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Pay Only $1 in Final Value Fees on The Next 5 Items You List & Sell @ eBay


Received an email for this offer, will be targeted but worth a check to clear out some goods during lockdown. So either click the 'accept offer' link or check your selling promotions tab to see if the offer is there.

Usual standard terms and conditions apply:

  • Pay a maximum of $1 in Final Value Fees for FIVE items you list and make available for purchase in a single category during the Promotion Period (see exclusions below).
  • Final Value Fees are the selling fees charged on sale of an item, calculated as a percentage of your total sale price.
  • You are only eligible for this promotion if it appears in the “Promotional offers” sections of your My eBay account.
  • You will be entitled to participate only if you register for the offer by clicking “Accept offer” within the Terms & Conditions page or,
  • This offer applies to listings in Auction-style or Fixed Price format, but does not apply to listings in Classified Ad format.
  • This promotion only applies to single quantity listings.
  • Store subscribers and business registrants are not eligible to participate in this offer.
  • Good ‘Til Cancelled listings created during the Promotion Period will be eligible for the promotion only until the listing automatically re-lists.

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    Has anyone else had the problem on their eBay account where these selling promotions don't work? I've had problems for about a year now where the promotions don't work and I have to talk to chat to get the seller fees back. Support hasn't been able to resolve, so I was curious if anyone else had this problem. Thanks

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      Yes. I’m convinced it’s an intentional apathy tax.

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      eBay has so many coding errors and broken links, sometimes it feels as if they have lost control of it

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      Yes I've had a few instances of this happening and had to get on the chat. Annoying but at least they fix it pretty quickly.

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      Thank you all for the replies. It's been driving me crazy as I used to sell on eBay all the time using these promotions. Now with managed payments it's a pain to get the fees back. At least I'm not alone I guess.

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        Have you attempted to sell recently? I had similar issues with managed payments up until about a month ago, since then nothing has gone wrong and the promos are instantly applied (for the eBay promos at least).

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        • I haven't tried to sell in the last 6 weeks. I just listed something this morning and it didn't deduct from the 5 available selling promotions. So I'm just guessing it didn't work again.

          • @S3ISOR: It won't deduct until the item is sold FYI, it should work fine if you haven't sold in 6 weeks as they only just changed it recently based on a lot of negative feedback from sellers.

            • @doweyy: Ah ok, that's a big change. Thank you. I might see how it goes and report back fingers crossed

            • +1

              @doweyy: Can confirm the above, listed item under promo - counter did not reduce. Once sold, counter reduced and $1 fee reflected in transactions.

              Did initially chat to eBay support after listing, they confirmed known bug for a while, under review.

              • @88mph: That's awesome, thanks for the feedback

              • @88mph: Can also confirm this. Seems its been fixed.

      • Sold 4 items in the last week using this promo it worked fine, counter will not change unless an item gets sold so you could list more than 5 items at once. Also sold another item a few days ago using list and sell 2 items from gumtree to eBay promo which is now working fine after major issues.

    • It happen to me but I jumped on chat and they sorted it for me asap. Had the Selling fee refunded back to me the next day

    • Yes, I've been burned before. I now take screenshots as proof of offer acceptance and contact their customer support if the offer didn't auto apply.

    • I had this problem constantly once they started moving away from PayPal and to their own payments system.

      However it was fixed in last month's promotion like this.. at least for the things that sold during the promotion period. (Too early to tell if it will still be automatic for things listed in the promotion period but didn't sell until after it)

      I have noticed that the 5 $1 items counter on the My Ebay Selling page only goes down when something gets sold, not when something gets listed. So who the hell knows anymore how it's meant to work on their end. I suspect they don't either

  • What's the selling experience like now that PayPal is gone?

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      I sell quite regularly and Personally for me it has been pretty smooth. The selling fees automatically get deducted so I don't have to pay an invoice at the end of the month and eBay pays my bank account according to the instructions I put (daily, weekly).

      I don't need to login to PayPal to withdraw funds which is a bonus. Overall fees are essentially the same and I find it's more convenient.

      Also when it was PayPal I was more likely to spend it, but now because it hits my bank account I'm more "responsible". :)

      • What about in the sense of buyer/seller protection? When a buyer escalates a case are eBay fair with their judgment?

        • I haven't had many issues escalated to eBay yet as most just related to delayed deliveries, but everything is sent with a tracking number so these were resolved with the carriers.

