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Suunto 5 GPS Sports Watch (Silver/White) $149 ($0-C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi (Delivered @ Amazon AU - OOS)


Not sure what the go is with the Silver/White variant. Could be pricing error?

Indicative RRP seems to be $549 where sale price on Black variant is $249. Whereas the indicative RRP on the Silver/White variant is $249 with further reduction by $100.

Amazon AU seems to be price matching but the stock level is low so mostly likely will go in back order or OOS. Lowest recorded on Camelx3 $199. May qualify and track for cashback (Shopback or Cashrewards).

Well reviewed watch. Prices elsewhere are close to $300. Suunto website to review and compare with products in the other series.

One step, one stroke, one revolution at a time, repeated thousands of times. You fall into the rhythm.
The world around you disappears. Suunto 5 is built for these moments. It is engineered to perform with you, for you to find your flow.

Suunto 5 offers long battery life in a compact GPS watch, packed with multiple sport features making it easy for you to track all your workouts and follow your progress. The watch also tracks your 24/7 activity including steps, calories, stress and sleep, so you can make sure that you are recovered and ready for your next sports activity.

  • Intelligent battery modes

  • Over 80 sport modes

  • Fitness level tracking

  • Wrist heart rate

  • Adaptive training guidance

  • 24/7 activity tracking

  • Stress and recovery

  • 50m water resistance

Edit 02/09/2021: seems its no longer available for Delivery and Only for C&C. Have revised the title.

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  • +1

    Great price! Shame it doesn't have onboard music storage.

    • It can diagnose gout in your feet, then deliver a dose of allopurinol 😄

    • +5

      Apples and oranges.

  • Jeepers, that's cheap

    • +1

      Is it worth more? Amazfit watches have gps, hr, spo2, stress, week long battery, 5atm water proofing, on board storage for around $100. What makes this brand so exy?

      • +9

        Suunto is a recognised brand in the fitness world.

        Amazfit is like the Aldi of the fitness world.

      • It's a sports watch, not a smart watch…very solid and long battery life with excellent metrics. I've got a fancy Samsung smart watch which is back in its box.

        • +3

          You must be the oldest in your class

      • +3

        Definitely worth the extra $49 (I'd wager it's worth an extra $149 really). The build quality is a class apart, and the accuracy of the tracked metrics is pretty good. Amazfit promises a lot of things, but delivers adequately on a few of them.

      • +1

        I would say difference in software and battery life.

        Worth noting this is a sports watch where the main goal is tracking accuracy, multisport support and lots of sports metrics. If you want a smart watch like an apple watch with GPS it is fine is most situations TBH.

        I'm a runner. I was thinking of getting an AmaZfit decided to get get garmin for:
        1. Better external software support (e.g.Strava)
        2. Faster. Amazfit gps was reported to take minute to get signal at the time.
        3. Well known and supported brand.

        This was a few years so always worth checking reviews and see what meets your needs.

        • +2

          I have a 3 year old Amazfit Pace and it syncs to Strava with no issue. GPS is fast also,10 seconds or so to lock in.

          • +2

            @Lancerevo: That's good to hear.
            I don't see my watch dying anytime soon but I probably wouldn't get a "brandname" sports watch next time. Just need decent GPS and enough battery life for longer runs.

            I feel my Garmin 935 is overkill for my purposes. Got it for great price at the time (~360 3 years ago and its amazing the 935 is still considered a bargain at the same or even higher prices recently.) (upto marathon distance.. maybe haha)
            Maybe if I start cycling/swimming I can justify it haha!

            The other useful thing with Garmin and is not available default for example with apple watch is the ability to program work outs. Would be keen to know if Amazfit can do this
            E.g. yesterday I ran a mix of 200ms/400ms at different paces. I could make a program on the phone app and load it to my watch and then it would beep with every interval.
            This is super useful if you are doing interval work on your own. Takes the brain work of keeping track of what you have done out of the equation.
            My friend who has a apple watch tells me they can't do this with the default app. I'm sure they could download an app for it but then it may not sync with strava.

            • @gimli: Looks like it is possible to create the interval training for Amazfit too :-) -see my comment below.

            • @gimli: The 935 will actually record a gps track for a 12 hour cross country navigation event without flattening the battery. Maybe niche, but really handy for me, and I don't think any cheaper watches will do that.

