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Free to Stream - Lionel Messi's PSG Debut (Reims V PSG) @ Kayo Sports


Any Messi fans on Ozbargain?

Coverage starts at 4am with kick off at 4.45am.

Lionel Messi will make his long-awaited PSG debut when his new side travels to face Reims. Will we see a Messi masterclass?

Game replay remains free to stream at this moment.

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  • +19

    Monday morning 4:45am is the problem

    • +26

      Was considering whether to watch this or not, but I think I'll sleep on it.

    • +3

      It's out of my control. I hear Messi playing and wake up automatically. No joking.

    • +1

      Not really, have a kid.

  • +41

    Any Messi fans on Ozbargain?

    I rather things be tidy.

  • Thanks but i need my beauty sleep.

  • I assume I have to sign up (even if free?)

    • Yes you need an account, but, they've had unpaid free access to certain events in the past so is possibly totally free.

  • I'm more a neat man myself but sure I'll check out this superstar from PSG

  • I'd be keen to know how you non french speakers would pronounce 'Reims'.

    • Reams?

    • Rem?

      Edit: Saw a video on YouTube, pronounce like Rez or Raans

  • -1

    Had no idea he switched from Barca.
    Well my friend was kicking my ass using PSG in FIFA. I ve just got no chance. Mbappe, Neymar and Messi is a freaking killer front line.

    • +2

      Mbappe is almost certainly on his way out… if you want to see this killer front line you should probably stay up tonight.

      • Why is that?
        Is there an internal conflict?

        • +1

          He wants to go to Real Madrid

          • -1

            @CaptainNewspeak: It sounds like he won't be able to go until the season ends as PSG knocked back the transfer.
            I hope he replaces Bale. I know it won't happen. I'm just not a fan of the welshman.

            • @maverickjohn: Rumours indicated it's his last game as Qatar wants MNM play together for at least once.
              Not selling him would be a risky bet.
              They're hoping to convince him to stay by winning ucl and extend his contract.

              • @Mi2: winning ucl doesnt make ligue 1 any more attractive

          • @CaptainNewspeak: First bid already rejected. Second and final bid incoming. If thats knocked back then real will wait til he is on a free. The only other club in the mix is Liverpool..very remotely possibility if he goes free.

    • Ramos is also there now.

  • Thanks op, hope Stan will stream some free UCL games too. 😃

    • Is Stan aligned with optus sport?

      • No

      • Stan won the UCL broadcast rights so Optus sport doesn’t have UCL anymore.

  • Honestly thought he went to Man Utd lol

    Edit: nope that's Ronaldo, shows how much I follow all this 😂

    • +3

      Thats the other main guy

  • Mbappe playing?

    • +1

      Yes believe so.

  • +4

    The question is: Stay up to 4:45 or wake up at 4:45?

  • -3

    Good think that Messi wanted to prove he's the best by joining Mbappe, Neymar, Di Maria, Draxler, Icardi and co to take on Reims, Lorient and co. Talk about disgracing himself and going for a free ride. Good deal though, if you want to watch it.

    • +1

      Nobody says NO to big money, especially that’s €71m, I think you understand that being an Ozbargainer.

      • +1

        I might be able to way no to one dump truck full of money… But 100? At that point I have no morals.

      • +1

        He already has plenty of money and whichever team he moved to would’ve broken the bank to get him so difference in money would’ve been minor. He has enough money that he and his offspring never need to work again in their lives. Gain some perspective, I joined ozbargain to get 10% off my white goods, how’s that relevant to Messi?

    • Where else would you like him to go?

      • +4

        Probably just a salty Barça fan.

      • +4

        Central Coast Mariners?

      • +1

        Somewhere he can add value. He’s literally joining the most lopsided favourites in a league where there’s little competition already. Not sure why that’s confusing.

        • No purist approves of the move.

          • @Pootie Tang: Why do the impure approve of it? Don’t they like competition?

            • @kiriakoz: Be a long answer but let's expect to see PSG face United in the UCL in the KO stages. Messi is a pleb for taking the deal. Could have gone down as the last great one club player at one of the greatest clubs but it is what it is. Never knock someone for getting paid but how much is enough imo

    • Dunno why people are giving you a neg.

      I kinda agree. He can join city if he wanted.
      Much more competition against harder team in EPL.

      • I don’t read too much in it. There’s a lot of wrong-uns on here nowadays.

  • +5

    The goat has finally found the farm :)

  • +1

    Viva Ronaldo!

    • +7

      Welcome home Ronaldo

      • -1

        Retirement home

  • +1

    who watch farmer league?

    • +2

      Nobody lol

    • +2

      Premier league scouts

  • So a team worth 1 billion euros plays a team worth 10% of that….


    • Yup and it’s going to be as lopsided as that sounds.
      ie 75% possession by PSG and 50% pass completion rate by Reims

  • The Ravager of Reims

  • Can someone tape this and put it on Youtube. Make sure you don't mention the [email protected]#$%^ spoiler score!

  • Merci Rupert!

  • +7

    Free or not, it’s a total waste of time to watch a farmer’s league football game

  • Ligue 1 certainly need a pick me up after that Nice v Marseille horror show.

  • +2

    Farmers league

  • +3

    Of course you will see Messi masterclass in farmer's league against never heard of weakly opponents.

  • -2

    Mbappe to Liverpool on a free 2022

  • And he’s not even starting, fml

    • He doesn't need to


  • +2

    I wonder what Aussie league is if Ligue 1 is called farmers league.

  • He started on the bench and came on in the 65th minute.

    • And then what happened? How many jerseys did he sell?

  • Poor Reim didn't have a hope against PSG….