    • +3

      Seemless for me, no differences really at all and payments are made a day after the sale and go straight into the bank account.

      Way cheaper selling as there aren't any 3% PayPal fees anymore. The $1 fee covers everything.

      • +1

        PayPal had buyer/seller protection which made me confident in the system before. Is it the same case with eBay?

        • +1

          I had one case where a buyer attempted to claim an item wasn't delivered. I sent eBay proof of delivery on live chat (tracking number). They checked it, showed as delivered and cleared the claim, no different to PayPal.

          However I'd say for the more expensive items, I would have more faith in PayPal resolving these over eBay. But I wouldn't particularly sell anything of high value on eBay, too risky.

      • my payment is stuck on hold. it says will be paid 1 business day after the item arrive

        • That should hopefully improve for you going forward, I had that when I started selling on managed payments but now I get it a day after the payment is received. Not too sure how they set it up, must be something to do with fraud on the seller side and safeguards they have.

          • @doweyy: not a good experience tho. I have used eBay since 2006 and have sold many many items.

      • Do you wait for funds to clear to post?

        • Generally eBay won't release the funds to you until the item is posted, depending on your selling history they may hold the funds until the item is delivered.
          But as doweyy said above, the more you sell the delay between eBay releasing funds should shorten.

      • +1

        agree - this is better than Paypal IMO. More $ in your pocket than prior. I sell higher end watches and paying $1 for the final fee is just magical.

        • $1 fees is fantastic, however these are only limited-time promotions,
          which seemed to be more prevalent in the last 6-months of the year.

    • I used to like the ability to search my Email to go through all the Paypal invoices, when looking for items.

      I don't get that level of detail, with each invoice anymore, because the details are only within eBay,
      but the Emails about the invoice, don't have much detail.

      Also, if you don't have a dedicated bank account for eBay,
      it's harder to spot the transactions, because it blends in with all the transaction there.
      So, it's harder to make sense of them,
      eg. they all say Adyen eBay but don't say what item was sold.

    • Same, you won't notice much of a difference, other than an extra 2.6% in your pocket, when you sell using this type of promotion.

  • Not targeted and can't sign up for managed payments so would get stung with higher fees and PayPal fees.

  • +4

    Didn't get Targeted… Jerks

  • +1

    Listing on Gumtree will allow you to put it on eBay for only 30c (up to 2 listings every month).

    • Is that $0.30 now ?
      It used to be 2x free listings, per month.

  • Also Ebay Plus members can ship for free using Sendle until the 27th September.
    So no selling fees and you also save on shipping.

    I have been charging shipping cost and shipping goods for free via Sendle

    • +1

      isnt that just your first one?

    • +4

      Sendle lol

      They are the worst of the worst, take up to a week just to pickup ur package

      • +4

        They have picked up all my parcels following day with no issues. Maybe depends where you live and the contractors.

      • +1

        One good thing is if they don't pickup within 2 days, you get a refund for the postage cost.

      • I've had great delivery service AND customer service, with Sendle.

        In fact, I found Sendle to be faster than AusPost's "Express Post" too.
        ( Last year, during 'pandemic', Sendle was 1-2 business days between SYD & MELB, but "Express Post" took about 7 days! )

        Then again, I sent a package 12-km within SYD, last Thursday 26/8 (picked up)…and it still has not arrived on Tuesday 31/8 .
        It's going to be almost 7+ days, soon, without a delivery.
        ( I just did not want to deliver the package, and get pulled over by police for that 5-km rule ).

    • Appears to be targeted, which I'm not :'(

  • Is there a way we can check which of our listings are part of the promo after accepted, or are we expected to just remember/know?

    • Once the item is sold, it will show up here under promotional offers and then will update the "Used" counter by 1.

      You can then also check in your payments and the amount should automatically apply to the sale once the buyer pays to be $1 less than what it sold for on your item. The fees will also be reflected if you click through into the order transaction details under "Total Fees (including GST)".

  • +2

    I refuse to give ebay my government ID and bank account.

    I have not listed anything new on ebay since the change

    • +1

      Doesn't paypal already have to his info anyways if you want withdraw money?

      • I don't think I have ever withdrawn money from PayPal, I just funds I receive to buy things and pay bills.

      • eBay did not not have Driver's Licence number before,
        and they use that information to verify your identity and address, with a government database.

