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Black Shark 4 5G 128GB (Black) $799 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Original price $999, now down to $799. A very good price gaming phone with liquid cooling system + magnetic pop-up triggers + Snapdragon 870 chipset + 12GB RAM, etc

6.67" AMOLED screen
Up to 120W Hyper Charge 4500mAh Battery
Magnetic pop-up triggers
720Hz Touch reporting rate
144Hz Refresh rate
Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset
Symmetry stereo speakers
Upgraded “Sandwich” Liquid Cooling System
Dual SIM
Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth v5.0

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  • -3

    Can android phones really take full advantage for 12gb ram?

    • +4

      depends, for multi tasking and gaming it certainly is a benefit :)

    • +1

      Phones don't use/manage ram the same way computers do. I have a 2-3 y.o phone that is always using 80-90% of its 12gb ram.

      • Is it a note 10+?

        • +8


          Still holds up well compared to today's flagships, 512gb ufs 3.0 storage, 12gb ram. It doesn't have a crazy array of cameras, but has a variable aperture camera

          It'll probably be my last Samsung phone for a while though, they've ditched the micro SD card and there are so many cheap alternatives now (like this deal)

          • +2

            @Butt Scratcher: Sadly no microsd support on the Black Shark 4 either. Although it does have 3.5mm jack.

            Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
            Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

            Both have microsd support although sadly no 3.5mm.

            • +3

              @Agret: My guest because alot of flagship phone now without sd support, alot of people with start trying mid range phone and start satisfied with that. I don't know what's is in the mind of alot of tech companies. Alot of excuse is well sd card is slow. Bullshit logic having ssd as boot drive and hhd for media and file will now show you pc.

              • +2

                @Anubizz: "I don't know what's is in the mind of alot of tech companies"

                Big companies have realised they can maximise profits by selling you storage on the phone at a premium price. Having an SD card slot means less profits as you're (most likely) not buying their expensive storage from phone manufacturer.
                e.g. I bought a Samsung 512Gb SD card for $96. Price difference between Samsung S21 Ultra 512Gb and 128Gb is $300. That's $300 for only $384Gb!!! (I do realise that built-in storage is UFS 3.1 (very fast) Vs UHS 1, however, it's plenty fast for Ultra HD (4k) video recording).

                I have also ignored Samsung and bought a cheap Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC for $350. It's a lot of phone for very little money. Will never spend more than $500 for a phone. (I also run a custom ROM). I had a Samsung S8+ before that. The best Samsung phone, ever!

            • +1

              @Agret: I guess it's hard to expect a 'gaming phone's not to have a headphone jack. No matter how fast a wireless Bluetooth connection may be, wired will be faster.

              • +2

                @CrispyChrispy: Any suggestions for high end android phone that still using 3.5mm jack? I'm an old school, still using note 9. Still haven't upgrade, can't find good phone with sdcard and 3.5mm jack these days.

                • +1

                  @f38r1: Sony experia 1 iii

                  The only phone with an Sd888, micro sd card and headphone.

                  Even with these unique feature set, no one will be buying them lol

                  • +1

                    @krisspy: Well you can never win with phones.

                    It doesn't have this and doesn't have that, but it has this and that.

                    even if they give you all you want you whinge on the price.

                    First world problems.

            • +1

              @Agret: Yup. Every year it seems like there are less and less features (that i care about) which distinguishes their product from the competition. Even something as simple as including a 67w charger vs having nothing on the s21 line.

              Before, I would have been willing to spend an extra 100-200 for a similar flagship samsung phone if it had a micro sd card slot. But now, when you compare this phone to a somewhat comparable s21 plus. It really is a hard sell, about the only thing I would probably notice is the better camera, the samsung badge, and lesser ram in the s21 plus all for an extra $500-600… No thanks!

  • +6

    Poco F3 is better value.

    • +4

      Yea, but it's not named after the coolest animal on the planet.

    • +2

      this comes with Au warranty though

      • if it was the 256GB version, I might have considered.

    • +1

      A lot of phones are better value. It depends on the users use case.

  • +6

    what I like most is the fast charging of 120W, only takes 16-17 minutes for a full charge :))))

    • +15

      RIP your battery health.

