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JGMaker 3D Printer US$129 (~A$179, US$40 off) Delivered @ JGMaker


• By far the cheapest "real" (not toy) 3D printer this year!
• Delivered from Sydney, 5-8 days depending on address
• Take off $40USD (A$54.50) with coupon TBWP7K
• This is an excellent first printer, especially for the price

• Print volume: 220x220x250mm (same as Ender series)
• Built-in filament runout sensor
• Thermal runaway protection enabled
• Very easy to assemble
• While supplies last

Facebook group for this printer

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  • How does this compare to something like the Ender 3 V2?

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      I have both personally, and both are excellent first printers, very similar in a number of ways. Both can deliver excellent prints, and the core mechanical design is the same (rollers on aluminum extrusions). Compared to the JGMaker Magic, the Ender 3 V2 also has a nice ish "fancy" LCD display, and quiet stepper drivers. That being said, the interface on this one is tried and true, and easy to use as well. When the Ender 3 V2 is almost twice the price of this, I think I would say it's an easy decision. The Ender 3 V2 also comes with a coated glass bed surface, but you can always buy this for $20 and add it to the JGMaker magic as well if you prefer that printing surface.

      • Great! I have the Ender 3 V2. Only bad thing I can say about it is the fan on the extruder head sounds like a pack of angry wasps. This looks like a great printer for the price in any case.

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          You possibly need to replace the extruder fan to a quiet fan. Check up Youtube channel of teaching tech, maker's muse, samuel pinches and thomas sanladerer.

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        Ender 3 V2 is available from eBay for about 50% more.

        Take what you will of it, if the quiet stepper drivers and LCD is worth it.

        I think the one thing about ender 3 V2 is the support community of tried and tested platforms where it's easy to dig up tutorials and upgrade recommendations as a newbie. Probably will be able to translate to the JGMaker but will need some critical thinking rather than monkey see monkey do.

        • Yes this is true as well. It's relatively easy to mod the ender line with direct drive to replace bowden for TPU printing.

        • Do you have a link for that eBay listing?

  • The printer was reviewed by some Youtubers as well.

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      Including myself! 😉 Love 3D printers, haha…

  • I got the artist pro dual extruder.
    Nothing but problems, followed all the videos and even support people. Not new to printing.
    Will be requesting a refund again after them denying it within 14 or so days of purchase, not on folks!

    • I have one of those too. If you can't get the issues you've encountered solved to your satisfaction, feel free to PM me. I don't work for JGMaker, but am very familiar with this brand.

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    any deals on filament lately?

  • I totally don't need this but I got one anyway, partly because James Hoffman just did a video about 3D printing coffee stuff. Thanks OP. :-)

    • He was using prusa i3…

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        You do realise you can print on any 3D printer

  • Curious what you guys print with these?

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      the true power of 3D printing comes when you start designing custom one off pieces.

      I've recently started learning Fusion360 and its great to solve unique problems

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      There should be an FAQ attached to every 3D printer deal as this question comes up every time. Go to thingiverse.com for inspiration. I personally print functional parts. E.g. vacuum hose adapters. I own a range of tools and a couple of different vacuums, so this is handy. I fixed a $400 Garage motor with a 5 cent printed part that you couldn't buy any more. I had no idea how handy it would be owning one. I don't know how I'd go without nowadays.

    • custom made vibrators

    • Pretty much anything we want, I think the most difficult part with 3D printing is choosing what to print.

  • How does this compare to the Longer LK4? They are about the same price.

  • very tempting but need to look more in to 3d printing generally, would rather research and get a decent starter (not assuming this isn't but want to check other models first)

    keep imagining all the different things to print though… self-printing nuts and bolts would be crazy useful

  • Would anyone know if this would be good for a beginner who wants to print a lot of stands for like Nintendo items (2ds/3ds Consoles, game and watch, controllers etc.)?

  • Can the main board be swapped out for a silent one?

    • Everything is possible with time and skill. You would need to print an adapter to fit the mounting points for the old motherboard, to mounting points for a new board. The rest would be swapping wires over, and maybe a bit of tinkering in firmware.

  • thanks for the code and just placed an order for the 3D printer only (wasn't sure if glass bed was required as I'm a new to 3D printing world and thought there might be few things around the house which I can restore using the 3D printer)

    Order #JG225X

  • How upgradable are they compared to the creality models ? Can you get things like all metal extruder upgrades, direct driver upgrades and bed sensors (BLTouch) kits for it ?
    Is there much thingiverse support for things like fan ducts ?

    • A number of the parts on the hotend are similar/identical to the ender 3 parts, and most of the other parts are fairly standard too. Best way is simply to do a thingiverse search and see :-)

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    Thanks!! One now on it's way to my house… Can anyone advise on what's best to feed it? (And best place to buy that?)

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      If you want something cheap - https://mattshub.com/collections/budget-pla, or ebay PLA
      If you want something premium go for eSUN brand PLA+, either 3Dfillies or ebay again.
      Avoid yellow colour filament. Always gives me grief in any any brand.

  • Hi Op,
    Any recommendation for the print area of atleast 300mm width?

    • What kind of prints? helmets etc? Is just PLA ok, or do you need to do ABS/PETG?