        PayPal did not need bank account details,
        unless you withdrew to said bank account, but PayPal did not have access to government-issued IDs (unless you gave it to them).

    • What's so special about giving eBay a government ID and bank account?

      Pretty mundane stuff.

      • They calculate your tax obligations, for all items sold on eBay.

        So, the less eBay knew about you
        (or your multiple seller accounts, in your name or other people's names),
        then less tax to pay.

        • *If you're a business, in which case, this is tax fraud.

          • @eagerfisherman: I know a person who is not a business (I'm quite sure he isn't),
            but sells "enough" , to get emails to say his information was passed to the ATO because of the amount he sells.

            • @whyisave: If the ATO determines his sales are too high for the hobbyist threshold and it is clear he is engaging in a repeated business like manner. He is in fact, shockingly, a business.

              "Nah I'm not employed, I just happen to work 40hrs a week for this company as a hobby, so I'm not paying tax".

        • So, the less eBay knew about you (or your multiple seller accounts, in your name or other people's names), then less tax to pay.

          What ? Your tax obligations don't change based on whether eBay know about them or not. That doesn't make any sense.

          • @Nom: what i meant was, if your account was not in your name,
            if there was no real address, etc… then, it was harder to work out who that individual was,
            or if multiple individuals were involved in selling items on behalf of one person.

            in any case, the tax obligation of a person never changes,
            but people still find ways to avoid the obligation.

  • +2

    Anyone taking these offers up, I suggest screenshotting everythingggggggggg you possibly can just in case eBay try to stiff you

    • Yep I do the same, keep copies of the email offers too

  • +4

    Still wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole given how they treat sellers.

    • Sounds like they shafted you in the past? Makes sense, eBay really do treat the sellers (who generate all their income), like mud on their shoes

  • +1

    So glad Fb marketplace exist

  • +5

    I had this offer come through last year. The deal wasn't honoured and I went through the painful chat process multiple times. Chat was completely useless, and the staff were clueless and even when escalated, they were still clueless to resolving the problem. It was never resolved. I gave up… which is presumably exactly what ebay wanted. I still have all the chat transcripts.

  • Glad I'm still getting this, it makes selling high value items much more worth it.

    List your low value items outside of the promo dates. If you have slots left nearing the end date, end your high value items and relist them, I can confirm they remain eligible as long as they're listed before the end date, even if they sell afterwards (in the terms it states that good 'til cancelled listings remain eligible until they automatically relist).

  • +1

    Wow, was just googling how much it cost to sell on eBay and it’s 10.9%. That’s high!

    • 10.9% on the world's biggest platform for buying / selling to anyone, anywhere, with a >20 year history and 'trusted profiles.'

      • +1

        Can’t wait until one day we get a decentralised marketplace, so all 10.9% doesn’t go to any 3rd parties but back to the seller.

        • +1

          there already are some blockchain-based marketplaces,
          but it just needs more traction,
          because none would have the same reach, reliability, liability protection, depth and longevity as eBay.

          besides, the blockchain-based marketplaces are more focused on NFTs,
          so selling 2nd-hand lawn mowers aren't exactly the priority nor the target market !

          ( i have sold quite a few lawn mowers on eBay , haha )

    • if your paying 1 dollar for finall fees you don't pay 10% thats why I only sell on ebay when I get the final fee promotion.

  • well this has happend every month so far they offer this deal I don't think its targeted. With no more Paypal and ebay handling all the pay ments directly, the total cost you pay after sale is just $1 so if you sell say something for 1000 bucks you will give paid 999.

    I sold 5 items the other month all I paid total in fees was 5 bucks.

    So it more than worth it. And you don't have to meet randoms that might have covid like you would on gumtree.

    • Just confirming, you’re saying there is a chance you can still get this deal even if you didn’t receive the targeted email?

      • +1

        check your sell tab if should be there seen many people that didn't get a email still get the promo show up.

  • Last time i took up these offers it didnt track and i was still charged fees. After countless months of live chats with them i was finally refunded.

    • eBay did have system issues which they may have resolved. I had the same thing happen with previous promos. I've just sold 3 items with this promo and was only charged the $1.

      After my previous experiences, I always recommend to screenshot acceptance of any offers and also the email offer if you have it. That way at least they will have to honour the terms.

  • If I have already got an active listing and I only now activated this offer, will it be valid if that item sells?

    • +2

      No, only on listings that go up after you activate.
      Best to cancel and re-list