    • +1

      The disclaimer at the bottom looks out of place (like someone at jbhifi ripped it from a review), but I don't think it comes with a 120w cahrger

      *What we provide for review is 120W CN charger.
      It would be 67W standard charger in the final retail box for sales. Charge to 100% in less than 25mins. 120W might be on sales in separate package later this year.

    • Only takes 16-17 charges to wear your battery down by 10%.

      Playing games for hours and a mad scramble to get to the charger as the phone is at 1%. Introduce more heat by charging at full blast. Rip batteries.

      • What temps does this device reach when fast charging?

      • At 16-17 charges its still new.

        5 years should leave you with 70% battery health if you don't abuse with complete discharges over and over.

        Most people don't care though and its more like 50% by then.

        • Even at 50% after two years, replacing a battery is an inexpensive exercise if you want to keep the phone or marginally increase its 2nd hand value.

          • @BinaryPirate: Probably 1/3 the value of the phone at that point, or worse, haha.

  • +1

    111% P3 gamut, HRD10+ 🤩

  • +5

    For the same price you can get Latest Motorola Edge 20 Pro with High Specs and Samsung Dex like support

    • +1

      Not exactly the same price - a $100 JB coupon does not equal $100 off.

      • Just want to check

        Online purchasers will receive a gift card via email within 2 weeks of order completion. In-store purchasers will receive a coupon at time of pre order completion.

        So even in-store the coupon can't be used for the purchase?

    • +2

      I'm glad they got rid of that "waterfall" screen from their previous flagship. It looked straight up unusable with how aggressive the curve is on the sides

    • +1

      Looks like a better phone in some aspects whereas this one is purely for gamers

    • Is it stereo dual speakers?

    • Gaming phone can handle long time gaming. Without throttling.

  • +3

    Isn't this like 550 at Black Sharks store on AliExpress

    • RAM is not 12GB

  • +1
  • +3

    gaming phone with liquid cooling

    Has technology gone too far?

    • Not much liquid but more vapour.

  • +1

    What's the diff between any other sd 870 and high ram phone and this "gaming phone". Is it the liquid cooling? Or do they have a better graphics inbuilt? I mean phones don't even have a dedicated graphics ??? Is paying premium for a "gaming" phone really going to do anything?

    • You should try reading the feature list, it's right there.

      • +1

        my 6gb phone says not enough ram to read the review …..

      • Yeah, better off just trusting the manufacturer's own advertising, hey.

    • You buy these for the triggers and a high touch sampling rate screen. If you want raw power, an Sd888+ would be better.

      • Yes & no. The raw power isn't overly useful for long periods. In non-gaming phones, without the additional cooling, the Sd chips throttle after ~15m. Samsung's Exynos throttles after <10. nfi what the Mediatek chips do but it's shorter than that.
        With the extra cooling the chips run for longer before throttling.

        Also the battery/charging, depending on the phone. The Asus ROG Phones have a 6,000mAh battery. with proprietary high speed charging.
        The Blackshark uses dual batteries & proprietary ludicrous speed charging.

    • Major issue with intensive tasks is heating and a gaming phone has the built in cooling system. Without this coolingbsystem the soc starts to throttle itself, depending on the manufacturer depends on throttling.
      Also factor in the heat generates by the battery which aids in heating and as all phone are sealed units, it's very hard to get rid of this heat.

  • I just bought a ROG Phone 5 Ultimate from JB. I like reading the spec sheet while I wait for it to be delivered :)))

    • +1

      How much?

  • Has anyone handled one of these? Bit intrigued by the liquid cooling part but if it can't get the airflow anyway who cares right?
    I'm wanting that 120w charge support

    • +1

      I been using it since release date. Ignore the rip battery health comments. Ignore airflow comments. The device plays everything very cool. I bought 120w seperately. Make sure you get it. Just imagine not having to charge before you sleep. It's a huge quality of life upgrade.

      • +3

        Just imagine charging the phone while you sleep. It's a huge quality of life upgrade.

        • +1

          Them non 120w charging comments 😂

  • Slightly cheaper at mobilciti at $778, also available at the same price on their ebay store if you have ebay vouchers


    Grey colour is available too

    • +2

      The link is for 8GB model.