      • I mainly need it for printing tablet wall mounts. Not sure what type of filament would be best suited for it.

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    Newbie to 3D printing, ordered one with the glass bed, thanks OP!
    Looked up your youtube video as well, very informative, and this is what sold me!
    I give you permission to forward this feedback to JGmaker.

    • Thanks! Welcome to the hobby - happy printing! ;-)
      You may like to join the facebook group too at the bottom of the deal post.

  • Thanks OP ending up getting one. Very interested to learn and have a play.

  • can anyone who owns one comment on the print quality? I'm looking at a second standby printer for printing embossers/imprinters when I need more quickly. Usually use a .3 or .2mm nozzle with an ender 3 pro. I'm assuming I could use a smaller nozzle with this unit as well?

    • Yep, takes standard E3D nozzles.

  • Newbie question which filament diameter should I choose ?:)

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      1.75mm :-) FYI — this is the standard diameter for 98% of the printers out there now.

      • Thanks. Will have fun with kids :)

  • Thanks for your effort, OP. Ordered one!
    Also thanks for the recommendation on the Creality Heated Glass Bed too, hopefully it plays nicely with the PLA+..

    • Have fun! I personally love the coated glass beds — I use them for PLA+ and PLA myself, I think they are 100% the perfect surface for those two materials in particular.

  • anyone have any movement on the shipping yet?
    Mines been "Received and ready for processing " since monday…

    • I'll follow up and try to get an answer for you.

    • Can you please PM me your order number? Apparently all the orders have been shipped, but apparently there are currently delays with AusPost. Even so, that status doesn't make sense to me, so if you can send me your order number I'll ask specifically.

      • Done, Thanks for helping out very kind.

    • I received mine today. I've set it up and tried to level the bed, corners level just fine but it seems raised from centre. Any ideas OP?

      • Hey, how much does it seem raised up by? It's quite normal for there to be a slight "doming", but normally it is not enough to be an issue. I would say to tighten all 4 corners by 1/2-3/4 of a turn, until the center is just right. Also, make sure the bed is hot and preheated (~60-65c) when you're doing the bed levelling.

        • Not much but the prints stick quite firm in the centre and hard to remove where as if I adjust the sides to slightly lower, print doesn't stick at the side. I'll have to do a few prints to find the sweet spot I think. I ordered a glass base too, hopefully this issue gets resolved with glass. :)

  • Just a quick initial thoughts on this printer. I bit the bullet and bought this as my first 3D printer and have been doing a lot of reading/ watching videos about it.

    Overall assembly was quick and easy, just followed steps on one of the youtube videos. After setup, had a few initial hiccups with bed leveling on included bed. Two things that resolved the issue:
    1. Glass base plate - as recommended by OP in previous comments.
    2. Custom firmware with 4x4 bed leveling.

    Since then prints have been pretty good. I'm currently using basic PLA and have been happy with it. I've ordered PLA+ to see how much of an upgrade it is over the basic PLA.

    Regarding glass plate, the face of the prints are much better by leaps. This is something JGMaker should offer as standard.

    Overall I've been pretty happy and have been printing random stuff non stop for last week and a half and loving my new hobby. If you have been thinking of getting into 3d printing world, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this printer. It surely is good value for money.

    PS: Thanks Sam (OP) for the deal and getting me into this 3D printing world.

    • One more thing to add, if you have a spare raspberry Pi lying around, I'd highly recommend octoprint with a webcam. Makes it so easy to remotely print and monitor the 3d prints. Now I don't have to keep going downstairs to check if progress of the prints are fine.

    • +2

      I'm happy to hear you're happy 😁 — happy printing!

    • Hi, having issues with bed levelling as well. Right rear side where motor is located seems elevated compared to other corners. Which custom firmware did you use? Also have the glass bed.

  • +1

    Very impressed with the quality of prints for this cost of machine.
    Heres my first 6 prints so far.

    first two demo prints and 4 benchys to work out some kinks.
    red one is the included pla which was too dry and brittle to use. broke once and used the resume print feature and then it broke again and I gave up.

    Rest of them are budget PLA you recommended earlier (thanks!)
    Last three benchys were trammed/leveled with .2mm feeler gauge.
    Each benchy takes 2 hours to print at 1.5mm layer height
    benchy 2 extruder 190c bed 60c retraction 6mm retract speed 60mm/s
    benchy 3 extruder 185c bed 60c retraction 7.5mm retract speed 65mm/s
    benchy 4 extruder 180c bed 60c retraction 9mm retract speed 70mm/s +retraction on layer change + .3mm intial layer height + z offset of .2mm

    I'm having some trouble with stringing and overhangs. ( mostly got the stringing fixed up via lower temp, and retraction changes but can't 100% get rid of it).
    Overhangs seem like maybe they'll only be fixed if I can print a better fan shroud as from what I understand its related to not cooling fast enough.
    No clue as to why there are zits on images 5 and 6 and any ideas on the scratches on top of the roof (image 3)?

    I tried z axis offeset plugin in cura to try and fix the no detail on the bottom of the benchy problem but it didn't work, any ideas?

    Thanks for the new hobby btw I've been going through those blender tutorials so I can design some things and can't wait.

  • anyone tried this PETG? seems quite cheap compared to the average $25ish per kg


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