4G plus network. Just not 5G.

  • same price on Groupon and could we use code or get cashback on this item?

    • Any link to that?

    • Only Vodafone 365-day pack on Groupon.

    • sorry my mistake…i remember wrong

  • +8

    I stay away from Optus and Harvey Norman. 11 years & it has made my life so much better & have probably saved some $$$ too.

  • +1

    Bad network.

  • +4

    Is the go to still boost?

    • If you need T

    • +2

      I think so. Much better coverage than Optus.

      • I'm with Boost (1 year plan) and Amaysim (28 day plan). Boost is more stable than Amaysim which is also on Optus. Webpage and video loading is slower on Amaysim

        • +2

          I am having both Boost and Amaysim services. Boost is by far superior in network coverage and fast internet. Call quality is also much better on Boost.

      • +6

        It depends where you live. I am surprised how people are generalise everything.

        • Melbourne

          • @DisabledUser27274: I mean not every street will have best coverage with any provider. I have Amaysim (which also Optus network) and I have no problem.
            But if you do have issues with coverage at your often visited places, then by all means chose alternative provider.

          • @DisabledUser27274: No Tesltra coverage here in NE Melbourne along the Yarra despite dodgy Telstra heat maps. Optus and Vodafone fine.

        • People are just sharing their experiences. Boost uses Telstra network and has much better network coverage compared to Optus, hence people will have more positive experience with Boost compared to Optus.

        • I get crappy reception with Boost. Usually 0 bars in the house.

          It could be my phone - I've been with others with Telstra where they had reception and I didn't. (So always questioned the claim that Boost has full Telstra 4G network.)

          I'm going to get this and see how it goes compared to Boost. (I have a dual sim phone.)

    • is Aldi Mobile suitable as well? been looking at their family plan

  • I want 5G deals,,,

  • Does it have wifi calling?

  • +2

    Internet is slow AF
    Do no buy for data

  • +1

    Terrible call quality. Can't hear clearly.
    No Volte.

  • +1

    I'm just curious why when Moose mobile can offer volte other mvnos can't. Is not it just their greed or mere incompetence? I'd personally stay away from networks who don't offer volte and wifi calling.

    • +3

      Moose is on a different deal than most MVNO's.
      The service they offer is postpaid and if you go over the data allowance you have to pay extra. They can offer VoLTE and VoWiFi because they have a different agreement with Optus, it seems they only offer these 2 additions to MVNO's willing to sign people up to postpaid plans, not prepaid.

    • +1

      GOMO also has those two features now.

  • No 10% off grocery like the woolies one?

  • +1

    Network is poor so check before using. If you are buying to use for business then think twice.

  • +1

    Depends where u are. Telstra is bad at my area near Doncaster. Optus Is better. But when I go cbd, telstra is better. U choose when u are more more of the time. I chose optus. No regrets.

  • +1

    With Coles mobile, if you're on a phone call the internet will go from 4G to 3G, making the phone unusable for any data related activities while you are on a call. One example, if you're NBN is not working, you can't be on a call to support and have the phone hotspotting at the same time.

    • That's volte which is not offered by most mvnos except Moose and Gomo.

  • I was ready to buy this deal to replace Amaysim for partner until I read all the comments D:

    • If Amaysim is working for you, Coles is on the same network.

      What I have found is that if you don't make or take calls or messages on Optus, Amaysim or Coles for a week or so, it appears you are dropped of the network and "unavailable". I've had this more than a few times when I have misplaced that phone in the house somewhere, and tried to call it via another. Calling back once it's found 'fixes' the problem.

      The only other SIM that has happened to me with is an Aldi one in a dual-SIM phone, where it was in the #1 slot and was the one enabled for calls. I've never seen it with Kogan, Voda, Boost or Telstra.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience. Looks like it’s definitely not what we need. Partner rarely calls or texts these days, everything is done via various apps using wifi or mobile data. Amaysim works for her (I think, she mainly uses the data) but they wants $200 for 100GB recharge and she doesn’t need that much data so I’m looking for the cheapest plan out there.

    • Ive been on Coles for a while - Optus has good coverage in my areas and I havent had issues.

  • Beware no international roaming with Coles

    • +2

      Beware no international roaming with COVID-19.

  • +2

    I recently moved onto this from Boost - it’s pretty bad compared to Boost. Worst part is when I enter the pinelands coles, which is closest to my house , I can’t make calls or receive. Keeps cutting me out . Messages, sometimes work sometimes remain undelivered until I am out of Coles. 😂😂

    • +1

      Same. Was with Boost last year before Coles, all 4 in my family. Will be moving back to Boost this year-end.

  • I have already bought this, but don't need to activate before mid-Oct. What happens if I activate at that point? What inclusions will be missed out? Surely they can't drop the data or call allowance because the discount is on the price and not any additional inclusions?

    • +1

      I don't think you'll have any issues within 30 days of purchase, even after that it's hard to see how they can enforce it as they don't ask for the date of purchase. I guess the inclusions could change at some point before it's activated?

  • Has anyone else had issues activating imessage after porting to Coles? I can't get it to activate with my phone number, Coles say it's not their issue and Apple can't see anything that's wrong!

  • Hi, can you buy the SIM card instore at Coles or is this an online only deal? Thanks!

  • I've used Catch Connect and Coles and they both use Optus, but somehow Coles' service is terrible.

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