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[Refurbished] Swann Wire-Free 1080p Smart Security Camera 1/2/3 Pack $25-$75 (RRP $269.95-$649.95) + Delivery @ Swann


Refurbished Wire-Free 1080p Smart Security Camera 2 Pack.

Single unit $25 - OOS. https://www.swann.com/au/r-swifi-intcam
Twin pack $45 - OOS. https://www.swann.com/au/r-swifi-intcampk2
Triple pack $75 - OOS. https://www.swann.com/au/r-sowifi-intcampk3
4 Pack $199 - not good value.
Delivery came up free for me to QLD.

All refurbished, apparently 12 months warranty.
Reviews suck but yolo, they can be dummy cameras if they fail.

Note: Does not work as a streaming camera for my OnlyFans.

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  • +2

    Generally Swann IP cameras have been very poor, but that being said, for someone that is unable or unwilling to spend more I suppose these are an ok last resort. Just don't rely on them as they are not reliable.

    • -1

      what is the best nvr system with heat sensor and spotlight cameras? i can only find Swann having these. Reolink still havent released these cams yet.

    • +1

      We have a Swann camera for watching the dog while we're out and I agree, it's very unreliable, often not working even when I can confirm our network is working fine otherwise at the same time.

    • +2

      Not to mention their "heat sensing detection" does not work at all, constant false detections.

  • +17

    Do not buy these crap. They just discontinue when they want and no support after that.
    I have a SwanOne system which I have paid $500+ and useless now.
    Buy a proper recognized brand.

    • +1

      When you tried to complain, did they say that it's a 'black swann event' ? If not, I cannot trust this company.

    • +14

      Hey Ausiman - We've upgrade all Swannone customers to our new sensors and alarms on our 1 and only platform, we don't leave customers behind, contact us and we'll get you swapped out.. Just an FYI - the company that hosted the software bailed, we were left holding the basket (do a search on Guardzilla, another brand on that platform for the facts), Swann invested Millions into a new platform all developed inhouse in Australia, all our apps work on 1 app now and we've been migrating our customers across.

      • +7

        Free upgrade?
        What system are you upgrading your customers to?
        Because I was never notified of this upgrade and I have a swannone system thats also no longer usable.

        My chat so far with online support:
        Me: Hi, I have a swannone system thats no longer working
        Me: I was told that you upgrade your customers to new systems?
        Me: My original order number is 300002105
        Swann Support: how can help
        Swann Support: which system we are looking for
        Me: I was told you upgrade existing customers that no longer can use the swannone system
        Swann Support: which system we are we after
        Swann Support: as an upgrade
        Me: I'm not sure… Do you not offer a system for current swannone users?

        • +1

          Don't go to Tech go to the Customer service Chat, i've just let them know you'll come thru, they're waiting

          • @Dealzguyz: That was actually Swann customer service…
            Raj is apparently busy at the moment and will call me back.

      • +1

        he he, yup great customer service. This is what you get from the chat
        When you call that number, it says to leave a message :P

        Hi, can i contact customer service ?
        Raj joined the chat 12:14

        • if it goes to message bank - they'll call you back b4 the end of the day, leave a number.

        • Still waiting for my call back.
          Raj did not know what they could provide to replace the Swannone…

        • Day 2 after not receiving the call back from Raj.
          Back on the customer support chat with Raj asking whats going on…

  • +12

    I have a EUFY and it's been great so far

    • Which eufy? Do you neeed to have a Homebase or can one just get one or two standalones to place around the house for internal monitoring off shelving until one decides to mount on walls/ceiling?

    • Just seen eufy advertising is it truly no drill holes? Stickup mechanism to walls internal and external brick?? Or drilling for mount still required?

  • +8

    There is a reason that these are so cheap. I have two and have never been able to get them to connect, have tried absolutely everything and still no luck connecting. Even $45 is a rip off.

