This was posted 10 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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G-Shock GM2100-1A Metal Covered Stainless Steel 'CasiOak' $341.10 Delivered @ Watch Depot


The metal frame Casioak, with 10% extra discount on top of the reduced price, seems like a good price for a new watch just released this month

Also other colors available at $350.10 delivered

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    Can I turn it into another Oak?

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      Funny this is called peasants oak or farmers oak by alot of asians, as it looks alot like Audemars royal oak watchs

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    Didn't think they would be charging 3x the price as RRP but I guess it'd the official metal version. Now the decision is which colour and to wait for cheaper deals to be released!

    • I’m liking the green one and here’s hoping for something cheaper.

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      if you can wait, masters in time have them for $200 plus about $9 shipping: sign up to their newsletter for 5% off (you can do this every time before you order from them)

      • I think that maybe in USD and shipping from Europe, still works out to be cheaper, but need to conside the shipping cost/time and local warrenty

  • Too big for my puny wrist :(

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      If it's the same case size as the other CasiOaks, then they wear a lot smaller than the dimensions suggest. I think my lady wrists look fine in them.

      • What diameter are your wrists? Thanks for sharing the pics!

        • Just checked, around 17cm ~6.5" a little more?

          • @Munki: 17cm diameter !

            Must be fun buying shirts…

      • Yeah that looks too big to me. My preference is to have the watch face smaller than the wrist.
        I never got into the CasioOaks because of their sizes. Prefer the size of lady version but the color sucks :(
        My wrist is 6.75" and I still think they are too big. I think they are designed for people with 7"+ wrist.

        • Fair enough, though I still think these look a lot smaller than the other gigantic G-shocks you see.

      • looks good on your wrist, imo. and i have about the same size wrist as you.
        every time i see that bumblebee casioak, i feel like i want it more.

        • The yellow is the newest addition and it's really nice in person. This addiction is bad.

          • @Munki: (profanity) yes it is bad. hard to explain to a non-watch collector why i need to have so many variants of the one watch. so i just don't lol.

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    So many watches to buy, so few wrists to wear them on :(

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      there's always the third wrist

  • Is it legit? Couldn't find ABN

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      I bought one and there is an abn in the email receipt ABN: 39 612 970 486

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      I bought a previous deal for the Seiko blue moon everything good from them just not delivered as quick as starbuy which is hard to beat

    • correct our ABN is 39 612 970 486
      We also run Grahams Jewellers and Shiels Jewellers physical stores and online

      • I ordered the blue one today, when should I expect to receive it? (Sydney)


        • we have shipped several GM2100N-2A today, so depending on the time it could have already been shipped. If stock is in our warehouse we ship usually in 1-3 days, due to our large range some of our watches need be recalled from our physical store location before being shipped.

          • @Mike-f: Thanks! I orderd in the morning around 11, you'll send a shipment email with tracking right? I haven't received anything yet, so prob need to wait for abit

  • I was looking forward to grab one. But the size is way too big for my wrist.

    Damn Casio! If you're going to make an AP copy, at least make sure the sizes are similar too.

  • Looks quite nice, though large.
    Keep in mind that the battery life is 3 years, and replacing it means replacing the seals and pressure testing to ensure it is still waterproof - the cost of all that is not small on the long run.

    My current watch is an Ecodrive, going strong for 14 years without battery replacement.

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    49.3mm….is this for the visually challenged?

  • Imagine if it were a Chinese brand mimicking the hex look and copy the name oak… People would have already raged all over it…

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      The internet named it the casioak not Casio. And I think Casio has a few runs on the board for their own watches.

      Still don't get the facination with these, I have one as a work watch but give me a decent dress watch for day wear.

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      They're radically different, if you have a look at the GA-2100 vs a Royal Oak. Casioak is just a pet name given by casio fans. About the only actual similarity is the octagon shape, even the look and feel are radically different.

      FYI if you want to compare the two

  • Anyone know if they're selling the smaller version? From my understanding there was a slightly smaller version that was due to be released at the same time.

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      I think the smaller version is called GM-S2100

      • The smaller version also has carbon core guard if that means anything to anyone.

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        The smaller one does not have weekday display, the fan area on 9 o'clock is for nothing

  • Thanks OP. I was looking at a Royal Oak for $30k which is way out of my budget.
    This farmer Oak will be a great toy to play with during the lockdown xD

    • how do you play with this watch?

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        licking it hard

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    If you are keen on the metal bezel look for this watch, it's pretty easy to mod. Buy a regular ga2100, then get a ga2100 metal bezel from ali express. You just need to remove a few screws to take off the bezel. It doesn't look at integrated as this model, but it works out to quite a bit cheaper.

  • You can get a decent Seiko automatic for that kind of money.

  • The appearance of AP Oak is just too placid…but it seems it is very popular with the soccer stars over in the Europe…. interesting combination…

    • Yeah its pretty plain. I prefer Panerai Luminor Base for a kind of oddball plain watch.

  • Page not found, probably out of stock?

    • its still available, link has been broken, you can search for it on their website

  • price gone up

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