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King Bed Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress $99 (Was $399) + Delivery @ Kmart


Have had ZZZ Atlier for the last year or so which is ok. Saw this and noticed it has dropped further in price from the previous post

Couldn't pass it up for that price and will store it away until the ZZZ Atlier mattress carks it. $96 delivery to southern gold coast still makes it cheap.

10 Year warranty

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    OOS in Adelaide

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    dont need but got anyway :)

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    Wish they had King Single, they don't have any mattresses in that size.

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    Delivery is almost the cost of the mattress for me no thanks like paying double.

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      Hmmm makes me wonder if you would have paid $198 with free delivery.

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        He would have 100%

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      Cheap teaser rate. Bit like inkjet printers.

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        You guys are funny jumping to conclusions. There is no lock downs in Qld now, even if there was how do you know they did

        not C & C instead, or even just go instore to buy like many people used to.

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    Made by Zinus

    • whos that

  • Are these firm?

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      Yes. I don't think you can haggle price with Kmart.

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        haha, thanks not quite what I was looking for

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          Looks like it sunk in

    • Reports say it is firm but most seem happy with that. I've tried the zzz atlier and didn't like how firm that was.

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    will store it away until the ZZZ Atlier mattress carks it

    FYI, it's not recommended to keep mattresses boxed for a long period of time. Typically, 3 months at the most.

    • Zinus advise don’t wait longer than a week from the date the mattress was delivered. :(
      guess not ideal to have a spare mattress in storage room


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        How long do they keep it in a box at the factory, in a shipping container, on a boat in the ocean, in customs, in their warehouse and then delivery to you?

        I don't think that keeping it in the box longer than a week would make much difference.

        • Maybe they store it flat rather than on its side?

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            @cosjav: Do you think they "flatpack" it "on demand"?

            • @leiiv: I just read the description after clicking through… Apparently it can be "Delivered straight to your door, smart technology allows us to compress, roll and deliver direct to you in one carton - allowing for easy navigation up stairs, through hallways and into your bedroom."
              I've never bought a mattress that can be compressed and rolled. I wonder how these compare to the mattresses that you get from stores that sell proper brand name mattresses.

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                @cosjav: Generally not as good but much cheaper. Hope that helps keep things simple. You can further re search more details.

            • @leiiv: Yes ? They probably compress (flatpack) it and ship directly ?

    • crumbs! thanks for the heads up. May have to cancel my order then. Hope the post helps others!

    • I have done 12 months before and it was just fine. ZZZ Atlier extra firm.

      • yeah but I may have to keep it longer as our current mattress is only about a year old.

        Good point from spaceflight in post above. I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to risk it if the mattress was left in the box for the next couple of years.

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    Bought the queen size mattress deal which came to about $225 delivered within a few days within Brisbane, and it is a Zinus mattress. Thoughts so far, pretty much as per this review: https://bedbuyer.com.au/kmart-hybrid-mattress/ which was in the previous OB post for the queen size. It was rated medium/firm but it feels slightly more firm and has very little edge support if that's something that's important to you. For me I like the feel of the mattress and I find it pretty comfortable but its all subjective but for $225 delivered it's great value, big question is how long it holds up and hopefully doesn't sag over time. But apparently has 10 year warranty.

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      no chance it doesn't sag at that price point

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      10-year warranty but no way it will hold up that long for its price.

      But the company will have renamed/rebranded the name on the mattress or disappeared under a whole different company by then, that's how they get ya.

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    Damn. I paid $199 + delivery only a few weeks ago to replace our 11 years old SleepMaker.

    It's a Zinus mattress. Feels pretty good. I'd say it's moderate firm. Less edge support compared to a regular mattress but it's not too bad. Very little motion transfer but it's a enormous improvement from our old innerspring mattress. Very happy with it.

    It's quite heavy at 45KG. They will delivered to your door but you have to move it to whatever bedroom yourself. There are wheels on the box and I can manage it on my own.

    We were looking at Koala and SleepingDuck but they are like 10 times the cost. I just couldn't believe they can be 10 time more comfy.
    Don't really care how long this last, for this price anything over a year will be a bonus for me.

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      Normally 2- 3 for significant sag. but for $100 bucks, bargain.

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        It’s not really $100 bucks though

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      We were looking at Koala and SleepingDuck but they are like 10 times the cost. I just couldn't believe they can be 10 time more comfy.

      Gotta pay for all those ads somehow …

  • $52.50 delivery in Sydney. Not too bad.

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    $73.36 delivery in Melb metro. Kmart is 0.2k from my house. Noiceee! No C&C.. Noiceeee Noiceeee!

    • $73.36 delivery in Melb metro. Kmart is 0.2k from my house

      I'd ask if there is jobs going at Kmart. That is the bargain.

      • $96.41 delivery North Brisbane, seems none in stock in any Kmart near me 😥

  • Damn no pickup available :(

  • I don't know why I bought it as I have queen bed.

    Any deals on king bed?

    BTW King Bed Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress is also available at same price.


  • Great catch. Just bought one then. Came to $151.70 with delivery to inner Brisbane.