      • Oh, my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out

  • +1

    liquid cooling in a mobile phone?? damnnnn

    • +1

      yep when you drop it in the toilet while using with one hand…… love the marketing “liquid cooled”.

    • They put water in the pipes that carry the heat around, it's not a rad pump aio.

  • Will this work on all Aussie 4 and 5G bands? I am struggling to makes sense of the information available online.

    • What's the 5G equivalent of asking if a phone has B28?

      • Yeah I felt like and idiot but I couldn't find consistent information on the internet so wondered if anyone here had conclusive experience of it.

        • i just bought 5g phone from JB so assume being australian stock it has australian 5g coverage, but yes, different countries use different bands, and the different bands give different speeds e.g the higher the frequency, the wider the band, the higher the speed.

    • Hit the connectivity tab here: https://www.kimovil.com/en/where-to-buy-black-shark-4-pro
      Will let you know what bands and providers will support.

  • Too bad it has so much less storage than the Oppo Find X2 Pro but this is a beast nonetheless

  • Damn I paid near this for my Poco F2 Pro some time ago :(

  • Good for Genshin impact and PubG? Don't want phone to overheat. How's the battery and OS updates??

    • Yeah, this phone should be perfectly fine at running intensive games such as those two. Wouldn't expect battery life to be too crazy, but more than enough if you're not gaming. The frequency of OS updates differ phone manufacturer to manufacturer, I can't speak for Xiaomi because I don't own a Xiaomi phone.

      • +1

        Had 2 updates since release date - actual user.

  • I'm pretty sure this phone lacks VOLTE.

  • +2

    It is a damn shame that they didn't even put an SD card slot. Ridiculous!!!

    • Practically most phones from the last 3-4 years don't have a SD card anymore - some of the cheaper ones still keep one though, interestingly enough.

      • +1

        Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
        Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
        LG V60 ThinQ 5G
        LG G7 ThinQ
        Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

        • +2

          Unfortunately LG is out of the game. LG imo has the best audio with SDCard support

  • +1

    Would have been nice if the camera was better, especially the OIS.

    I know, it's a gaming phone, but having a flagship spec with a mid-range camera is what really puts me off buying these gaming phones.

    Sticking with my Oppo Find X2 Pro for now I guess.

    • In your experience, do you feel like the OFX2P is lacking in any way which would warrant an upgrade?

      • +2

        BS4 is much optimised for gaming, like shoulder triggers,144hz refresh rate, higher-touch sampling rate, liquid cooling, etc.

        Oppo is only 865, BS4 is 870 which is like 865 Plus Plus.

        I tried Red Magic 6R (even had 888 chip) before getting the Oppo in the recent deal.

        I just could not deal with the mid-ranger feel due to poor UX and camera.

        Oppo I think is a much better all-rounder, unless all you do with your phone is gaming.

  • +3

    My Experience with the device is great.
    I do commute to work via Public transport and playing the games with left and right trigger makes gaming just that much better.

    the battery on this thing is pretty good. 30 mins play took about 7% of battery.

    Fast charging is also very good, too around 30 mins to full charge.

    the only thing i think is the camera like everyone suggested, but you are talking about a mid ranger not a high end phone.
    Secondly it's a gaming phone, IMHO if it takes decent pictures i'm happy to lose a bit of quality and have a great gaming experience.

  • Shame the pro version isn't 7.1" like the previous version. Would've been a nice replacement for my mate 20X

  • +1

    at this price i reckon get the rog 5 from aliexpress

    • +1

      I would avoid that. Jerryrig's video exposes a flaw in the design of the phones where the antennas basically make a structural weakness in the frame. I don't see that phone lasting a year of being sat on or rage quitting.

      Lenovos gaming phone had the same design flaw

      • -1

        Oh what really damn.. I was set on the rog phone 5.

        Now it's research the top range of black shark and nubia red magic line and if nothing wrong then I'll pick that.

        Otherwise last resort is Asus Zenfone 8 which is a very nice compact phone but 4000mah battery and slightly less gaming features oh and I think slower charging.

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