        • I do some recreational running and sometimes other exercises too and use Amazfit. I stuck with Stratos. They sync with Strava and Zepp app seems to be ok for my needs.

          GPS usually takes few seconds to get the signal when outdoor.

          And of course trans reflective display. This is the reason I am going back to it.

          When I managed to damage the screen on my first Stratos, I did try GTS and GTR2 and returned both. Picked up another Stratos for less than $100.

          When it comes to intervals, I've never researched the ability of the watch to manage that. Googled that and bingo! It is possible. I will try it tomorrow, I am doing 200 / 200 :-)


          I do love stats they collect and report, including VO2 Max (apparently they licensed the algorithm). One can argue that its all guestimation at the best; I am more interested in the progress and I find that the stats reported by the watch correlate well with my results and with how I feel. Other metrics seem to correlate well too (can provide a detailed example as I had an interesting experience recently).

          They support external Bluetooth sensors (i.e heart strip), have 2 Gb memory onboard and you can connect your Bluetooth headphones and play music directly from the watch. Note that in my experience Bluetooth connectivity seems to consume battery pretty fast, but I only used 1 sensor, and am not sure who I should blame for that. Still, should be good for a few hours.

          Statos tracks sleep as well, does that reasonably well. You don't need to press the buttons and select a 'sleep tracking" like with Suunto 5. I personally found that function, together with continuous pulse monitoring, pretty useful to monitor your night-to-night state and see how different things affect your sleep. You may learn some interesting things from that.

          The battery seems to be lasting a few days. As always, depends on the usage.

          While, for sure, Suunto is a good and well-respected brand, I'd say Amazfit Stratos, while an old model, was and still is a good watch for some of us and it can provide a good value.

      • -2

        Amazfit last about 3 months. The ones that aren't DOA anyway. They're garbage quality.

      • My amazfit GTR 47mm cost me $220 last year very happy wonderful battery 3 weeks like Garmin full function. now waiting for the new Garmin fenix 7

      • Interestingly, DC Rainmaker does a review of a TImex GPS watch that is made by Amazfit and gives it a very good review:


        Looks like it's from 1995 but the GPS accuracy and HR monitor outperform higher priced models.

  • How do these compare o the Garmins that all the runners/triathletes have?

    • For functionality I would probably chose a Garmin. but the battery in the s5 is fantastic and it can take a hit. my wife runs with Garmin and I use the Suunto…

      • +13

        Are you taking hits on your runs with the wife? Do we need to alert the authority? Blink twice if yes.

    • +1

      Plenty of runners use Suunto, they are very similar in quality and features.

  • +4

    Mixed reviews it seems:
    - https://www.wareable.com/running/suunto-5-review-7370 —> some problems with GPs tracking, heart rate monitoring
    - https://road.cc/content/review/suunto-5-gps-sports-watch-277... —> GPS seems fantastic here

    • +1

      I prefer my polar watch getting better heart rate results.

    • -3

      I prefer to draw a watch on my wrist. It's a tighter for :)

    • Also dc rainmamer review here GPS seems as good as garmin945.
      Apparenlty 945 and suunto 5 have same gps chipswt


      • DC Rainmakers main issues with the device seem to be with the software app support. And less than accurate heart rate. Which is what I'm hearing on random review of various forums. Still, well built device, accurate GPS. Might be an excellent device for those who want something well built, but export all the data to a 3rd party platform?

  • Are there any watches that can track blood pressure?

    • +2

      It seems from the 10th of September the Galaxy watch 4 (you can pre-order it) will have blood pressure and ECG capabilities.

      Edit: not the watch 3

      • Had a galaxy watch active 2 GPS was terrible never accurate recordings, already seen reviews and everyone is saying this is still 5% out idk what samsung is doing with their GPS sensors cheaping out or something.

    • +2

      Afaik, the wrist watches that provide BP do so by correlating data from other sensors to approximate what some "normal" BP readings would be given those variables - so not really. Proper BP monitoring would require some kind of inflating cuff to restrict blood flow on and off to take a measurement. Or a catheter…

    • Not really; there are watches that can actually MEASURE the blood pressure like traditional monitors, but its a bad idea - you still need to sit down, be still, it takes time and accuracy are far from ideal.

      Other watches claim that they do but in reality just calculate (estimate) the blood pressure.