  • Got cancelled last time. None at warehouse

  • Right in time. Was looking into buying a mattress and Mrs been asking for memory foam one.

    Anyone know if theres a free old mattress pickup/disposal service?

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      Scheduled council pickup in my area will take mattress so worth checking yours.

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        Thanks, Just checked. We are allowed 3 collections per financial year and I have never used this service in last 11 yrs of owning a property in Australia -_-

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          Shame it doesn't stack, 30 collections during moving week would be dope.

  • What makes this Hybrid?

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      Combination CertiPUR US memory foam and high-density foam minimise pressure points for increased comfort - 10 cms of combined foam for comfort
      Patented iCoil 14-gauge pocket springs to individually support tired joints and spinal alignment for a restful night's sleep

      So 10cm of memory foam on top of the 20cm of 'iCoil 14-gauge pocket springs'…

  • So a box/coil mattress with a memory foam topper - it's looks good for that price.

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    Ok, I will bite. replacing my ZZatelier 2 years old. More landfill makes me feel bad unless I can pass the old one on which is sagging/soft now.

    • Already? Wow, they had such good reviews… What's the warranty on ZZatelier?

      This one from Kmart says 10 years (without any specifics).

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      Just had a look, they give long warranty.
      And include sagging: "Sagging with indentation greater than 38mm…"

      Of course the 'back to base' might be more expensive than what the thing is worth…

    • They sag.

    • Same here, purchased their super-firm Oct 2019, this one.

      The 50mm latex topper wasn't enough…adding the 30mm foam from Target, still too firm. Finally put our old wool underlay on last week.
      Still too firm for side sleeping.

      Hopefully someone will take a freebie!

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    Seems like it's not available in the ACT, would have liked to give this a try.

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    Outstanding Mattress - just received mine and it is fabolous.

    • So it's quite firm right?

  • Anyone know what the 10 year guarantee actually covers?

    • Manufacturing defects

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        so probably useless for sagging?

  • I wish the queen was the same price. Queen is $179.
    Any other good mattress for Ozbargainers?

  • Can’t add to cart?

  • Any recommendations for a King Bed Frame that not too expensive and less likely to just break ?

    • +1

      Avoid beds with these type of slats. They're only held down by plastic and break easy.

      IKEA beds are pretty good quality for the price but I believe their measurements aren't to Aussie standards.

    • Pallets?

    • I had bought the King sized bed frame from Aldi when it was on sale there a few months ago.
      There were a few around - I think if you ask, the store might even have one out the back.
      Just be aware that 1. It's mega heavy. 2. There is a chance of a chemical smell.
      Otherwise it was relatively sturdy for the money.

  • need a base that without the shitty cheapy slats that supports heavy ppl anyone suggest anything <3

  • Anyone had any updates from the mattress supplier re delivery/confirmation? Heard nothing since ordering yesterday.

    • nothing for me yet.

    • Yes. Shipping notification from Allied Express.

      • what time did you order? also what postcode? thanks :)

        • 31/09/21 @1pm. Delivery to Eastern Suburbs of Melb.

          • @BrutusB: OK thanks. I assume you mean August. I ordered about an hour later than you, also Eastern Suburbs Melb. See what happens…

            • @apu: Just got my shipping confirmation. Cancelled my original order and reordered about 7pm.

              • @splats: Thank you, I also received mine very late last night. Potentially on board for delivery today

                • @apu: Arrived and cut open. Now airing. Fairly heavy and took some effort to lift up staircase.

  • Says "This popular item has sold out online" - what do I need to do to order this?

  • Got messaged from Allied Express also :)


  • Just got shipping confirmation in Perth, yay!

  • Got it delivered in just 2 business days.
    Very heavy, the box itself is like $50 with tires on the box itself.

    • Me too. In Melbourne as well.

  • Allied delivered it two houses away. Had to jump in the car and grab it out of their car port.

    I'm amazed how comfy it feels. Will see how it goes but definitely worthy for at least a spare.

  • Still waiting for confirmation of order three days on. Last time they said OOS.

    Hi xxxx,

    Our team will work behind the scenes to get this to you as soon as possible.

    We'll send you tracking details within 24 hours.

    The Kmart Team

  • Anyone in NSW got a confirmation yet?

    • Got it delivered yesterday via Allied Express. Bunch of jokers decided to leave it outside in rain and didn't even bother knocking at the door.

      The whole entrance was blocked and my partner and I had to drag it to a secure place. The box is extremely heavy and my back is still hurting!

      • Mine cancelled.

    • +1

      Mine arrived to my house in Sydney metro on Monday, started using it last night after giving it 72 hours to decompress. I'm certainly pleasantly surprised with it after night one.

      It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts before it starts sagging, but for now I'm definitely happy with it, plenty of support but still comfortable too.

  • Anyone got feedback on the mattress after having slept on it for a while?

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      We have the queen. After two weeks, definite "grooves" forming from our weights. Example, if I try laying on my back nearer my edge, it definitely feels higher there with a gentle slope towards my groove.
      Still very comfortable however.

      The top cover can unzip from underneath, but the foam layers are sealed within a fabric protector of sorts. Was hoping that could also unzip to customise, but not without cutting that fabric.