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Kindle Paperwhite 8GB $116.10 + Shipping ($0 Pickup) @ The Good Guys


Better price than some of the recent sales! (If there’s anyone left who hasn’t bought one)

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Done.

    • It's only $119 delivered on Amazon right now, might as well buy it there and get the better returns policy.


      This is only $3 cheaper, and only if doing pickup.

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        Wrong kindle there, this deal is the 10th gen paperwhite waterproof.

  • Any idea if it has a backlight?

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    • All paperwhites have backlights

    • It's a front-light due to the reflective nature of the e-ink displays, but it works well.

      It would be nice if it had an adjustable (or just warmer) colour temperature like the oasis model as it's quite a cool/blue white, but that's personal preference.

  • Bummer! Just bought it yesterday and opened the package. Can't bother returning it now.

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      Ye dunneh return ye original box. Ye buy a new one and return that one wit ye original ticket.

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      If you got it from The Good Guys and added the Concierge, you can claim the difference.


      Otherwise, just enjoy your new purchase and forget that price drop.

      • Unfortunately bought it from Officeworks

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    I got the oasis during the Amazon prime sale for $299, $100 off, didn’t think it was worth it v my Mrs kindle so returned it. Been waiting for another sale.

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      what's the issue/problem? I have an old good 1st gen paperwhite and was thinking about upgrading to Oasis.

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    Anyone got some experience in loading epubs on these? I know you can use calibre to convert them, but not sure how good the conversion is. There used to be an alternate"os" you could load on these, i think it was called duokan, that was compatible with epubs, but it no longer works on the newer models.

    • Keen to know as well as I have tons of epub and mobi files

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        mobi files can be read directly by kindle…I have been doing this for ages.

    • +9

      Most calibre conversions are fine when you set output to your specific kindle.

      A very small proportion of conversions are dodgy as hell with line breaks everywhere or other odd glitches.

      Of all the books I’ve converted maybe 5% have problems and unfortunately heuristics adjustments within calibre didn’t help.

      You’ll be fine.

      • +4

        I second this and I think it’s usually due to the original file being crappy rather than the conversion. I’ve had very few issues.

  • If I wait for the anticipated new model with marginal improvements how much extra will I pay? Double?

    • Probably original RRP of this model

    • I reckon $219, $20 increase on current retail $199.

    • Could be waiting a while…

  • good price

  • Any idea what this model is? Trying to get a case…

  • Extra $10 off with Afterpay Pulse Rewards offer in the App.

    $10 off $50 spend at The Good Guys

    • Must be targeted I don't see such a thing.

      • Which tier are you?

        Have to be Platinum or Mint tier to receive the offers. Gold doesn't qualify.

  • Damn! Just purchased Onyx Boox reader this morning

    • +2

      I don't think you will regret it. I am using Poke 3. Despite some quirks such as poor dictionary lookup (which can be improved by some tweaking), these things are very fast. Kindle, Kobo are dead slow especially if you highlight and make notes.

      • +1

        Do you mind me asking which seller you got it from and how much?

        • Cheapest I could find was at Kogan for $249 and used gift cards to bring the price down a little

          • @igoforthebest: Yeah that is about the cheapest I can see at the moment for the Poke3 as well, with the Kogan marketplace seller probably being the least-worst option out of a couple of random grey importers.

            Pretty tempted to grab a Kindle while waiting for better Poke3 deals to show up to be honest.

            • @djkelly69: The way my luck goes, I usually find a better deal AFTER i've bought something so chances are there might be a deal out soon :P

          • @igoforthebest: I bought it from Amazon AU. That’s another option

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              @lastkey: I checked Elite and Amazon before I went for Kogan however, Poke3 wasnt available on both stores.

        • Elite Electronics.

  • Is that the one with ads?

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      Australian Kindles don't have ads.

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    The 32gb version becomes $152.10 with the promo code. (down from $169)

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    Bookbub is good plenty of free books.

  • Been so tempted recently to switch to using a Kindle.. but since I have a couple of old Ipad 4s lying around decided to see if Kindle app would download. Stoked that it works even on IOS 9.3.5. Libby/ Overdrive and BorrowBox (library card) borrowing also works.

    • +1

      Only issue is your still using an iPad. I think kindle is less glare strain on eyes from what they say. And less battery usage than using a tablet with a Kindle app I suppose.

      • True. But do like the option to borrow ebooks from library for free rather than buying Kindle books or join Kindle unlimited. But if prices continue to drop, might just switch to a Kindle. 🤔

  • Just checking, this one isn't waterproof is it?

    • +1

      it is

      • Oh awesome, thanks so much, just saw it in the specs. Thanks!

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    Aye Caramba!

    Just paid 122 x 2 the other day. Right, kids are going without dinner tonight.

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    I believe there is a new software update on the horizon.

  • Can only use 2 gift cards for anyone this helps.

    I'm stuck with a $10 gift card I redeemed from Klarna now :( …

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    Older Kindles were just e-ink on an unlit screen that worked immediately, like a book.

    When I upgraded to a Paperwhite, I was unpleasantly surprised that there is a "starting up" screen whenever you open your Kindle, and the backlight is bright like a phone when reading in bed (bright enough to bother my wife, even when turned down to the minimum readable brightness).

    It's still a Kindle, but if you're upgrading, be aware of these things. It's not the same experience as a Kindle used to be. I'm not sure it's better.

    • +1

      i just bought it from the amazon special, i dont have any backlighting when i turn it down to zero (no lighting) ? thats weird

    • +1

      The starting up screen is waking the Kindle from deep sleep this can be disabled in the menu if you want but battery will drain faster.
      There is also a zero backlight option so you might wanna double check that you've turned it down to 0 via the dim button

      • "But I can't read in the dark!!"

      • The older Kindle batteries (mine was from 10 years ago) lasted just as long and if you picked them up after a week or two they just turned on, no "starting up" from a deep sleep. That's the difference. Doesn't bother me much, but it bothers me a little because a book doesn't do that and previously it behaved more like a book - this is more like a tablet.

        • Like the comments said. You can make the new kindle behave identical to how you prefer.

          Light is completely off if you tap the left sun till 0. And you can disable deep power saving in the advanced area of options,

          Turning on the kindle then takes you to where you were without a wake delay. I’m sure the battery will still last for eons.

  • +1

    Thanks op finally got one.

  • Great deal. Time to claim the price protection difference on credit card.

    • which card isthat ? how much difference is claimable ?

      • +1

        28 Degrees. The difference of what I paid and the current price.

  • Bought a Kobo 2 days back :)

    • Sorry to hear that

  • Does anyone knows how to set the time to am/pm? Mine is set to 24 hour and I cannot find the option to change its format. Thanks.

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