  • +1

    I combined this with Zip $30 cashback on purchases over $150 for an even sweeter deal. Added a $10 pack of batteries to my cart to meet the $150 requirement. Always need those batteries. The band on this watch is replaceable so I'll get a black band to make it more manly.

    • I didn't think you can replace the band on this? did you see instructions somewhere? which band would you buy?

      • +1

        Well I received the watch today and I can see it has 4 screws to remove the straps. I'm not 100% sure how easy it is to replace the straps but I'm gonna give it a try. If I fail I'm OK with the white band. The official Suunto site says you have to take it to authorized centre but there are some ways to buy replacement straps. I'm ordering mine from here. The strap doesnt come with the required driver but its a TX HF5 from Wera. This one from Amazon comes with the driver.

        • +1

          have you ordered your strap? they are doing buy 2 get 1 free, and also you can apply FAM15 coupon for 15% off

          3 straps come down to 51 usd delivered

          I plan on mixing up colors haha

          • @shabaka: Haha. No I got distracted on the weekend. I will order today or tomorrow. Good thing is they have free shipping to Aus. International shipping fees are always a pain! Did you order straps? Tbh all white isn't that bad either.

            • +1

              @alikazi: I almost pulled the trigger earlier today, but then like you said I think all white is growing on me, too haha

            • +1

              @alikazi: actually I was feeling bored last night and ordered 3 straps

              because it's buy 2 get 3rd free and 15% discount on top of that

              they sent a shipment confirmation already so let's see

              I will check if I have the right tool already: I disassemble phones and laptops on a regular basis

              • @shabaka: Oh cool. I'm ordering today. If you figure out that you have the right tool and if you can name it, please let me know if I was right about it being TX HF5 from Wera. I've seen those types of screws before and I have a screw set too. I'll check today if any of them match.

                • +1

                  @alikazi: I checked and I have the right tool, was able to remove the strap without any issues

                  for whatever reasons the tool is not labelled in my set so can't confirm what it is


                  • @shabaka: Nice mate. I have a similar tool but not sure if it's the right size. I'll try when my strap arrives. Looks like I can get it as part of any precision toolbox like Xiaomi's. If the one I have doesn't match I'll get a new box. Good to know you could remove strap without any issues. I was a bit concerned that it wasn't easy or there were some watch components that would get damaged since there's no information on this online and they say to take it to authorised service centre. I'll try it soon.

                    • +1

                      @alikazi: nah, all very simple. you can practice with the current strap, just remove it and put it back on

                      just 4 screws to remove

  • +2

    Great watch, even better price!

  • RRP on their website is $399.99 for both black and white models.

  • Bought one, thanks!

  • Can I listen to any music like fm on these

    Also gps good enough for hikes overseas?

  • +1

    Suunto no longer supports connectivity with ANT+ sensors.

    Not sure that this affects many people, but those hoping to connect with the older non-bluetooth cadence and speed sensors for their cycling, take note.

  • Is the Suunto 9 Multisport for $339 a better deal?


    • +1

      Imo if you just using it for basics. 149 is worth it
      The 9 not sure but I think is touch screen. Sunno 5 isnt

  • Are Suunto better than Garmin? or am I comparing 2 different things?

    I am looking at Suunto 9, the salesperson at JB Brisbane City store said its comparable to Garmin's Fenix 6 but cheaper price.

  • can't believe it is not oos yet!

    mine is arriving today

  • mine arrived today

    • does your GPS function work? I updated firmware, tried exercise modes with tracking, tried walking around, but still it cannot get a fix on location.. maybe mine is faulty

      • haven't unboxed, planning to use it as a x-mas gift, sorry

        • problem solved, I needed to get into a really open territory for the first GPS fix.

  • Page no longer available


    • Product page is loading and allowing to add the product to cart. However seems its no longer available for Delivery and Only for C&C. Will update the title to reflect the same.

      • now back to 'Page no longer available'

  • I received my watch. Turn out to be a display model.

  • Has anyone else's calendar wrong. Mine says Friday 8.9.21
    Should be Wednesday

    • Yep, you need to do a software update… bought as well, and had same problem, quick google says its fixed with a later version. Overall good watch, prob a little bulky for my wife as a daily watch, charged the battery only for first time today (bought a week ago) but it came half charged. Display nowhere near as good as my fenix 6 but at $149 its a very good bargain… well done OP

      • yeah. figured after a little bit. cheers tho

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