    • really? I just got them which can be connected to my routers and work OK. They didn't include outdoor mounting stands in the package and I noticed there are "internal cloud storage" for these cameras…which means thieves can easily damage or take away these cameras when they see them. I had one Swann security camera previously but unfortunately it cannot be connected to other routers anymore but still can connect to the original router…very strange

      • I still have them, I might give them another crack. Last time that I tried they were still having issues with the app that they connected through. They had migrated a number of cameras to a new app and there were heaps of people having the same issue according to Swann's support page. Maybe they have finally fixed the bugs.

  • Hey OP can you share a photo with one of the camera covers off

    • +10

      Going by the OPs username I thought you were asking him to do something else haha

      • HIM?

        • Sorry, them - assumed gender.

        • Oh…

          In that case, tell me more =p

  • Pretty crap, don't rely on batteries if you intend to buy, just power it up for basic monitoring

  • +1

    Even with the terrible reviews $25 seems like great reason to have a shot. What are my risks - is there an online service that once deactivated renders these useless?

    • +2

      The risk is they are useless even before they are rendered useless.

  • -1

    Username checks out.

  • anyone recommend a SWANN nvr system wired POE with 4k 8mp cameras?

    • +2

      I would recomment a Reolink 4K System with human/vehicle smart AI detection.
      There are videos on youtube that cover the alerts and detections.
      Great system for the price.

      • thanks mate was considering that, but it doesnt have colour night mode and also spotlights when it detects motion.

        • Other suggestions?

        • Unfortunately the Reolink 4K cameras perform really poorly at night. Up close they seem ok but at a medium distance not so much. Day time they are really really good. The Hook Up on youtube does good reviews of a lot of cameras and systems. He did a colour night vision one which shows the Reolink's performance.

    • I have this Swann 4K NVR poe system, can’t fault it. Don’t know why people bother with wifi,regardless of brand there will always be moments where it will drop out. Do it once do it properly.

      • thanks for the review!

      • I know it does happen to some of routers or network connecting setting. Some security cameras can be connected to my router but cannot be connected to my cousin's router. Fortunately we can return these incompatible products to Swann

  • Are they good as dummy cameras?

    • They come with security stickers as well. Reinforced security to use as dummy camera.

  • +1

    2 pack OOS

    I'll take my chances with a single unit.

    • Back in stock at around 11am.

  • +8

    Do NOT get these I have them and they needed to be replaced due to software issues bricking the cameras. If that's not bad enough, the replacements they sent were refurbished and battery performance was extremely poor. No wonder they're selling them for this price, it's not even close to worth being RRP.

    • Thanks for saving me $25 :)

      • +5

        Probably saved you more than $25, considering the time wasted setting it up, the frustrations and mental stresses.

  • +3

    Have one of this and used it for several years. Quite unresponsive when I want to live stream it when using as an outdoor camera. However, when it detects movement, it will send video to its cloud and I get an alert. The trigger event sensitivity is a hit and miss, despite fine tuning the trigger area and other parameters.

    The battery drains fast even at lowest sensitivity setting. The only thing saved me from taking it down every week is a camping USB solar panel charger.

    As an indoor camera (e.g. my garage) it allows live streaming. Plugging it to a USB charger means no battery woes

    Verdict: do not use it as outdoor camera if you are getting one today

  • Can you RTSP these?

    • I would like to know this too, I couldn't find anything under Specs on the website.

      • Be great if we could. Wack it on my letter box to get cars passing like a LNPR. Wouldn't care if it broke or someone stole for $25…

  • +1

    Sounds like the Alfred app and an old phone would be more reliable than this.

    • What is the battery life like with that app?

      • I always have the phone connected to power but otherwise it doesn't drain any more than say YouTube running

        • Mmm, not quite the same as this camera then.

          • @eug: Not the same, no. The battery life on this camera is so unreliable, it's hard to guess what you'll get.

    • Looks sweet. Does the premium version allow connection to multiple phones?

      • The free version does. I have one camera at one property using a SIM card. Another camera in another property using WiFi.

        I've had up to 5 cameras/phones connected at one time.

        The premium version would be good to remove pesky adverts and allow some other options such as longer recording and zoom in features. But I haven't gone that path yet.

  • +2

    The Swann IP app was one of the worst apps I’ve used. It effectively bricked the cameras, resulting in having to return them and buy a new system.

  • +2

    Bought it before, battery last 2 weeks with all settings at low and off.

    • so wouldnt be even useful as a dummy cam?

      • Thieves read Swann, chuckle, keep calm and carry on. Remove the Swann label and maybe you have a better chance of these being a deterrent.

        • +3

          noted :)
          neighbour has installed a cam looking straight into our backyard so just need something to point back at him

  • 'HomeKit / Homebridge/ Home Assistant'able to work with Apple Home? Looking for something cheap I can hook in to the system, since I get unlimited upload with iCloud+

  • Can it be used for continuous viewing on display monitor ?

    • This is battery-powered designed for recording short clips when movement detected. Get a wired system for constant monitoring.

      • hi can you point me direction where to get / to set up a wired system for constant monitoring.. ive got an infant that i want to controll 24/7 but these sort of things only able to stay connected for 20mins or less

  • can't order…..?

  • +2

    We bought our set after someone jumped our back fence, I would say worked 80% of time time.
    99% of the alerts was some shade from the sun moving.

  • I bought 2x twin pack.

    Any chance of hooking this up to a DVR? Preferably to a NAS

    • it's oos

      • +2

        Yes, but they've already purchased it, hence the question.

        • +1

          Correct, I bought it around 10am and figured to put the question forward since I wanted offline local storage.

  • +5

    As an FYI - People who know a thing or two about Swann and security camera systems do not recommend it. Ask any security installer before you buy this crap.

    I have Swann and Do Not recommend it.

    • +2


      Security installers i've spoken to recommend Hikvision. Good reliable systems.

      • Yes I agree. Mine said the same thing. He was disappointed with Swann. I'm okay with it. Does the job but hate operating the software.

    • even Swann NVR POE systems?

      • I say do your research thoroughly, including the software usage and see if you're comfortable with it.

  • These work without any base kit ?

    • From the looks of it, yes. They connect to the cloud.

  • Hi all the sale is almost over, we're putting the prices back up temporarily from 2:30 pm today..
    We'll go back to clearance prices on the 6th September

    • so the 2-pack for $45 is still available or available on the 6th of September?

  • if there's stock it will be on sale that week.. we might only have 1 or 2 lines per a week..

    • ok see you on the 6th for better deals.

    • already jacked up the prices….

      • gone sold out before 2:30.

        • +1

          see you on the 6th for the deals.

  • Worth a try for $25 cheers

    • +2

      If you want return for your $25 then no. If you are fine with throwing away $25 then sure.

      • they come with 1 year warranty, surely can be returned easily if they are not fit for purpose?

        • +2

          I paid with PayPal so if they are rubbish can do free return.

        • +2

          Yes you can. The question is how much effort do you feel like putting in calling them and going through multiple hours of troubleshooting back and forth to get a warranty claim processed? Time is money and at the end of the day if you spend several hours to get a replacement processed, the value of the camera is no longer just $25. That's just my opinion. I went through 2 x claims and it was a frustrating process to say the least.

          • @thousandsuns: Yea, fair points mate. Let's see how we all go(who've purchased these) aye. The swann rep here claims these have been re-worked to be compatible with the updated app etc….I guess if they're still crap, people will come back here and provide further reviews so others don't get bitten again when these go on sale next time ;)

            • @fakejv: I hope for your sake it works as dodgy security cameras aren't something that you want to take risk on. Feels like I'm bashing on them but just being honest. Would hate for other people to go through the same situation as me. Good luck mate.

      • Doubt it can be that bad but only time will tell

  • +3

    Yeah they’re crap. The app is useless

    • Not the case - they've all been reworked to work on the new app. they've now go more features and full functionality. they're just old and the newer models have better wifi and better performance - image quality on them is actually pretty good.

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